17 Hilarious Photos of Terrible Airplane Passenger Behavior

One man's armrest is another man's ottoman.

17 Hilarious Photos of Terrible Airplane Passenger Behavior

Something seems to happen when you travel tens of thousands of feet in the air. As any frequent flier knows, people have a tendency to reveal their worse selves on airplanes. And we don’t just mean those annoying passengers who talk loudly or snore when they doze off mid-flight. We’re referring to the truly terrible airplane passengers. The kind of people whose bad habits include filing their toenails in the air, resting their bare feet above others’ heads, and treating $50 million planes like giant dumpsters.

In an environment where personal space is precious, those who infringe on others’ territory take selfishness to a whole new level. But sadly, there will always be those awful plane passengers who disregard the rules in favor of their own comfort. The following disturbing photos (many courtesy of Passenger Shaming’s Facebook and Instagram) are proof of that. So read on… if you dare! And for more plane-related reading material, here are 40 Amazing Facts About Airplanes That Will Make Your Mind Soar.

This passenger whose hamburger needed its own seat

New Zealand journalist David Farrier managed to snap a picture of this unique passenger aboard an airplane—a plush hamburger. Farrier tweeted that he couldn’t wait to pay for the in-flight Wifi so that he could immediately share what he was seeing with the world. He even took a selfie with the stuffed sandwich!

But the burger’s owner actually isn’t alone. One woman tweeted that she once flew to Frankfurt next to a stuffed Smurf!

This passenger who used the aisle as a trash can

The Passenger Shaming social media accounts share absurd photos of the strangest airline passenger behavior caught on camera. And this photo from their Instagram captures a truly horrific scene of a passenger who designated the aisle as their own personal trash can. We can only imagine what their home looks like.

This passenger giving herself a pedicure

Your eyes are not deceiving you. What you’re seeing in this photograph is real-life proof that nothing can come between some women and their pedicures.

One unlucky passenger was able to snap this photo of a woman who whipped out her nail file to perfect her toenail shape in the middle of her flight.

This passenger who got a bit too comfortable

We don’t begrudge you for stretching out during a long flight should you find yourself lucky enough to have an entire row to yourself. However, it appears as though the man pictured here didn’t quite understand that airplane etiquette still applies.

Unhinging his belt, unbuttoning his fly, and hanging his leg over the armrest into the aisle? It’s just too much for surrounding passengers to take.

This passenger who couldn’t skip a workout

No matter how long your flight is, it seems a bit excessive squeeze in some extra reps in front of everyone on a crowded airplane. But that didn’t stop the man in this photo from endangering himself and the safety of others on his flight by doing push-ups right in front of the door. And apparently, he’s not the only one.

And this passenger who couldn’t either

The man in this photo also felt the need to adhere to his strict workout schedule while on a full flight. Unfortunately for every other passenger and crew member, he did so in the middle of a narrow aisle. We can only hope his workout consisted of just this one strange pilates move.

The thing that makes this awful airplane behavior even worse? As Passenger Shaming notes, this all went down during meal and beverage service.

This passenger who couldn’t be bothered to button his shirt

Where do we begin with this photo? There are just so many questions.

For example, what exactly drove this man to unbutton his shirt? What is the purpose of the bag over his head and eyes? Is it serving as an impromptu eye mask? We will never have the answers, but we’ll always wonder.

This passenger who haunted the whole plane

When you think about it, this might be the most ingenious strategy for getting an entire row on an airplane all to yourself. Sitting next to a person holding a Chucky doll for hours on end seems more nightmare-inducing than any horror movie.

This passenger, whose hair is not in-flight entertainment

You’d be stunned by the number of people who think it’s acceptable to drape their ponytails over their fellow passengers’ screens. (Seriously, there are so many that Passenger Shaming alone has posted.)

The woman pictured here is, of course, preventing the passenger behind her from enjoying one of the only things that’s still free on airplanes: TV and movies galore. But on top of that, her hair could fall into their food or drink, ruining one of the only other things that’s still free on airplanes. This just isn’t right.

This passenger who built a fort

It seems the entitled person in this photo was angry about only being able to secure a business class seat, and not a first class ticket. So mad, in fact, that he created his very own first-class cabin out of a blanket and his sheer will.

From the looks of his uncomfortable position, it seems as though he was never quite able to capture the same glamour and comfort with his do-it-yourself method.

This passenger drying out her swimsuit

Those hooks on the back of your seat? They’re a luxury—a place to hang your coat instead of crumpling it up in the overhead compartment or uncomfortably behind your back. They are not something to be abused, as the woman here did with her bikini.

More than anything, though, we’re just hoping that the man sitting next to her is a boyfriend, husband, or other family member—and not just an unsuspecting victim who has to stare at her delicates for multiple hours on this flight.

This passenger showing the whole plane her feet

Sure, it’s perfectly fine to get comfortable on a long flight. What is not acceptable airplane behavior is doing what this woman was caught doing: casting aside her shoes and socks and hovering her bare feet over another passenger’s head.

No matter how uncomfortable you may feel during a long flight, do your fellow passengers the courtesy of keeping your feet to yourself.

This passenger who got very angry at a newspaper

This photo paints quite a strange picture of what the person seated here was doing onboard their flight. (And the noise they must’ve been making, to boot.)

Whether they have a strange habit of crumpling up each page of the newspaper after reading them, or were simply looking for a budget-friendly alternative to a blanket, it’s pretty offensive to leave behind this mess for the crew to clean up.

This passenger playing Blackjack with his foot

Is a game of Blackjack really all that more exciting when you play with your feet? According to the person attached to the foot in this photo, apparently so.

All we can think about is the poor passenger who unknowingly touches this screen on the following flight. This is why you really do need to use some hand sanitizer while flying.

This passenger who took manspreading to a whole new level

On any mode of transportation, manspreading (men who spread their legs so wide they infringe on others’ space) is considered incredibly disrespectful. But the man in this photo really took his manspreading to a whole new level, contorting his body to take up an enormous amount of space. Not to mention, how is he even watching that movie?!

This passenger drying out his shoes

It’s entirely likely that the person who took this photo had to endure a foul-smelling flight, thanks to the subject of this image. As the Passenger Shaming Facebook account joked, “Sometimes you just need to air out your sweaty shoe; on a plane, in an enclosed cabin, with recirculated air, where people are eating.”

This passenger who has an interesting definition of “emergency”

The door that man is resting his leg upon is an emergency exit. The fact that he wanted to prop up his leg, however, is not an emergency. And if you’re looking to explain any of the aforementioned strange airplane behavior, you can start by examining these 40 Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts that Seriously Explain Everything.

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