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See Andie MacDowell Rocking Her Naturally Gray Hair on the Red Carpet

"I'm comfortable. I like me. That's where you get to by the time you're my age."

With the Cannes Film Festival back in action in 2021, so is its extremely glamorous red carpet. The French film festival is known for bringing out some of the most stunning red carpet looks of the year, and this event is no different. One actor who is turning heads at this year's festival is Andie MacDowell, who has people talking not just about her fashion choices but about her hair. After years as a brunette, Andie MacDowell is now rocking her naturally gray hair, and she's commented on the decision in a couple of interviews. Read on to find out why she chose to stop dyeing her locks.

MacDowell is at Cannes as part of a longterm partnership.

Andie MacDowell at the Cannes premiere of "Annette" in July 2021
Stefanie Rex/picture alliance via Getty Images

MacDowell is not starring in any of the films showing at Cannes this year. Instead, she's at the film festival as part of her 35-year partnership with L'Oréal as one of the brand's ambassadors. So far, she has attended the opening night premiere of the Adam Driver and Marian Cotillard musical Annette, wearing a beaded Prada dress with her curly hair worn loose, and the premiere of the French drama Everything Went Fine, at which she wore a white sequined Versace Atelier gown with her hair in a low ponytail.

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MacDowell is embracing her hair as it is. 

Andie MacDowell at the Cannes premiere of "Everything Went Fine" in July 2021
Stefanie Rex/picture alliance via Getty Images

In an interview with People, MacDowell spoke about her Cannes trip and styling her hair for the hot July weather. "I'm not worried about keeping it under control," she said. "We've emphasized the wildness. We've gone with that."

The 63-year-old actor and model did share that she uses "lots of conditioners" to style her curly hair. "I just put conditioner in and leave it in there. If I'm not working, that's all I do. I just sleep in it sometimes." She added, "Because of the silver, it gets even a little drier. The texture becomes even more wiry, but I'm embracing all of it. I'm comfortable. I like me. That's where you get to by the time you're my age."

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She's happy to be a "silver fox."

Andie MacDowell on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in February 2021
The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube

During a February interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, MacDowell also talked about her decision to embrace her gray—or silver—hair. "My daughters kept telling me that I looked badass, and the idea that I looked badass really appealed to me, so I went for it," she said. "And I enjoy it. I'm salt and pepper. It's silver. I always correct people: It's not gray its silver." MacDowell has two daughters, Margaret and Rainey Qualley, with ex-husband Paul Qualley, as well as a son, Justin Qualley.

She also said that she likes being a "silver fox." She told a story about seeing a man who she would describe as a "silver fox" at the grocery store and how that flicked a switch for her.

"I immediately just put my shoulders back, and was like, and so am I," she said. "We shot a look to each other, and I was like, I'm a silver fox."

Her daughters help keep her positive. 

Andie MacDowell with daughters Margaret and Rainey at a screening of "Monte Carlo" in 2011
lev radin /

MacDowell told People that she's taught her daughters to be loving toward themselves and that they repeat that lesson back to her. "They remind me quite often not to say anything derogatory about myself," she said. "They're actually better than I am in a lot of ways because I taught them well. They listened."

She also said that she feels a responsibility to be a positive force for other women in her role with L'Oréal. "It is what I'm most proud of, outside of my children," she said. "It's the biggest part of my life, for sure. And I do feel a responsibility to be a positive reflection of women as they age. I hope that I'm doing that."

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