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The No. 1 Thing Women Do That Others Find Sexy

Doing this one thing will benefit you in the dating game.

If you grew up watching tons of TV and movies like most kids, chances are you were under the impression that women who wear high heels and red lipstick are the epitome of beautiful. But as you've grown up, you've likely learned that female sexuality is much more complex than merely how a woman looks or what she wears. So, what really makes a woman sexy? Of course, that's subjective. But, according to one expert, it's when women are truly comfortable with themselves that their allure skyrockets.

"There is a direct correlation between how sexy you are perceived [to be] and how much you love yourself," says matchmaker Channa Bromley. "My clients tell me a woman is sexiest when she knows her own value and is more invested in herself and her own rich, full life."

Loving yourself doesn't mean being arrogant, however, Bromely says; it's a way of carrying yourself that indicates you're confident and fulfilled on your own.

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Bromley recommends that women who are beginning to date continue to prioritize themselves, make fun plans with friends, and stay busy. When potential partners see a woman as someone who leads a fulfilling life, they are eager to be a part of that.

And loving oneself brings a certain enticing energy to any burgeoning relationship. "It's about having an attitude that is social, spontaneous, excited about life, and having energy to bring to conversations," says Bromley.

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Another reason loving yourself is attractive is because of the confidence that comes with it. A noteworthy 2002 study published in the Journal of the International Association for Relationship Research found that men and women alike rated self-confidence as a highly attractive attribute in a potential mate.

So, before you embark on a new relationship, make sure you know your worth. When one partner does not value themselves and their own life, that's when they're more likely to unhealthily throw themselves into the connection, abandoning everything else in their life. Ultimately, loving yourself isn't just sexy; it also prevents an imbalance from occurring in the relationship. And if you're looking to boost your own confidence, check out 27 Expert-Backed Ways to Easily and Instantly Boost Your Self-Esteem.

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