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Astrology and Wedding Planning: How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Pick Dates and Themes

You can ensure all the stars are aligned.

Planning a wedding requires making lots of decisions: When and where to host the event, who to invite, what to wear, and much, much more. If you're into astrology in your daily life, you may have wondered if the practice can help with some of those wedding-related choices. Good news: According to professionals, it can! Keep reading to learn what astrologers have to say about astrology and wedding planning, from how to use it to select a date to what the zodiac can suggest about potential party themes.

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Astrologers Say to Avoid These Dates When Wedding Planning

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Days when Mercury is in retrograde

You already know that a Mercury retrograde can cause issues in regular life, and it'll do the same to your wedding.

"Unless you want your guests arriving on a late flight, with no baggage, and a room full of arguing spouses, I'd avoid Mercury in retrograde," says  Courtney Cunningham, certified crystal healer and co-founder of Moon & Stone. "During this wacky time in astrology, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward, which creates chaos in the universe and in your life."

It could also cause electrical problems, like sound systems, video montages, and the kitchen appliances at your venue going on the fritz.

Days when Venus is in retrograde

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, so you don't want it to be poorly placed on your wedding day.

"It can cause us to revert to old relationship patterns and fears and reconsider what we hold to be important," says Cunningham. "AKA, do not invite your ex-boyfriend to the wedding, or you may be going to Jamaica with him instead!"

Fortunately, Cunningham notes that these retrogrades are rare: "The planet spends only seven percent of its time stuck there."

Days when Mars is in retrograde

This isn't great for fresh starts. "Mars retrograde might be another period to steer clear of, as it can diminish the energy available for new projects, including the inception of a marital union," says Letao Wang, astrologer and certified spiritual counselor at The Healing Kingdon.

Days when the moon is not void

According to professional astrologer Constance Stellas, this is the single most important thing to consider when planning your wedding date.

"The void period of time is not good for a lasting marriage nor good for any serious undertaking that needs staying power, like marriage, signing leases and contracts, major surgery, and similar things," she says. "A couple should look for a date when the moon is securely in a sign—optimally, it's in a sign which is harmonious with the bride and groom's charts."

You can find charts online that note when the moon is void, and an astrologer can help you find out when the moon aligns best with your charts.

Days when there is an eclipse

It might sound romantic—very "Total Eclipse of the Heart"—but Hanna Shahun, a Western astrologer at MoonX, cautions against it. Eclipses can cause emotional instability and unpredictable behavior, which isn't something you want on such an important day.

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Astrologers Say to Consider These Special Dates When Wedding Planning

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The new moon

Cunningham loves the idea of a new moon wedding.

"Planning your wedding on or around a new moon can represent new beginnings—it's a perfect time to manifest the life you want, to imagine your new love and you in that sweet house with that little cherub of a babe," she says. "This moon phase gives off the energy of hope, so allow the universe to push you in the direction of your dreams."

Days when Venus and Jupiter are harmonious

Again, Venus is important for weddings because it's the planet of love; Jupiter's up there, too, since it's the planet of growth and good fortune.

"A wedding date when Venus and Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, are in harmonious aspects—such as conjunction, sextile, or trine—can bestow blessings, happiness, and prosperity on the couple," says Wang.

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What Each Zodiac Sign Means for Your Wedding Theme

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Different wedding dates can bestow a different mood upon your party. Here, Cunningham helps us break down each one so you can use astrology to inform your potential wedding theme.

Aries: If you're planning a destination wedding, host it in Aries season. "These dates are filled with adventure and excitement!" says Cunningham.

Taurus: This sign is associated with exquisite taste, so go black tie. "Maybe a surf and turf dinner surrounded by classical music and white roses cascading down the candelabras!" says Cunningham.

Gemini: Head to the coast for a beachside bash. "There could even be a full selection of activities for guests to explore over the weekend," says Cunningham. "Lots of socializing, dancing, and most likely a buffet to keep the guests moving about and having fun!"

Cancer: "Throw a small intimate ceremony with each of your very best friends sharing their love and stories of your life during the dinner," says Cunningham. "A barn setting or a home wedding is the most comfortable and cozy place you can think of."

Leo: Go big or go home—this wedding date is all about the spotlight. "I'm thinking the Beverly Hills Hotel has been on reserve since you turned 13," says Cunningham. "We are all here to dine on the finest foods, drink martinis, and toast with Dom."

Virgo: This wedding is planned down to the inch. "No bow will be left untied, the service will be precise, and the decorations will be thoughtful without fuss," says Cunningham.

Libra: Parties during this season will be all about balanced beauty. "Romance and love swirl, lightest pinks and softest shades of creme," says Cunningham. "Lakeside or mountainside, these are full of elegance and beyond gorgeous."

Scorpio: Bring on the passion and mystery. "Dark castle, filled with red roses, velvets, and history," says Cunningham. "If you're a couple looking for an experience rather than just a wedding, this is the season for you."

Sagittarius: This wedding is a spur-of-the-moment decision. "Invite 50 of your closest peeps to a Friendsgiving…and SURPRISE! Let's do this!" says Cunningham.

Capricorn: Parties in this season are meticulous. "This has been planned for more than a year, and you're going into it confident and poised," says Cunningham.

Aquarius: You're not like other couples! "These events are as unique as your soul," says Cunningham. "Your personality can shine, and your confidence in being yourself can be loved and admired."

Pisces: It doesn't get more magical than this. "Dreamy, dripping decorations, whimsical branches with twinkle lights, and dancing under the moonlight," says Cunningham. Ah, the romance!

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Tips to Use Astrology for Wedding Planning

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Consult an astrologer.

There are many factors to consider when planning a wedding according to astrology, and it's natural if it feels overwhelming.

"In India, the marriage date as well as the astrology charts of the bride and groom are all seriously taken into consideration when planning a wedding," explains Stellas. "My advice is to consult an astrologer about compatibility before a wedding, then use the info to design a good time and day."

You'll feel more confident knowing everything is in order.

Look at your compatibility as a couple.

Planning an excellent wedding requires being an excellent couple to begin with. To know where you stand, get a compatibility reading.

"This is calculated by a professional astrologer based on a number of indicators of natal charts of partners," says Shahun. "If partners are not suitable for each other initially and have indications of difficulties in the relationship, then even the most successful day and time of the wedding can not strengthen such a marriage for a long time."

Listen to your intuition.

No matter what the stars say, you'll want to trust your gut.

"Listening to your intuition is going to be your greatest asset," says Cunningham. "There's a lot of pressure from family on both sides during this time, so if you can, make sure to check in with your partner, take some time to be present with one another, and listen to the universe guide you toward your happy place."

Remember: There's no wrong date!

Choosing a wedding date isn't as easy as getting a pro to pick one out and throwing your party. There are other things to consider, like venue availability, budget, day of the week, and more.

"I would never avoid a wedding for any reason other than not wanting to get married," says Lizzie Burgess, astrologer and founder of the modern witchcraft site Backyard Banshee. "Remember that you have full autonomy in these situations, so you can't blame conflicts on the cosmos!"

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