17 Carpets So Ugly They'll Give You Vertigo

Lay these on your own floor at your own risk.

Basketball Rug ugly carpets

The past few decades have seen some seriously atrocious trends in floor coverings. From the shag carpet trend of the '70s to the carpeted bathroom trend of the '90s, most of us (and our homes) have fallen victim to more than a few crimes against design.

But the thing is, hideous rugs are more than just hideous. They're hilarious. So whether you're looking to make the ugliest decor statement possible, or are simply curious which rugs we found so offensive they play tricks on the eyes, we've uncovered the worst (real, for-sale) carpets we could find that are so ugly you can't help but chuckle.

Wool Pebbles Cobblestone Rug

Cobblestone rug ugly carpets

$29-428; buy now at rugsusa.com

If you were looking for a way to bring a piece of your outdoor garden into your living room, this Wool Pebbles Cobblestone Rug is the perfect solution. Fortunately, it's plush and comfortable—nothing like those outdoor rocks it resembles. They really thought of everything here.

Alpharetta Retro Tribal Bands

Geometric rug ugly carpets

$53-223; buy now at rugsusa.com

The perfect rug for the disorganized soul who can't decide which generic pattern to incorporate into their carpet. Some of the rug's reviewers highlight the fact that kids love this rug because a few of its patterns look like little roads to run their toy cars on. Unfortunately, it also looks like the ideal place to hide a few dozen Legos.

Basketball Soft Carpet

Basketball Rug ugly carpets

$37.99; buy now at ebay.com

The only thing worse than this ridiculous rug is this even more ridiculous product photo. As if someone with floor-to-ceiling windows would ruin things with a basketball rug.

Waterhog Classic Tile Inside Entrance Geometric Pattern

Geometric pattern carpet ugly carpets

$194.41-211.88; buy now at madmatter.com

If you're seeking a retro, doctor's office-inspired carpet, then this rug by Mad Matter will finally fulfill your fantasies. Not only is this pattern likely to clash with nearly everything you own, but the color is destined to suck the life out of any room it inhabits.

Two Moons Space Age Rug

Space Age carpet ugly carpets

$263.03; buy now at etsy.com

Just because this rug may be labeled "vintage," doesn't mean there's anything chic about this psychedelic shag. If you're unsure of where to stow this thing, consider the darkest possible corner of your home. In this case, we're glad that this rug is one-of-a-kind.

Metropolis Rug

colored rug

$40-200; buy now at esalerugs.com

Does your toddler have a bad habit of coloring on the furniture? Get them this rug! Seriously, anything goes here. Wine stains. Paint stains. With this rug, you won't have to put the cap or lid on anything ever again.

3D Floral Print Rug

3D floral print rug ugly carpets

$10.37-17.12; buy now at rosegal.com

Woah, what's happening here?! Fortunately, this rug doesn't actually have 3D petals. It just really, really looks like it does. If you do decide to buy it, pair it with neutral (read: all-white) home accessories so as not to clutter your design aesthetic. Though, to be fair, if this rug falls into your design aesthetic, you may have bigger issues.

Rainbow Shag Rug

Rainbow Shag Rug ugly carpets

$122.82-223.97; buy now at overstock.com

As a rule of thumb, shag carpeting doesn't belong anywhere near a modern home. But if you truly think you could make it work, you'll probably still want to stay away from this rainbow option. Although, to its credit, it'll be super easy to match to your room—since it already possesses every color known to man.

Multicolor Checkerboard Rug

Multicolored checkerboard rug ugly carpets

$96.04-334.04; buy now at express.google.com

Similar to the previous rug, the Multicolor Checkerboard Rug by The Curated Nomad is for those who can't make up their mind on a color scheme. Plus, it's got an ugly geometric design to boot.

Rooster Rug

Rooster rug ugly carpets

$83-395; buy now at rugsusa.com

Though blending different styles can sometimes benefit your home, combining farmhouse style with '50s diner decor isn't working out too well for this questionable rug.

Star Wars Wampa Plush Throw Rug

Star Wars rug ugly carpets

$150; buy now at express.google.com

Alright, Star Wars fans—enough is enough. This Wampa-Yeti hybrid will destroy any semblance of style you've cultivated in your home. Unless you're throwing it down in a children's room, you'll want to avoid this thing. Plus, it's kind of scary, and terrifying your guests is just plain rude.

Strange Vermilion Green Fantasy Bath Rug

Strange Vermilion rug ugly carpets

$40; buy now at wayfair.com

We're not opposed to showcasing a few unusual accessories in your home, but we'd advise you to do it in the form of artwork or photography. Or whatever the opposite of a bath mat is.

Cowhide Patchwork Rug

Patchwork Cowhide Rug ugly carpets

$734-4,455; buy now at sunlandhomedecor.com

Have you always wanted an animal-hide rug but couldn't decide which animal you wanted? Then you'll probably want this cowhide patchwork option. It even comes made-to-order so you can decide exactly which colored cows you'd like to invite into your space.

Forest Floor Photo Fun Rug

Forest Floor Rug ugly carpets

$549.95; buy now at schoolsin.com

It's always fun to bring the outdoors in. But you might be better off with a houseplant or a green accent wall. To ensure your guests don't feel the need to avoid stepping on these cute little critters, we suggest you skip this "forest floor" rug at all costs.


Crime Scene Area Rug ugly carpets

Crime Scene Area Rug

$154.95; buy now at cafepress.com

The only crime you've committed here is shelling out your hard-earned cash for a ridiculous eyesore. Although, we'll make an exception for throwing it down on Halloween.

Basset Hound Rug

Basset Hound Rug ugly carpets

$24.49-66.49; buy now at society6.com

Though in any other respect this rug would be an adorable addition to any pet lover's home, a basset hound passing gas stumbles far beyond tacky and heads into an ugly territory all of its own. So, sure, purchase a rug that makes you think of your canine pal—but don't buy one that will also make your guests question your taste.

The Ugly Duchess Bath Mat

Ugly Duchess Bath Mat ugly carpets

$24.95-34.95; buy now at cafepress.com

Unless you're a die-hard fan of Quentin Matsys' painting, "The Ugly Duchess," it's probably best to avoid this terrifying bath mat. Plus, who needs a leering face staring at them while they're trying to relax? Not you!

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