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If You Want to Save on Groceries at Walmart, Shop at This Time

Find out when produce, meat, and bakery items get marked down.

Walmart is a great place to score deals on everything from flat-screen TVs to fresh produce. But while bargains abound on plenty of products, there's one way you can score an even lower price on certain groceries. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, there's a specific time of night when Walmart staffers slash the price on select groceries, so if you want the best deal, wait until after then. Keep reading to find out the best time to save, and for more great Walmart advice, check out these Amazing Walmart Shopping Tips Only Employees Know.

The Krazy Coupon Lady says that produce, meat, and bakery items at Walmart are marked down one day before their "best by" date at 8 p.m. To get the best price on these goods while they're still fresh, you should hit the store right at 8 or shortly thereafter. She also encourages shoppers to seek out an employee if you check the "best by" date and notice it hasn't been properly marked down, so you can ensure that you're getting the best price.

Shopping for your produce, meat, and bakery items this way means that you'll get them in the sweet spot when they're still fresh enough but you're scoring a great deal. It just takes the right timing to get you the best price.

Of course, this isn't the only trick to get good deals at Walmart. Read on for four more Walmart clearance hacks you need to know, and for more essential guidance, find out The Absolute Worst Time to Shop at Walmart, Employees Say.

Shop during the first five days of the month.

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According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, clearance items are marked within the first five days of the month. So if you want to have your pick of the widest clearance selection, be sure to head to Walmart as soon as items have been marked down. And for another hack that can save you money, discover The Incredible Walmart Price Tag Secret You'll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing.

Jump on Rollbacks when you see them.

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Clearance items can continue to drop further in price, so it could be worth watching the item for a bit to see if Walmart slashes the price any lower. However, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady, Rollbacks can go the opposite way, sending them back to their original, higher price. If you see an item that you've been eyeing as a Rollback, jump on it quickly in case it climbs in price again. And for products you should steer clear of, check out The 20 Worst Things to Buy at Walmart, According to Experts.

If you see something you want for 60 percent off, grab it.

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The Krazy Coupon lady says seeing a clearance item discounted any more than 60 percent is fairly uncommon. If you see an item marked this low or even lower, snatch it up. However, she notes that if you do see something discounted more than 60 percent, it's likely to drop even lower. And for more useful information delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Shop for toys in January or July.

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January and July are the best time to shop for toys at Walmart, per the Krazy Coupon Lady. Toys hit clearance at around 75 percent off during these times, with some discounts as big as 90 percent off. And for recent Walmart news, If You Live in These States, You Can Now Get Vaccinated at Walmart.

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