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Here's the "Psychic Banana" That Successfully Predicted the Royal Baby's Gender

Paul the Octopus has nothing on this piece of fruit!

We've all heard some old wives' tales for predicting the gender of a baby that's on the way. The most famous one is probably the ring test, in which you tie a ring around a string and hang it in front of your baby belly to see if it swings in a circular motion (indicating a girl) or side to side (indicating a boy). Some other predictors of a boy include cravings for salty food, a strong pregnancy glow, dilated pupils, and carrying low.

Of course, modern science makes all of these dubious predictors totally unnecessary. But since Prince William and Kate Middleton never reveal the gender of their baby before it's born, it's up to the public to make bets, desperately look for signs in her clothing color choices, and resort to old-fashioned future-telling techniques.

One such technique was on display on the popular British daytime television show This Morning on Monday. Kensington Palace had already announced that the Duchess of Cambridge was in labor, so the whole world was lying in wait to find out the sex of the new royal. British TV presenter Holly Willoughby decided to reveal the gender, using a psychic banana.

Yes, you read that right. You might never have known that this inauspicious fruit had clairvoyant abilities, but now you do. To find out the gender, Willoughby asked the magical banana if Kate Middleton was going to have a boy, just before slicing the tip of the fruit. If the inside had a dot, it would mean no, but if it had a Y-shape, that would mean a yes.

The banana said it was going to be a boy, and, shockingly, it was right! At 11:01 am GMT time, Kate Middleton gave birth to an 8lbs 7oz baby boy.

Other people trying out the trick got similar results, even if their banana wasn't entirely fresh.

Willoughby also predicted that the name of the boy would be Albert, though she has yet to seek the banana's approval on this.

It's unclear if the banana's predictive abilities are only useful for baby gender reveals, or if it can function as a private at-home psychic. Like, "Banana, will I ever get married?" or "Banana, will I ever win the lottery?"

Afterwards, you can use the banana to make a delicious, zero-belly smoothie, so everybody wins. And for more royal baby news, See This Unsuspecting Couple Get Swept up in the Royal Baby Media Frenzy.

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