17 Genius Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Cooler

Don't let the dog days turn into dog nights.

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One of the worst things about summer is trying to nod off on a sticky, sweaty night. Thanks to the unwavering humidity and relentless heat, summer evenings tend to be sleepless and sweat-drenched (and it's even worse for those who don't have air conditioning). We feel your pain, so we've gathered some of the best ways to keep your bedroom cool during the dog days of summer. From where to place your fan to keeping the blinds shut during the day, these tips are so easy to implement, you'll be wishing you'd known about them sooner.

Keep the doors open.

keeping door open keep your bedroom cool

If you're trying to cool down sans A/C, make sure you're keeping your bedroom door open before you retire for the night. Doing so will increase the ventilation from one room to the next, ensuring that the air in your bedroom isn't stagnant and unbearably hot.

Set your thermostat to 78 degrees.

thermostat cooling keep your bedroom cool

If you're fortunate enough to have central air conditioning, Josh McCormick, the vice president of operations for Mr. Electric, recommends keeping your thermostat set to 78 degrees during the summertime.

Why so high, you ask? "Many homeowners don't know that cranking down the thermostat to a super low temperature will not cool your home any faster," he says. "It's much like repeatedly pushing the button for an elevator."

Don't use the stove.

food pot on the stove stovetop keep your bedroom cool

Your dinner isn't the only thing that your stove is heating up. Unfortunately, cooking on the stove or in the oven takes the temperature of your home up a notch, according to Northeastern energy company Great Eastern Energy. In the winter, this influx of heat is welcome—but during the dog days of summer, it's the last thing you want.

Get creative with your fan.

Fan blowing at the window, summer nights keep your bedroom cool

Instead of using your fan to blow more hot air toward you, point it at the window to blast the hot air outside. While that's happening, open up a different window (or two, if you have them) so cooler air can cycle in. (Note: This trick only works if the air outside is colder than the air in your bedroom.)

Sleep like a pharaoh.

Woman Sleeping on Back Anti-Aging keep your bedroom cool

If you find yourself tossing and turning thanks to unbearably boiling temperatures, try this trick, courtesy of the ancient Egyptians: Wet a sheet with cold water and squeeze out the excess so it's not dripping wet. Lie on top of a dry towel and use the wet sheet as your blanket. This "Egyptian Method," as described by SleepBetter, will keep you cool as you drift off effortlessly.

Keep the blinds shut all day.

sabatoging happiness- keeping things dark

Don't leave your bedroom exposed to the scorching summer sun during the day by keeping your blinds open. Those radiant rays will slowly build up heat in your bedroom, and you'll have to deal with the warming effects long after the sun has gone down.

Use alternate light sources.

light switch, energy keep your bedroom cool

Light bulbs give off heat—heat that builds in your bedroom and is difficult to expel. Opt for energy-efficient bulbs instead, as these give off significantly less heat and will thusly help keep your room bright but cool.

Freeze your sheets.

Woman opening freezer clothing hacks keep your bedroom cool

It sounds weird, but sticking your sheets in the freezer for a while before heading to bed will cool your body down just enough to fall asleep with ease.

Invest in a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier in living room keep your bedroom cool

Dehumidifiers are not just useful during allergy season. They can also prove to be quite effective at cooling you down during the hottest days of the summer season by removing excess moisture in the air.

Use cotton sheets.

Cotton sheets, bed, bedroom keep your bedroom cool

"To avoid those summer-night sweats, you must stay away from synthetic materials and use a breathable natural material instead," interior designer Bobby Berk told New York Magazine. His suggestion? Drape your bed in either linen, cotton, or percale sheets. Just make sure you spring for a thread count between 300 and 400.

Or get temperature-regulating ones.

folded sheets laying on the floor, things you shouldn't store in your basement

If you're willing to invest a bit of money into cooling down, consider buying a set of temperature-regulating sheets. These beauties are made with phase-change materials (PCM)—originally created for the folks at NASA—that absorb, hold, and release heat. In other words, these sheets make sure that the body maintains a steady temperature throughout the night.

Use white accessories.

White bedroom keep your bedroom cool

Just like you shouldn't wear black when it's 90 degrees outside, you should avoid decorating your bedroom with dark accessories during the summer months. Dark objects—black ones especially—absorb more heat than lighter objects, and so sticking to light accessories will ensure that your bedspread doesn't heat up during the day.

Seal any leaks in your home's exterior.

man caulking window keep your bedroom cool

To best combat heat at its source, the experts at Mr. Handyman suggest sealing all the leaks and gaps in your home's exterior walls, windows, and ductwork. The site reminds homeowners of the importance of "addressing these issues with proper installation, an inspection of caulking, and regular maintenance to keep warm air out and cool air in."

Hang a damp sheet in front of the window.

Open window keep your bedroom cool

If you want to keep your bedroom cool, then hang a damp sheet in front of an open window. As the air passes through the wet sheet, the evaporating moisture will cool down your room. And the lighter the color of the towel, the cooler the room will be, since, as you now know, darker colors absorb more heat.

Install an attic ventilator.

attic ventilator on roof keep your bedroom cool

At their balmiest, attics can reach upwards of 150 degrees in the summer. Due to these unbearable temperatures, McCormick recommends installing an attic ventilator fan, as it "evacuates the hot air that accumulates and draws air in from the outside." With this new ventilation system installed in your home, you'll find that less warm air is present in your bedroom—especially if it's in the upstairs portion of your home.

Sleep on the floor.

Woman sleeping on the floor keep your bedroom cool

It's a known fact that heat rises, so scientifically speaking, sleeping on the floor will be cooler than sleeping on your elevated bed. Plus, sleeping on the floor has been proven to realign your posture and improve your quality of sleep, according to a 2011 study published in the BioMedical Engineering OnLine journal. Win-win!

Fit your windows with reflective film.

Light bedroom in the summer keep your bedroom cool

A typical reflective window film rejects 63 percent of the sun's solar energy. Basically, it still allows light to shine through your windows, but filters out just enough so that your room won't overheat. And for more ways to enjoy every second of summer, don't miss the 20 Summer Hobbies That Will Change Your Life.

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