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"Below Deck" Star Captain Lee Shares His Workout Routine for Staying Toned at 74

The Bravo star prefers arm day to leg day.

In 2023, Captain Lee Rosbach shocked Below Deck fans when he announced his sudden departure from the Bravo series due to ongoing mobility and nerve issues. While leading his team aboard the St. David on Season 10, Rosbach revealed that his injury was worsening—so much so that he was losing all feeling on his left side. "The pain's getting worse, not better. I owe it to my crew to do right by them. They expect that out of me," he said in a confessional, per People. Now, a year later, Rosbach is happy to report that he's back in good health.

"I'm doing great," Captain Lee said in an E! News interview. "I still have a slight limp, but other than that I don't have to use a cane or any crutches or anything like, which I'm grateful. I'm happy to be healthy again."

A vital part of his health journey has been sticking to a strict gym regimen. Rosbach told Page Six's Virtual Reali-Tea podcast that, at the age of 74, he frequents the gym and also tries his best to watch his diet.

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"I go to the gym almost every day," he said on the podcast while promoting his new Oxygen true crime series, Deadly Waters with Captain Lee.

To prevent further injury and eliminate the risk of putting too much stress on certain joints, muscles, and other tissues, Rosbach likes to alternate between his upper and lower body during the week. He may target his chest and arms, while focusing on low-impact leg exercises the following day, he explained.

"I have different days that I work different body parts. I have chest day, chest and arms. I'll work a certain part of my arms," he said. "It might be chest and triceps because those two work and play off of each other. On back day, I'll do back and biceps."

Rosbach has his workout routine down pat, but he doesn't look forward to leg day.

"Hell no, I don't like it," he admitted. "I don't know anybody that does!"

While Rosbach credits the gym for his chiseled muscles, the Bravolebrity said he also pays attention to how he's fueling his body.

"I try to eat properly," he shared on the Virtual Reali-Tea podcast.

That said, Captain Lee confessed that his biggest "weak spot" is his wife's chocolate pie. The star joked that if he's going to have a cheat day, it has to end with a delicious slice of wife Mary Anne's special homemade dessert.

"Mary Anne makes the best chocolate pie I've ever had in my life," he bragged.

So, what makes Mary Anne's chocolate pie better than all the rest? It's entirely made from scratch.

"She makes the filling with real [chocolate]. She starts out with a real chocolate bar. She makes everything from scratch and it is the best in the world, ever," Rosbach said, adding laughingly, "I [would rather] not eat all day, than not be able to have that piece of chocolate pie."

Unlike other celebrities in the Bravo universe, Captain Lee said he hasn't jumped on the Ozempic bandwagon—and has no plans to.

"What you see, that's what you get," he said of his toned physique. "I feel fortunate to be part of the lucky gene pool and what isn't affected by the lucky gene pool I can usually effect by diet and exercise and working out."

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