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50 Hilarious Things Everyone Is Secretly Guilty of Doing 

Who hasn't turned a stumble into a little dance?

If you checked and rechecked the refrigerator today to see if the food fairies magically brought something delicious to straight to your home, you're not alone. And if you spent a few panicked moments looking for your glasses, which were on your face, we've been there, done that, too. The truth is, most of us are more alike than we realize, even if it's in small, silly ways we rarely talk about. Here are 50 funny things everyone is secretly guilty of doing. Don't worry—your secret is safe with us! And for more things you might be doing on the down low, here are 50 Words You Hear Every Day But Don't Know What They Mean.

Calling someone "buddy" because you forgot their name

buddies funny things people do

You swear he must've introduced himself to you at some point, but you'll be darned if you can remember. It's all good, buddy!

Carefully inspecting an item at the grocery store because someone is standing in front of the one you actually want

salespeople often hide price hikes at the store funny things people do

Saying "excuse me" to a stranger so you can grab a bag of cauliflower rice is an awkward situation you're sometimes just not in the mood for. So, while you've waited for someone to get out of your way at the grocery store, you've spent your sweet time learning everything you can about a jar of gherkins.

Getting flustered and saying the wrong thing when someone said "bless you"

woman sick and sneezing on the bus

You sneezed and someone said "bless you." While most people would reply with "thank you," your confused brain somehow came up with "you too" or "you're welcome," instead.

Stumbling and turning it into a funny dance

man stumbling funny things people do

You, of course, fooled everybody. We all naturally assumed that when your arms suddenly started flailing and your legs fell behind you, it's because you were starting a spontaneous and super funky dance routine and not because you tripped and almost fell on your rear.

Taking a break from the internet on your computer to check out the internet on your phone

woman on phone at computer funny things people do

Maybe the smaller version of the internet has something more interesting or new than what the big internet has to offer. "Oh, look, let's check Facebook again, but this time on a different screen!" It's like starting the newsfeed fresh.

Bringing a book to the beach and not actually reading it

books in a bag funny things people do

You had every intention of cracking open that new best-seller and getting some reading done. But instead you just took a dozen foot selfies near the ocean, and then fell asleep.

Hitting the elevator button multiple times

13th floor button on elevator

The little light is on, we know the elevator is probably coming, but we can't help ourselves. What if one more button push is needed to adequately express our urgency to the elevator? Because otherwise, what's to stop an elevator from taking its time? Unless we're really pounding on that button, the machine won't know we're in a hurry.

Reading directions on a box of food, throwing it in the trash, then retrieving it because you've forgotten everything already

canned food health myths funny things people do

Why do we think we're going to remember exactly how many teaspoons of milk versus water we need? And for other behaviors you should be thinking twice about, check out 23 Rude Things You Didn't Realize You're Doing Every Day.

Lying to the doctor when they ask about your alcoholic drink consumption

man getting bad news at a doctor checkup {priorities after 50}

We all do it, but "one a month" sounds suspicious. Listen, your doctors aren't there to judge you—they're there to help you, so give an honest answer to this one. And for the things you should absolutely fess up to, check out 40 Things You Should Never Lie to Your Doctor About After 40.

Accidentally sending a text to the person you're talking about

woman texting dating funny things people do

You want to send a text to Karen about Bob, but you accidentally search Bob's name in your contact list because he's on your mind. It happens to the best of us. But it's how you recover that really matters.

Feeling personally victimized by an inanimate object

woman angry using computer

Obviously, the only reason your smartphone can't find a Wifi signal is that it hates you and is being a jerk. When the printer decides to jam, it's because it's still holding some hidden grudge against you, specifically, and has made a conscious decision to make your life more difficult. Technology doesn't just stop working, it fails on purpose—leading to our many angry outbursts at inanimate objects.

Eating a "family size" bag of chips by yourself

open ruffle potato chip bag
Akarat Thongsatid / Shutterstock

It's not your fault! The Godfather was on cable, and the bag was on your lap, and it's a loooong movie, and, for some reason, Doritos don't come with an emergency kill switch to close the bag before it's too late.

Ignoring an email for weeks, then writing back and saying, "Somehow this ended up in my spam folder"

older man sending an email on phone

Suuure, it did. And for other things you probably do on a regular basis, check out the 50 Annoying Things Everyone Does.

Mumbling the name part during a rendition of "Happy Birthday"

birthday candles party

You're at a birthday party for a person you only kinda know. It's time to sing "Happy Birthday" to them, and you belt out every lyric with gusto, until you get to the part where you sing their name, and you realize you only vaguely remember what the birthday boy or girl's name is. So, you mumble something incoherently, hoping your sudden change in volume isn't too obvious.

