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This Simple Trick Will Keep You More Hydrated Throughout the Day

It's much easier to up your water intake than you'd think.

It's easy to sip on a coffee when you need energy or grab a can of soda to go with your lunch, but drinking enough water throughout the day can often be an afterthought. In fact, a recent study found that the average American only drinks five glasses of water a day, as compared to the recommended eight glasses. Luckily, it also found that a simple trick can help you drink more water. Read on to learn more about the hack, as well as some other easy ways to ensure you're staying hydrated.

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People would drink more water if it tasted better, the survey reveals.

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The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of MyMuse, polled 2,000 Americans to arrive at their findings. Of the respondents, 26 percent don't believe they drink enough water throughout the day, while 71 percent "wish that soda or juice had the same benefits as water," according to Talker News.

Therefore, it makes sense that 70 percent of respondents said they would drink more water if it tasted better. To that point, 82 percent "get creative by adding infusions like flavors and fruits to their water."

"The market is filled with flavored water options that are packed with sugars and high in calories," said Megan Robles, marketing director of MyMuse. "Consumers want beverages that are not only delicious and convenient, but options that they can feel good about with natural ingredients and added benefits for immunity support, all without sacrificing on taste and flavor."

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Blueberry is the most popular flavor.

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As for the flavor of water people prefer, blueberry received 35 percent of the votes. Amanda Sauceda, registered dietitian at the Mindful Gut, agrees and says her go-to is frozen blueberries: "They are natural ice cubes, and then, as they melt, I smash them with a spoon for blueberry-flavored water."

Lime came in second with 31 percent of the votes, followed by strawberry and lemon tied at 29 percent.

Shauna Davis, registered dietitian and founder of Veggicated, notes that you can also use cucumber or herbs like mint and basil to infuse your water. Prep a few different flavors in advance, and leave them in your fridge to absorb the fruity taste.

Don't forget your electrolytes.

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Electrolytes are an important part of staying hydrated. If you're not getting enough through regular drinking water, you may want to think about adding Liquid I.V. packets, MiO drops, or any other alternative that will make water taste better while providing key nutrients.

"Not only do flavors make water more enticing but it will also help you replace the electrolytes that you lose through sweating," explains Rebecca Stewart, PPSC, pain-free performance and mobility specialist, and ISSA elite-certified personal trainer at Movement FX LLC.

Another fun way to incorporate flavor is to come up with themed drinking days. For example, registered dietitian Yaa Boayke suggests "minty Mondays," when you add fresh mint to your water, or "watermelon Wednesdays," when you add fresh melon or an electrolyte-flavored watermelon packet. It's a creative and easy solution when you're bored with water.

In addition to adding flavor to your water, experts recommend some other simple tricks to stay hydrated.

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Invest in a fun water bottle.

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If you've been eyeing a cute new water bottle, it might be time to make the investment.

"The trend of emotional support water bottles may seem silly to some but having a reusable water bottle in your favorite color, or decorating it with stickers, can make it more enticing to carry around with you (and more eco-friendly!)," says Stewart.

Many reusable water bottles keep drinks cold for prolonged periods, and some even come with reminders about when you should be drinking as well as motivational quotes to keep you interested.

Ellen Thompson, CPT, head personal trainer at Blink Fitness, recommends a water bottle with a straw: "It may help you take larger sips, or just make it easier to drink water."

Set goals throughout the day.

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"The most important times to hydrate are when you wake up for an energy boost, before bed, and before meals, but sipping throughout the day is helpful as well," says Josh York, certified personal trainer and founder/CEO of GYMGUYZ.

To achieve these goals, Thompson suggests setting hourly reminders on your phone, watch, or calendar to drink water. "These gentle nudges can help you remember to hydrate!" she says.

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