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How I Look 15 Years Younger—And How You Can, Too

The plan is easy, effective, and works for everyone.

Oprah calls it an "Aha! moment." For Ellen, it's "Live your truth!" And Joel Osteen dubs it your "Second Chance." Me, I had my own "Aha! moment"—my reality check. It came a few short years ago when my wonderful wife, doing what all great spouses, friends and colleagues should do, told me the truth. "Honey," she said, "you don't look so good."

What she meant was, I looked old. And soft. And tired.

This hit me like a ton of bricks because I was, by most definitions, successful. I had run a movie studio, Twentieth Century Fox, by age 32. I founded my own thriving private equity firm, Zelnick Media Capital. I was (and am) the Chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, one of the world's leading interactive entertainment companies. I even worked out regularly and thought I ate okay. But my wife was right—I felt old, and soft, and tired. Here I was, not living my best life.

I immediately set off on a path to create—not a diet, not a hardcore fitness regime—but a science-proven plan for turning my life around and living optimally. It's called Becoming Ageless. And now, I want to share these secrets with you.

I know it works because I am living, breathing proof. Today, when I walk into a room, people can't believe I'm officially in my 7th decade. They think I'm a decade younger, maybe more. And I believe that my plan will transform you, because it's easy, effective, and will work for everyone.

You'll boost your metabolism. You'll enjoy all-day energy. And you'll feel younger for life. All you have to do is follow the four secrets in the book.

Ageless Secret #1: You'll Indulge in Delicious Foods

It's true: You can eat to be younger. Most people associate eating for health or weight loss with a "diet"—I want you to break that association. Diets fail. Instead, focus on what I call "Forever Fuel." It doesn't mean you can't eat your favorite foods; you're just getting the best versions of them. On the Becoming Ageless plan, I enjoyed the following and lost 20-plus pounds:

  • Unlimited Foods. Lean Protein, Salads and Vegetables—eat as much as you want. I love bison, light tuna, chicken, eggs, grass-fed beef.
  • Limited Foods. Some fruits and dried fruits, nuts and cheese—in moderation.
  • Highly restricted foods. No processed foods, fried foods or added sugars. Processed foods account for 70 percent of the calories that Americans take in. They don't just make you fat; they age you. I want you to commit yourself to eating sensibly.

I packed the book with a ton of easy-to-make recipes that will help you get your best body ever. It's true—even with my busy schedule, I cook, because these recipes that simple. And if you cook just three meals a week, you'll live a decade longer, studies show.

Ageless Secret #2: You'll Unlock Your Inner Strength

One of the things I realized was that fitness was the foundation for so much of my success in life—it improved my moods, shrunk my belly, got me out with colleagues (which led to promotions for me and them). And you don't have to run an ultra-marathon or climb Everest. Just commit and be consistent. Get moving a little every day.

I work out every morning and some evenings, with men and women in their 20s, but you don't have to as part of this plan. Some moves take just minutes to do. Here are a few ways to do it right:

  • Start slow—incorporate regular walks or body weight exercises to feel the burn.
  • Workout when you're working—like with a stressball or a hand grip strengthener.
  • The book has a complete exercise plan for building muscle. Use it and you'll avoid back pain and get injured less.

Ageless Secret #3: You'll Bulletproof Your Body

You can't feel younger if you're sick all the time. I want to turn your body into a disease-fighting machine. That's why I include:

  • Preventative measures—a complete checklist of all the tests you need, and when you should have them.
  • A guide to better sleep, so you can have a more peaceful rest.
  • I cover mental health too. My favorite tip to boost confidence is to ditch the scale. I prefer to measure success by what you see in the mirror and how you look and feel. If you like what you see, what the scale reads isn't important. That was a gamechanger for me. Little changes mean big results.

Ageless Secret #4: You'll Discover a Deeper Connection

People who focus solely on the body and not the mind are shortchanging themselves. For lasting success, I've found that it's essential to construct a support system that will hold you accountable—and cheer you on. Consider texting a friend after every workout, and revel in the virtual high-five; better yet, join a workout class. You'll strengthen bonds with friends and loved ones and elevate your mood and productivity.

I've also found a benefit in embracing my spiritual side. For my quiet reflection, I personally have integrated morning prayer. It's life-changing, and feeds into personal success on every level. To help you focus, meditate, do yoga, and find a community that supports your new lifestyle.

You see why I had to write this book. By following the pillars in Becoming Ageless, you'll be happier and healthier; stave off disease; enhance your spiritual connections; and lose fat from where it matters most. That's something you want at any age. I know it's worked for me.

And you know who else is happy?

My wife.

Strauss's book, Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever, is available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major retailers.