Using the bathroom at a friend's house and peeking at their medicine cabinet

acetaminophen and other pill bottles in a medicine cabinet, parenting tips

If their prescriptions aren't your business, then whose business are they exactly?

Lowering the music on your car stereo so you can see better

woman smiling while driving in the car

How exactly is turning down the volume going to help us parallel park? Who knows! This is just one of the many funny things people do that doesn't come with a simple explanation.

Searching for your phone while holding it in your hand

Things You should Never Do at a Fancy Restaurant

The average person misplaces his or her phone approximately one million times a day. For most of us, that leads to a combination of frustration and hilarity, especially when we start searching for it when it's still in our hand. You may have even looked under your bed for it using your phone's flashlight function before realizing what you were doing.

Seeing an outrageous price on something at a store and pretending you're still considering it

save money on clothes funny things people do

Whether shopping for clothes, furniture, or even food, you've experienced legitimate sticker shock after seeing the outrageous price tag on an item. However, rather than get flustered and walk away, you've stuck around for a few minutes pretending that you're still considering buying it while waiting for your blood pressure to get back into a less precarious zone.

Pretending you're in a movie while listening to music on headphones and walking down the street

walking with headphones ways we're unhealthy

It's not just some tunes for an afternoon stroll—it's the soundtrack to your own action-adventure movie, in which you're the star! In this particular scene, you're strutting down the street in perfect time to whatever your favorite song of the moment is, and all the extras are watching you go, trembling at your awesomeness.

Wielding a bare wrapping paper tube as a lightsaber

wrapping paper tube funny things people do

You're wrapping presents and you get to the end of your supply and are holding a cardboard tube. What do you do? The answer's obvious: You start humming lightsaber noises and twirling it like Ewan McGregor. (What else is there to do?)

Offering some truly transparent fake laughter

wordplay jokes

There are so many reasons to fake a laugh, and not just because you're being polite. Sometimes the fake laugh is a way of covering up that we actually don't have any idea what was just said.

Sitting on your bed in a towel for far longer than necessary

woman on bed in towels

You've finished your shower. It's time to get dressed. But the moment you sit on your bed while wearing a towel, you can't seem to get motivated. You just stare at the ceiling and think about… nothing, really. It's just like meditation, except in a towel.

Overthinking eye contact

man staring through fence, astonishing facts

Nobody wants to look creepy, so we try to find the perfect ratio between making eye contact and looking away. But it's easy to overthink it, and you spend so much time in your head ("Am I staring at her too hard? I should look away casually, and then look back, maybe after three seconds, or is that too long?") that we end up not hearing a word they're saying.

Walking to the "bathroom" when you wake up but ending up in your closet

woman sleepwalking funny things people do

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Carrying way too much from your car so you can "make it in one trip"

grocery bag in car funny things people do

A second trip? Absurd. Better to just balance four plastic bags on each arm, grip two bags with your teeth, hold the milk between your knees, and bunny hop into the house.

Buying 20 T-shirts, but only wearing three of them

shirts funny things people do

You just keep washing them—over and over. Don't worry, everyone does this.

Going to the beach and spending 45 minutes looking for the perfect spot

30 compliments funny things people do

Should I put my beach blanket on this plot of sand with a view of the ocean, or on that other plot of sand, with the exact same view, a few yards away? Better think about it a little longer.

Buying a week's worth of fresh vegetables and not eating any of it

vegetables funny things people do

Somehow, you kept ordering delivery after work, and, before you knew it, those veggies went bad.

Pretending not to be disappointed when you get a birthday card without any cash

woman in an armchair reading a birthday card

Still, at age 43, you want there to be a fiver in there. You're not alone!

Writing an angry, 9,593-word email to a family member and never hitting send

man at computer funny things people do

Phew! It's the smartest thing you could have done.

Fibbing during a round of "Never Have I Ever"

friends chatting at a cocktail party on a rooftop

Let's be serious, nobody is telling the whole truth during that game. It's just a way to brag about an adventurous and risky past that, in truth, likely wasn't quite as adventurous or risky as you've portrayed it.

Pretending to text while really taking a selfie

stop judging women over 40 funny things people do

Spoiler alert: You're not fooling anyone. We all know what you're really doing. Nobody texts at full arm's length while making a duckface. You might as well be holding a selfie stick!

Claiming you have plans to get out of a social function, even though you totally don't

Asian Man Sitting at His Desk at Work Yawning {Allergy Symptoms}

Would it be so bad just to turn down an invitation by saying, "No thanks, I'm gonna stay home and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns in my PJs?" OK, maybe it would. Never mind, continue fibbing.

