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555 Angel Number: What Does it Mean and Why Do I Keep Seeing It?

For those who believe, angel number 555 is a sign that positive change is on the way.

Ever looked at the clock and noticed it was 5:55? Or maybe your trip to the coffee shop cost exactly $5.55. You might even see the same sequence appearing on license plates, addresses, phone numbers, and other unexpected places. Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe it's your angel number. But what do these repeating digits mean? What makes them specific to you, personally? And what exactly is so special about the angel number 555? Read on below, because we're diving in with answers, explanations, and more!

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What Are Angel Numbers?

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Angel numbers are a concept born from the world of Numerology, the study of numbers and the cosmic meanings they carry. Those who abide by this system use the appearance of specific digits to explain and even predict different events in their lives.

To be clear, the idea of assigning meaning to numbers isn't new. The practice can be traced back to ancient Greece when philosopher Pythagoras began attributing numbers to specific symbolisms. For instance, he associated the number two with femininity, the number four with justice, the number 10 with perfection, and so on and so forth.

A few thousand years later, we see a related belief system gaining steam among members of the New Age community—only now, there are guardian angels involved. According to its doctrine, these divine beings deliver specific sequences in different ways to alert us of events that may soon come to pass.

While some may argue they fall under the same umbrella, there is one distinction that sets angel numbers apart from other mystical belief systems. Unlike zodiac signs or astrology charts, angel numbers have nothing to do with the details surrounding your birth. They also aren't used to dissect pieces of your personality. Instead, they're meant to determine how you move through the world and what might be coming your way.

Do You Have to Believe in Angels to Believe in Angel Numbers?

In short, no. While many celebrate the divine energy associated with these sequences, others concentrate on the numbers and their meanings, not the angels who may have sent them.

"Despite the moniker, you don't have to believe in angelic beings in order to tap into the magic of angel numbers," says Nina Kahn, professional astrologer, mystic, and author of Astrology For Life and Joy Of Hex. "There are many ways to interpret the unique numerical messages of your personal angel numbers, but my method is to use the ancient practice of Numerology," she adds.

That's not to say that there isn't any mysticism involved, because there often is. As a reminder, Numerology is bound to the divine, though the concept can be applied to more secular spaces, like home addresses or the stock market.

One place Numerology does not show up, is in the Bible. In fact, the practice has no association with any particular faith. Those committed to strict interpretations of religious texts often reject the concept of Numerology because of its connection to the occult.

This is evidenced by the case of Doreen Virtue, a former metaphysician who actually coined the phrase "angel number" back in the early aughts. By 2017, however, she had abandoned the practice to become a born-again Christian, claiming to have been "saved out of new age deception."

What Is the Spiritual Significance of Angel Number 555?

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There are a lot of ways to interpret the spiritual meaning of 555, but the most important takeaway is that this number represents change and the outcomes are overwhelmingly positive.

"It is an angel number that means you are about to experience a major life change for the better," says Andrea Shakarian, Ph.D. The number is also said to hold a type of energy related to adventure and free spirits.

Shakarian holds a certification in Angel Mediumship and Advanced Angel Readings, having studied under the instruction of Charles Virtue—Doreen's eldest son. She continues, "It is a sign of hope that your setback is only a launching pad to your next level of spiritual awareness and enlightenment."

Whether you believe the number was sent by your guardian angel or simply appeared for other reasons that can't quite be explained, it doesn't really matter. It's the implications concerning what comes next that do. Below, we'll discuss what angel number 555 might mean for you.

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Angel Number 555 and Your Love Life

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Many different events could signify positive changes to your love life. Getting out of an unhealthy relationship is one. Meeting someone new is another. It could also mean stepping away from problematic positioning and towards something that affords you a little more personal freedom, even within a relationship.

"It's time to let go of expectations in your romantic relationships because something better is on the way," says Shakarian. "Release the old to make room for the new." Of course, only you can determine what that really means in context.

It is also worth noting that angel number 555 has significant implications for something known as the twin flame connection. Within the New Age community, twin flames represent two people with the same soul. Most often, it indicates a romantic reunion will take place in the near future, but it could also be used to predict the arrival of someone's twin flame—particularly among those who have not yet met.

Angel Number 555 and Finance

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Remember when we brought up the stock market? We weren't joking around. Some people interpret repeating numbers as significant indicators of major changes to their financial status, and a few are willing to carry that belief all the way to Wall Street.

Studies show that firms with listing codes containing "lucky" numbers are traded at higher rates than those without. Of course, many individuals involved in the financial world see this methodology as widely problematic, likening it to extrapolation and cognitive bias.

Still, short of investing large amounts of money based on what you consider a significant number, it doesn't hurt to go with your gut here. Experts in the field would remind us that this doesn't mean money is simply showing up out of nowhere. Instead, it means new avenues and opportunities are likely to emerge, and it's up to you to take notice.

"New ideas are coming to you to create new revenues of income," says Shakarian. "Be mindful of the balance between giving and receiving."

What Angel Number 555 Says About Health

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Intuition can tell us a lot about our health. Couple that with seeing a number repeatedly and in ways you find significant, and you should probably take the time to flesh it out.

"It's time to adopt a new health habit that will cause an increase in your energy levels such as a new workout or a new lifestyle choice," says Shakarian. Whether that's a message from a divine being or evidence of the body communicating its needs, the message is clear: you're due for a change, and you might want to execute it sooner rather than later.

We don't mean to seem alarmist here. Remember, angel number 555 carries an overwhelmingly positive message. If there's a change in your health status, it's likely going to be good. According to Shakarian, it could boil down to something as simple as avoiding illness or recovering from one you already have.

Angel Number 555 And Your Career

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Positive thinking in the workplace has been shown to boost productivity, making individuals more likely to acquire new skills and seize opportunities when presented. If you've got that part down, and keep seeing that number that falls between four and six, then lean into things. After all, angel number 555 is about good things coming your way.

"You are about to land a job you've been dreaming of or you are going to get a promotion or public recognition in your current job," Shakarian asserts. "Your career is lining up with your passions."

What's So Special About Number 555, Anyway?

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Angel numbers take many different forms, each with its own messaging concerning your spiritual journey. Still, there seems to be something special about 555 and how it compares to other permutations in the series.

"Angel number 555 is the mother of all angel numbers," explains Charlotte Kirsten, professional angel numbers expert, astrologer, and founder of the platform Typically Topical. "It's loaded with divine wisdom, guidance, and copious opportunity."

According to Kirsten, much of the hype surrounding 555 revolves around the desire to experience a spiritual awakening, or at the very least, a favorable change that can help put us on the right track.

"555 calls in the kind of change we've been desperately seeking for many weeks, if not months at a time, and from my experience, whilst there are opportunities to see it every day, it only appears when something incredibly positive is on the horizon," she says. "It's why it garners so much attention and adoration."

In Conclusion

We all love a good coincidence, especially in a world growing increasingly chaotic. These occurrences also allow us to tap into that space that's so hard to define; the one that exists somewhere between spiritualism and logic. Even individuals known for their commitment to science have gotten lost there before. We know Carl Jung believed in meaningful coincidences, just as Albert Einstein believed in Spinoza's God.

For many, angel numbers reside somewhere in the same neighborhood. And according to the experts, the magic they possess revolves around what we choose to make it. "Some people may think of angel numbers as signs from the divine," says Kahn. "Others who aren't so spiritually inclined may simply enjoy them as quirky synchronicities that make life more fun. Either way is okay."

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