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25 Subscription Boxes That Make Amazing Holiday Gifts

These thoughtful gifts keep on giving (literally).

Whether you're someone who loves looking for the perfect gift, or you get stressed out just thinking about doing the holiday shopping, there's nothing like finally getting the ideal present for that special someone–especially if that someone is difficult to shop for. If you're stuck on one person on your gift list, maybe it's time to consider the wide world of subscription boxes. They're more popular than ever this holiday season, and it's easy to see why: these fun, recurring gifts can be a stylish and sweet way to stay in touch with loved ones. And there are more subscription boxes now than ever before, meaning there's one for everyone on your list, from your favorite foodie to your furry friends. We've searched high and low on the internet for the crème de la crème of crates, and come to you with 25 of our absolute faves. And for more presents they're sure to love, check out these 20 Personalized Gifts You Can Get on Amazon.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This box of bespoke stationery, planners, and pens

cloth and paper gift box
Cloth & Paper

For the office supply aficionado in your life, Cloth & Paper is a subscription service that delivers a monthly box full of interesting writing implements, stationery, and planners. Careful curation, elegant designs, and memorable presentation are all hallmarks of this luxe little monthly delivery—and if you just want to send the pens or the stationery/planners, separate options are available at a lower cost. 

$40 at Cloth & Paper
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This themed box of gentlemanly accoutrements

camping lights, brown glass encased candle with x on it, face oil, leather charging cable roll, and bottle of hot sauce on white background
Bespoke Post

Have a guy on your list who enjoys the finer things in life? If so, he's sure to love Bespoke Post, a monthly delivery of fastidiously selected wares, complete with an intriguing story and an unexpected theme. This year, the company has teamed up with popular tequila producer Hornitos for a special Shot Taker box, which comes complete with a set of camping lights, a hand-poured soy candle from Wax Buffalo, a bottle of Hoff Mean green hot sauce, Krio River No. 2 face oil, and a waxed canvas utility tool roll, perfect for keeping those cocktail-mixing essentials handy.

$65 at Bespoke Post
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This monthly beauty box

ipsy gift box

If you know someone who loves everything related to skincare and beauty, Ipsy's customizable subscription box is a great new way to help them experiment with new products (and maybe find that foundation or toner that they just can't live without). Ipsy offers three tiers of Glam Bags, and starts things off with a questionnaire, so they'll be sure to send products that won't clash with the recipient's natural skin tone.

$12 at Ipsy
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This box of cosmetics and lifestyle accessories

fabfitfun box

FabFitFun's seasonal box of full-size, premium lifestyle items will always come as a pleasant surprise. From scrumptious robes to beautifully made ceramic mugs, each box contains thoughtful, seasonally-themed gifts guaranteed to make the recipient feel pampered.

$50 at FabFitFun
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This skincare subscription

dermstore box

DermStore's BeautyFix box is all about premium skincare with incredible savings. Each month, recipients get a box containing over $100 worth of interesting and useful skincare products. If your special someone is constantly refining their evening skincare routine, there's nothing like getting them a monthly box of new items to try.

$25 at DermStore
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This box of snacks from around the world

universal yums box
Universal Yums

For the gourmet globetrotter in your life, there's Universal Yums, the tiered subscription service that delivers a monthly snack box full of international treats. Their midsize Yum Yum box contains at least 12 unique snacks per month, as well as a guidebook filled with snack trivia, recipes, and games.

$23 at Universal Yums
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This luxurious box of stylish accessories

curateur box

Rachel Zoe's Curateur service sends subscribers a seasonal box containing carefully picked style accessories with Zoe's stamp of approval. Anything from sumptuous fragrances to gorgeous jewelry can arrive in one of these boxes, so it's perfect for those with wide-ranging tastes and a singular sensibility.

$99 at Curateur
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This kid-friendly crate of discovery-oriented toys

kiwico box

If you know a young inventor, tinkerer, or maker, KiwiCo's line of monthly science and art projects is a guaranteed hit. The best part of KiwiCo's offerings is that there are eight different tiers to select from, each focusing on a different age range or area of interest. The Panda Crate is perfect for kids up to 2 years old, while the Eureka Crate is full of complex science projects suitable for those 16 and up—and there are plenty to choose from in between, too.

$10 at KiwiCo
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This classic monthly book delivery

book of the month
Book of the Month

Sometimes buying a single book for a book lover isn't quite enough, but it can be hard to know which books to pick out for a truly insatiable reader. Book of the Month's clever model allows the recipient to pick from one out of five awesome reads for each month of the service, and gift givers can select from 3, 6, or 12 month long subscriptions.

$15 at Book of the Month
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This wine lover's dream

winc gift box

We all know at least one bonafide oenophile, and while you might not know their favorite pinot grigio or vinho verde offhand, you can blow their mind with a gift card to Winc's bespoke wine subscription service. Recipients take a six-question quiz about their tastes in wine and food, and receive four primo bottles a month for the duration of their subscription.