Taking out your phone to check the time, then getting distracted by it and totally forgetting what time it is

man texting on smartphone

You know what's great about an old fashioned watch? It doesn't come with a Facebook app.

Pulling back the shower curtain just to make sure there are no serial killers hiding behind there

shower killer checking funny things people do

You've probably also jumped on your bed so the monster underneath it couldn't grab your legs, too.

Rehearsing a conversation in your head that you'll probably never have

higher energy person funny things people do

That smug jerk at the office who doesn't take you seriously won't know what hit him when you deliver the epic send-off you've been rewriting and fine-tuning for months. It's pure poetry, as if William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde had a love-child who wasn't going to be pushed around at work by some dude who can't stop talking about his Ivy League education. You'll never say any of it out loud, but at least it's in your head, and that's satisfaction enough.

Receiving a reply to your email, but re-reading the email you sent first

Email, more time, productivity funny things people do

As if you forgot what you just wrote!

Dancing by yourself in your kitchen

woman dancing while eating funny things people do

What is it about a few dry tortilla chips or a cupcake that makes you want to boogie a little? You know you've done it!

Channeling your inner Adele in traffic only to realize another driver is watching

Woman singing in car, stay at home mom

There are few greater joys in life than belting out one of your favorite songs in the car, especially when you're bored in traffic. However, during a heartfelt rendition of "Someone Like You" with the windows up, you've gotten so into the zone that you totally forgot that other people can see you—like the driver one lane over who's having a good laugh about your award-worthy performance.

Getting invested in a conversation you were eavesdropping on

friends having dinner, restaurant, drinks, still single Things You Should Never Do in a Fancy Restaurant funny things people do

We all know that eavesdropping isn't exactly polite, but if people didn't want you to listen in on their conversations, why do they have such interesting ones in public? You've definitely had entire meals where you barely talked to the person you're dining with in favor of listening to the relationship drama of the couple behind you—and, of course, giving mental notes in your head.

Pretending to be Rocky while jogging

lose 10 pounds funny things people do

Sure, the movie's iconic theme song may not actually be on your workout playlist, but the spirit of the champion is definitely in you when you're pounding the pavement. And, of course, you've practiced those competition-level jabs and right hooks along the way.

Giving your pet a pump-up talk

happy dog with owner, did you know facts

You know that humans aren't the only ones who can use a little self-esteem boost from time to time. You've definitely reminded your beloved pet just how smart and special and terrific they are before a walk or vet appointment.

Getting alarmed when you see yourself in your phone's front-facing camera

woman surprised anxious on her phone funny things people do

Breaking out your phone to take a photo, only to realize that the front-facing camera is on, is one of the most harrowing experiences. You're probably guilty of letting out an audible yelp and quickly closing the camera app after seeing yourself at that angle.

Throwing change and receipts haphazardly in your wallet to avoid holding up a line

woman wallet funny things people do

Who cares if the change is even correct? You know there are carts behind you and you're not going to be the one holding up the line today.

Doing that cozy-in-bed cricket leg rub

sleep after 40

You know that feeling of sliding into a freshly made bed, and you start rubbing your legs together, like a cricket chirping? Where in the world did that instinct come from? It's like you're trying to start a fire with your legs and make the bed feel even cozier.

Secretly diagnosing everybody in the waiting room at your doctor's office

row of people in a doctor's office

That guy with the wet cough two rows over? He is definitely contagious.

Being extra chatty with airport security for good travel karma

guy going through airport security funny things people do

That's the number one thing airport security looks for, you know. If someone is really friendly and personable, going the extra mile to seem nicer and more accommodating than everybody else, then they should definitely be escorted directly to their gates and, if possible, given a free upgrade.

Waiting a few minutes after a person sits down near you before leaving so you didn't hurt their feelings

two people sitting in an empty airport

Whether it's in a movie theater or a public park or an airport terminal, nobody wants to sit next to a stranger, especially if there are other seats available. But we also don't want to be perceived as jerks. So if somebody sits down in the seat directly next to us and we feel uncomfortable enough to move, we'll wait a few minutes, because we don't want them thinking that were moving because of them, even though we totally are.

Checking your symptoms on the internet, and convincing yourself you're on death's door

save money on clothes, Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Your Smartphone funny things people do

Why do we keep making that same mistake, time and time again? You know what a headache might be a symptom of? Literally every fatal disease ever!

Coming home from work, realizing the house is empty, and feeling immense relief

essential dating tips for men over 40

It's not that you don't love your friends and family. But you don't need to be around them every second of the day.

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