This 79-Year-Old Contractor's Genius White Bread Plumbing Hack Is Going Viral

"No peanut butter, no marshmallow!"

Larry the Contractor White Bread Plumbing Hack

On May 28, YouTube user Alex Cook uploaded a video titled "Contractor shares his white bread technique for soldering pipes." In it, Cook's contractor—a 79-year-old gentleman named Larry—shares his ingenious trick for repurposing fresh bread to temporarily stop leaks.

"To stop minor leaks in pipes that you're soldering… take fresh bread—it's gotta be fresh—and then you take out the core, and you roll it into a tight, tight ball. And then you stuff it right into the pipe. Just push the bread right in there," Larry explains in the video. "That will stop the leak long enough for you to solder the pipe."

Then, he adds, "No peanut butter! No marshmallow!"

Though Larry's DIY tip is admittedly great, viewers seem to be smitten with the contractor himself—so much so, in fact, that in just 24 hours, the video has received more than 295,000 views.

"What a wonderful person," one YouTuber wrote about the lovable, laughing contractor. "His smile absolutely made me smile instantly too."

Over on Reddit, Larry's tip has received a similar response. While Redditor @Walker2012 is calling the hack "100 percent legit," most of the comments are about Larry's zest for life. In just 21 hours, the video of Larry has received some 20,200 upvotes on Reddit, with users debating how exactly the contractor has managed to age so brilliantly.

For what it's worth, Larry at least partially attributes his youthfulness to keeping busy. "I think I'd croak if I didn't work," he says in the video. "I gotta keep busy or I'll go out of my mind." And if you want to age as well as Larry, Steal These 20 Longevity Secrets From the World's Oldest People.

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