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The Most Lovey-Dovey Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They've got no problem with a little PDA.

You definitely have someone in your life who is always down for a hug. Their love language is probably physical touch and they'll never hold back on giving love and affection. Naturally, they are the ones who have no problem with PDA and will call their significant other all the gushy pet names in public. If they're not all over someone, you may even catch them doodling hearts in a notebook like a giddy teenager. The way these romantic folks just love to love may certainly have something to do with their astrological sign, so read on to find out the most lovey-dovey zodiac sign from a little amorous to over-the-top affectionate.

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Man Surprising Girlfriend with Balloons

Leo thrives when they're getting attention. They love being adored by those around them, so touchy-feely moments and affectionate gestures always mean a great deal to them.

"Physical touch, creative ways of expressing love, and you basking in their love can be quite intoxicating for Leos," says Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology.

Don't worry, they also have a lot of love to give, but they will get possessive and jealous if you're not fueling their ego!

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Happy Couple Laughing Together – Yuri A/Shutterstock

Cancer is sentimental. They not only want to care for others, they need to care for others. "They love cheesy romance novels, idealized home and family situations, and dream of amorous time with a special someone," says Loftis.

These folks are sensitive water signs, and they're are also ruled by the Moon, which represents feelings and emotions—so you can bet they wear their hearts on their sleeves!

Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense, says they are also incredibly loyal and committed. Once they fall in love, they are in it for the long haul and they'll do anything they can to help keep the romance alive.


Romantic Candle Lit Dinner
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Taurus is ruled by Venus, the literal planet of love, so it's no surprise that they can be pretty lovey-dovey. They're romantic and sensual and enjoy anything related to love and pleasure.

"They are the type of people who will spoil their partners with gifts, massages, and candlelit dinners," Clare says. Loftis adds that they appreciate any and all physical expressions of love, especially cuddles and snuggles.

These fixed earth signs value stability as well, so will do anything to make sure their relationships work out positively. Give them a strong foundation to build off of and Taurus will be invested.


Girl on Boyfriend's Back

Libra requires love like they require oxygen. "Being part of a healthy relationship is a huge part of their experience and they are always thinking of ways to bring more love into their life," Loftis says.

Like Taurus, these harmonizers are also ruled by Venus, so they have a natural inclination for romance and affection. Libra also thrives on having balance, so they put a lot of effort into achieving that in their relationships.

"All in all, Libras have a way of making everyone feel special and loved and enjoy the finer things in life, including beautiful settings and romantic gestures," says Clare.


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Known for their larger-than-life personalities and knack for trying new things, Sagittarius also has an endless capacity for affection. "They are often drawn to adventure and exploration, but they also crave deep emotional connections," Clare says.

While they tend not to be tied down to one person or place for very long (hello, commitment issues), they'll always make sure their partner of the moment knows that they are cared for and appreciated.

These fire signs have a playful and adventurous spirit that translates well into their romantic lives, Clare tells Best Life. "They are always willing to try new things and explore new territories with their partners, whether it's traveling to a far-off destination or experimenting with a new technique in the bedroom," she says.

If you're lucky enough to be loved by a Sag, don't take that for granted!

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Girl Kissing Boyfriend on the Cheek

Daydreaming Pisces are hopeless romantics and they're also highly emotional and empathetic—it's these things combined that make them the most lovey-dovey zodiac sign. They're ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, creativity, and spirituality, and they tend to drift off to their own land of fantasy and romance.

"In short, Pisceans are the romantic dreamers who believe in love at first sight, happily ever after, and grand gestures of affection," Clare says. They care for others deeply and want to feel that same devotion in return.

Loftis says if they're left alone to their imagination for too long, they can create a whole relationship in their head. "They'll also be the ones to write you poetry or love letters to show how much you mean to them."

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