$150 at Winc
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This custom coffee extravaganza


Beanbox's Coffee of the Month club gives discerning coffee drinkers a whirlwind tour through Seattle's most world-renowned roasters. Each delivery features 12 ounces of freshly roasted whole-bean coffee, tasting notes and brewing tips, and is accompanied by a complimentary artisan chocolate.

$69 at BeanBox
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This personalized style assistant

stitch fix
Stitch Fix

For those who are too busy to pick out their own clothes, Stitch Fix's questionnaire-based model offers up a custom style service with free shipping, returns and exchanges. Instead of locking recipients into whatever arrives, Stitch Fix allows the customer to pick out whichever items of clothing they want, and send the rest back. Technically, you don't even need a subscription–so you can get someone whatever amount you wish, without having to cancel the service when the gift card has been redeemed.

$20 and up at Stitch Fix
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This hip monthly clothing subscription

frank and oak box
Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak has made a name for themselves with unique, conscientious, and understated streetwear for men and women. Their Style Plan gives loved ones the luxe experience of working with a stylist who will deliver custom-picked styles for them each month, to be kept or sent back at their discretion.

$25 and up at Frank and Oak
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This high-value monthly makeup box

boxy charm box

With a monthly selection of the best beauty brands, BoxyCharm's subscription service is all about delivering a stupendous selection of makeup and other beauty products at a truly impressive value. If you know someone who adores trying out new beauty products, BoxyCharm could be the perfect subscription fit to get them a dizzying array of products at a modest price.

$23 at BoxyCharm
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This tea lover's dream

sips by box
Sips by

If you treat your tea lover friends to a Sips by Box gift card, they can expect a careful selection of teas that match their personal taste. Each box contains 15 cups' worth of four tasty premium teas selected from over 150 international brands, biodegradable filters, and more.

$45 at Sips by
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This subscription box for cats and their humans


MeowBox is full of surprises for your feline friends (and the special people in their lives). Each subscription box contains fun cat toys and cat treats—and the box itself is often a feline favorite. And for every MeowBox sold, the company donates a can of cat food to a pet shelter.

$81 at MeowBox
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This box for dogs and dog lovers


Much like the MeowBox, the counterpart BarkBox is chock full of treats and toys for pooches, pups, and their people pals. Each themed BarkBox contains two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. And if the dog doesn't like anything in the box, get in touch with Bark's customer service and they will work with you to make things right.

$99 at BarkBox
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This box for fans of Pusheen, the cute cartoon cat

pusheen box

Fans of Pusheen are no stranger to the cat's adventures, but there seems to be an almost limitless demand for the cute kitty's line of stickers, stationery, plushes and apparel. The Pusheen box is an adorable subscription box containing officially licensed, first edition and exclusive merchandise for the Pusheen collector in your life.

$40 at Pusheen
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This socially-conscious subscription box


For your ethical consumer friends, the CauseBox is a unique and customizable subscription service that sends exclusive, high quality, ethically made products straight to the recipient's door. CauseBox's company is committed to supporting eco-conscious artisans and helping sustain the work of small makers.

$50 at CauseBox
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This swanky men's subscription box


Stylish gents will appreciate this monthly box of top-tier swag, which frequently combines a fancy pair of socks with clever everyday carry items like sunglasses, pocketknives, and phone cases. A variety of gift plans are available which give the recipient the option to choose between several deliveries of sleek fashion, lifestyle, and grooming goods.

$50 at SprezzaBox
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This box for budding scientists and inventors

MEL kids box
MEL Kids

For the young Marie Curie or Nikola Tesla in your midst, there's the MEL Kids subscription service, which mails a unique science project with educational activities to the recipient each month. Each box is safe for home use and encourages collaboration between kids and adults on a variety of mind-expanding experiments and experiences.

$35 at MEL Kids
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This cheese lover's dream

murray's cheese box
Murray's Cheese

For your Brie besties, your Muenster mensches, and even your Limburger lads, Murray's cheese comes to the rescue with your choice of several immaculately packed and chosen cheese subscription services. Each delivery includes a thorough description of the included cheeses, along with suggested beverage pairings and tasting notes.

$175 at Murray's Cheese
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This ticket to hot sauce heaven

hot sauce of the month club
Amazing Clubs

If you know someone who puts a ghost pepper glaze on their ice cream, or who can't eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese without dousing it in high-grade habanero, they will love this monthly delivery of two new hot sauces made with only the finest natural ingredients. Each monthly delivery comes with a hard-to-beat satisfaction guarantee.

$23 at Amazing Clubs
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This beauty box classic


Birchbox is one of the most popular subscription boxes in the game, and for good reason. Their expertly crafted selections of beauty and self-care products have garnered a strong reputation through word of mouth since the company's founding. Birchbox's curated picks are great for people who like to keep their beauty and grooming routing simple but personal.

$45 at Birchbox
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This subscription box for lovers of the great outdoors

cairn box

Cairn is unique among subscription box retailers, because it caters specifically to campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Each monthly box contains up to six high quality trail-ready products sure to inspire your friends with a thirst for adventure.

$90 at Cairn
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