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7 July 4th Deals That Aren't Actually Deals

Buying these products at July 4th sales won't actually save you any money.

July 4th is almost here and retailers are taking full advantage, discounting everything from cars to housewares to clothing at their annual Independence Day sales. However, many of those supposed deals being offered aren't as good as they look—and waiting a bit longer to buy could save you big in the long run. So, if you want to keep more money in your pocket this year, check out which July 4th deals retail experts recommend you skip. And for shopping events that you won't want to ignore this Independence Day, shop these 15 Amazing July 4th Sales You Don't Want to Miss.

Lawn Mowers

person mowing lawn with electric lawnmower, fire prevention tips

Even if your lawn has seen better days, you'd still be wise to wait a while to buy a new lawn mower.

"We hardly see any deals on these machines during July in general, and even in Fourth of July sales, they don't tend to be a popular item," says Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with Her recommendation? "Hold off until next month or October, when we'll see more deals with better discounts."

School Supplies

school supplies pile paper clips scissors pencils markers

Think those discounted school supplies being offered at July 4th sales are the year's best deals? Think again.

"You'll be better off waiting until the end of the month or even the start of August to shop," says Ramhold. However, it's not just end-of-summer sales that will help you save money on those back-to-school essentials. "More than a dozen states are going to be hosting sales tax holidays between mid-July and the end of August, so those will be even better times to stock up on supplies without paying sales tax," she explains. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Summer Clothing

white woman trying on swimsuit

Most of the United States has a few more months of warm weather to look forward to, which might mean you're tempted to load up on summer wardrobe staples at July 4th sales. However, Ramhold says that waiting a bit longer will serve you well.

"We don't see summer clothing really go on sale until August, when retailers prepare to clear the shelves for fall," Ramhold explains, noting that most retailers will be selling off springtime merchandise at their Independence Day sales.


store display of laptop computers

It may seem prudent to buy a new laptop before you head back to work or school in the fall, but July 4th sales aren't the place to do so.

"Shoppers can typically find a number of deals on personal electronics like laptops, [during] Amazon's Prime Day sale," says Sara Skirboll, shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot. And if you're headed back to the office, stock up on these 9 Things Doctors Say You Need Before Returning to Work.

Smart Home Devices

alexa in the home on a tabletop

Whether you're in the market for a voice-activated light switch or an entire smart home system, you're better off waiting until Prime Day in the fall to make those purchases. "With [Prime Day] postponed this year, I advise shoppers to hold off as long as they can to purchase these items for the best savings," says Skirboll.


interracial couple buying TV
Shutterstock/Dusan Petkovic

If you can wait just a few months to buy a new TV, you'll save big. While many retailers are offering what seem like substantial July 4th discounts on TVs, Skirboll says that it's fall when the prices really drop.

"The very best sales on TV won't be offered until Black Friday, or following that, February ahead of the Super Bowl." However, if you can't wait that long, Skirboll says that Prime Day frequently has excellent discounts on TVs, too.

Patio Furniture

modern outdoor wicker or rattan furniture set up on patio / Shutterstock

You may be eager to buy a new patio set at a July 4th sale if you're looking forward to hosting guests later in the summer. However, buying now means you'll be spending far more than you might in just a month. "Hold off until the end of summer to purchase that patio furniture you've been eyeballing," suggests Lisa Davis, editor and shopping expert at "The deeper we get into summer, the cheaper this type of purchase will [be]." And if you want to treat yourself to some summertime essentials, check out these 11 Backyard Pools You Can Still Buy Online.

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