15 Hats So Ugly They're Crimes Against Fashion

We'll opt for sunburn, instead.

Along with keeping the sun off of your head, hats can be a super stylish way to top off an outfit. Wool berets and velvet caps are among the popular choices right now among fashionable folks, according to Vogue, as are faux fur or vintage bucket hats, embellishments, and denim. But not all hats are created equal. In fact, some are downright questionable. Take Pharrell Williams' 2014 Grammys hat as a prime example. If you want to avoid the kind of style-related meme-sparking scrutiny he found himself under, then take a look at (and avoid) these 15 hats that are crimes against fashion. And for more awful fashion crimes, check out The Biggest Fashion Misses of 2018.

Animal Hats

$10; buy now on amazon.com

In 2011, a New York Times headline bemoaned "Animal Hats, an Enduring Trend." Remember that brief period in 2011 when people actually wore these? We do too—and we're still not sure how we feel about it. Surely more than one of your friends (and possibly you yourself?) sported a furry puppy, panda, or unicorn head on top of their own. But… why?

The "Cap Sack"

the cap sack hat

$20; buy now on amazon.com

Part fanny pack, part ugly neon cap.

The Umbrella Hat

man wearing an umbrella hat

$17; buy now on amazon.com

The only thing worse than this hat is the fact that it has so many technical features you know it's not a joke. This hat isn't for the casual funny-hat collector. It's for the serious outdoorsman who's afraid of a little rain.

The Out-of-Control Sun Hat

woman wearing a large sun hat

$11; buy now on walmart.com

Sometimes you need a wide-brimmed sun hat. Maybe it's super sunny out, or you don't feel like talking to people, or you're just a bit hungover and it's actually both. We're not here to judge your condition–only your hat. And if your sunhat is is wide as an umbrella, you're making a mistake.

The Solar-Powered Fan Hat

$23; buy now on walmart.com

Using solar power is a great way to utilize environmentally-friendly energy. But is a tiny solar panel on the top of a straw hat which then powers a fan right up against your forehead the best way to keep cool in the summer? Probably not.

The Beer-Box Hat

cowboy hat made out of a beer box

$10; buy now on amazon.com

This one's not so much a crime against fashion as it is a crime against civilized society. No matter what type of party it is you're going to, you don't need this hat. It won't make you look fun, it will make you look like an immature man-child.

Over-the-Top Fascinators

woman in a pink fascinator feather hat

$150; buy now on amazon.com

After the royal wedding last spring, it's been difficult for all of us to stop channeling Meghan Markle in her fancy fascinators. But here's the thing: You can't just glue a few items to a headband and call it a fascinator. This unfortunate style looks like a flamingo got into a tragic accident.

Lock, Bullet, and Belt Buckle Caps

a black hat locks, bullets, and chain belts

$25; buy now on amazon.com

It's hard to imagine what kind of hardcore genre you fall into if you're the sort of person who feels like one of these three hats would suit you best. Thankfully, if the locks aren't quite your style, you can choose from belt buckles and even (eek!) bullets.

Bullethole Hunting Hat

a cameo baseball cap with fake silver bullet holes

$12; buy now on amazon.com

If you're a hunter, you should be avoiding the bullets that are flying through the air, not wearing a hat that makes it look like you were the intended target. As they say, you need this hat like a hole in the head.

Fake Hair Visors

Fake Hair Visors

two visor hats with fake hair on top of them

$12; buy now on walmart.com

If you've ever wanted to look like Guy Fieri but lacked his mile-high hair, then these visors are for you. Otherwise, these hats topped with fake fuzz may give you the heebie-jeebies.

Leopard Ponytail Baseball Cap

a leopard print hat with a fake ponytail

$10; buy now on walmart.com

As surprising as it may seem, there's more than one fake hair hat option out on the market. If a frizzy 'do isn't quite your style and you prefer something sleek, then check out these baseball caps that come complete with a ponytail.

Bad Hair Day Hat

hat with rhinestones that say bad hair day

$20; buy now on amazon.com

No matter how bad your hair looks on Monday morning, it could never be worse than this sequined "Bad Hair Day' hat.

Sequin Newsboy Hat

woman wearing a brown sequined newsboy hat

$10; buy now on amazon.com

The product description on this hat calls it "Perfect for date nights, afternoons at the park, picnics, or chasing after the next big headline," but we'd beg to differ. No matter how cool these hats were back when Limited Too was a store, they should never see the light of day in 2018.

All Denim Newsboy Cap

man in an all-denim newsboy cap

10; buy now on amazon.com

As if we already didn't explain how bad and outdated the newsboy cap trend is, imagine it this time but with all-denim. And yes, it's as scary as you imagine it is.

Glow in the Dark Neon Hat

a man in a black and green glow in the dark hat

$10; buy now on amazon.com

We hope that just by looking at this you understand why you shouldn't have it.

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