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The Best Drinks for Front Porch Sipping, Lifestyle Experts Say

Make the most of your relaxation time with these refreshing beverages.

There's something about the combination of your favorite chair, the perfect view, and the sun in the sky that makes it feel possible to spend hours enjoying your front porch. But in this situation, the only thing that can make it more enjoyable besides good company is having the perfect beverage in hand. From easy-drinking cocktails and brilliant wines to simply refreshing soft drinks and creative coolers, we asked lifestyle experts for their advice on what you should put in your glass. Read on for the best drinks to sip on your front porch.

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A bright, citrusy cocktail

Two women sitting on their front porch drinking cocktails and smiling
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If you're planning to spend time sitting outdoors, there's a good chance the weather is warm in your area. And according to AJ Kiamie, beverage director at The Sipp on South Lamar and YŪGŌ Oxford, this is where a refreshingly bright cocktail can help elevate the experience.

"Living in the state of Mississippi, I've always had a fondness for a cool beverage on a sweltering summer day," he says. "It took a trip to Louisiana to open my eyes to my new favorite cocktail to sip on the porch with friends and family."

If you're looking for inspiration, he recommends a cocktail known as the Gin Deaux. "It's a refreshing batch cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, cranberry, and orange bitters. It's the perfect cocktail to go with crazy humidity and good conversation," he says.

Vermouth and soda

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Making the move to sit out on the front porch is usually a spur-of-the-moment decision. Instead of overthinking what to put in your glass, experts recommend going with the flow and working with one of the more underappreciated yet versatile beverages you likely have stocked in your home bar.

"For me, summer drinks are all about simplicity," says Cristina Martin, a New York City-based cocktail expert and educator. "I want my cocktail to be easy and refreshing. That's why I always go for a vermouth and soda."

It also doesn't matter what type you have handy. "Vermouths are so complex and taste like a ready-to-drink cocktail on their own. Add a garnish of olives or citrus—and maybe a side of chips to snack on—and you are golden," she suggests.

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pink palomas, three glasses with grapfruit

Sometimes, classic cocktails are mainstays for a reason. And in the case of easy-drinking options made for outdoor refreshment, one tequila-based concoction stands out for its relative simplicity and broad appeal.

"For me, the ultimate porch sipper has always been a Paloma," Aaron Zentner, beverage expert and owner of Soliloquy cocktail bar in Topeka, Kansas, tells Best Life. "It's refreshing and can be relatively low-fuss. At the minimum, all you need is a good-quality additive-free tequila, top that with your preferred grapefruit soda, a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lime if you like a little extra acidity."

A refreshing cider

Pear cider

As an outdoor beverage, cider is a rare option with a year-round appeal. Whether it's made from pears or apples, hard or non-alcoholic, or sparkling or still, it's a versatile choice that can cover all preferences—no matter what month it is.

"I love an easy-drinking cold sipper cider for my summer porch go-to!" says Heidi Moore, host of the Wine Crush Podcast. "The Pacific Northwest has some amazing hard and non-alcoholic ciders for every type of tastebud."

She also appreciates how it's great over ice, mixed in a cocktail, or straight from the can. "From crisp apples, tart berry flavors, and cold brew flavored cider—which might sound bizarre but is surprisingly delicious—there really is a great option for every palate!" she says.

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A non-alcoholic mocktail

group of friends clinking mocktails, low-alcohol drinks

If you're looking to stick to something non-alcoholic, there's absolutely no reason you need to relegate yourself to anything too boring. Experts point out that plenty of booze-free libations can come together with ingredients you likely have lying around the house.

"One of my favorite mocktail recipes for warm summer days is a Grapefruit Lime Refresher," says Bianca Hanson, co-host of The Uncorked Corner Podcast.

To enjoy it, you just need three-quarters of a cup of limeade, three slices of fresh lime, and grapefruit soda water. "It is easy for anyone to make and is perfectly refreshing for kicking back with on your front porch," she says, adding that if you are interested in adding a little alcohol, you can easily convert it with a shot of gin, rum, or vodka.

Chilled fortified wine

Two woman sitting on their front steps drinking wine or cocktails
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Even though it's world-renowned, Sherry is one beverage many drinkers may be unfamiliar with, depending on their experience. But the deliciously crisp, refreshing beverage is having a modern resurgence that is hard to ignore.

"I like to have a bottle of Manzanilla or Fino Sherry in the fridge every summer," says Martin. "They are both dry—meaning not sweet. In fact, it's the perfect thing to drink when you need a break from more sugary flavor profiles."

And they can also be great for beating the heat. "These sherries are served chilled, have savory nutty notes, and again go perfectly with lite bites as you enjoy relaxing outside. I always bring a bottle to barbecues, and once people try, it never fails to be a hit!" she says.

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A glass of chilled rosé or white wine

A woman drinking rose wine on her porch or balcony
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Let's be clear: There's absolutely no wrong time of year to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. But experts know there's something undeniably perfect about pouring yourself a nice, chilled glass while unwinding on your porch at the end of the day.

"Rosé wine typically has a crisp, light, and refreshing character," says Kavita Channe, founder and CEO of wine company Sip Channé. "Its vibrant acidity, fruity flavors, and lower alcohol content make it an excellent choice for hot summer days. And it offers a delightful balance between the complexity of red wine and the easy-drinking nature of white wine."

And if you're looking for something else chilled in your glass, look no further than cool, classic white wine. "I can't imagine anything better than sipping a crisp, white wine like a cold sauvignon blanc and settling into a day or evening of people watching (or sunset watching) from the porch, especially on a hot summer day," says Samantha Leal, a travel and lifestyle writer and editor. "The minerality and acidity with flavors of citrus are the epitome of summer sipping."

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