5 Easy Ways to Be More Satisfied with Your Life

Feeling unfulfilled? Read on, friend.

You might have a constant stream of success, and, with it, a constant stream of unfulfillment. The missing ingredient? Satisfaction. Here are the best tips and tactics for how to get it. And for more inspiration on how to be the best you, check out these 50 Inspirational Success Quotes That Will Energize Your Days.

Write Down Everything You've Ever Loved.

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"When you tie your self-worth up in your career, you guarantee that you'll be hard-hit by work's inevitable downturn. Making nonnegotiable time for outside interests guarantees one thing: No work glitch feels catastrophic," says clinical psychologist Toby Haslam-­Hopwood, Psy.D.

Take five minutes to write down everything you've ever loved. This is your reference list from now on for Saturday nights and summer vacations. In case your self-worth does tie to your career, take the time to Meet the New Secret Weapon For Getting Your Career Back on Track.

Take Responsibility.

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"Unhappy people see themselves as victims," says Greg Hicks, co-author of How We Choose to Be Happy. That's not you. When bad things happen, asking yourself "What can I learn from this?" and "What's the opportunity?" quickly moves you from endless wallowing into productive action. For more on happiness, here's exactly How to Be Happy, According to Albert Einstein.

Talk Straight.

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"You're judicious, but when you do talk, your intention is twofold: You're not hurtful. You're always straight. Sucking up provides momentary benefits, but it will shred your integrity, and integrity is the ultimate passport. When you're consistently honest, people can rely on you and trust you, and, in turn, they'll have no problem having your back," says Hicks.

Share the Credit.

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Start expressing thanks to others: the butt-saving assistant, your office mate who is always there to listen. Recognition puts goodwill in your bank. Plus, says Hicks, when you're actively focusing on others, you're not wasting your energy harping on the things you don't have. For more on the power of gratitude, here are the 5 Ways Being Thankful Can Change Your Life.


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"Appreciation's first cousin. The never-fail talent to employ is listening. Look the person in the eyes, keep your mouth shut, and, most important, stay open to being swayed", says Redford Williams, M.D., a professor at Duke University's Behavioral Medicine Research Center and author of In Control. Showing some understanding equals more people on your side, fewer stupid conflicts, and less stress hormones coursing through your arteries.

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