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20 Genius Gifts Under $20 for Anyone on Your List

Even if your budget's small, you can deliver a gift with major wow factor to everyone on your list.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but this holiday season's major shopping deals are just getting started. Right now, there are still tons of genius gifts that you can buy from the comfort of your own home with plenty of time to arrive before the holidays. Whether you're still in the midst of creating a list of what to buy, have already started buying some presents, or just need a few final touches to put under the tree, there's a great gift out there that's sure to fit everyone's taste—and your budget. That's why we've rounded up some genius gifts under $20, each sure to put a smile on your loved ones' faces this holiday. And for more special and affordable gifts, check out these 20 Amazing Stocking Stuffers Under $20 Everyone Will Love.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This coffee warmer

coffee warmer by Mr. Coffee

If your loved one is an avid hot coffee drinker, then this genius device is sure to please. With this mug warmer, they can reheat any hot beverage in two minutes or less, making every cold winter day just a little cozier.

$11 at Amazon
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This backrest pillow

Backrest pillow

If you know someone who's dealing with work-from-home back pain, then this backrest pillow is one of the best gifts under $20 you can get them! From bed to desk chair to the living room couch, this pillow is a perfect addition to any workspace.

$16 at Walmart
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This essential oil diffuser


silver and blue oil diffuser

Pandemic stress? Or even just the mid-day stress? This essential oil diffuser can relieve anyone's tension by filling the air with their favorite scents. Within minutes, your loved ones can give any room an olfactory upgrade—from a pine tree scent in the morning and to a lavender one in the afternoon.

$15 at Amazon
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This bottle of personal messages

plastic capsules in a bottle next to a card

If you're looking for a sentimental gift for someone special on your list, then why not get them a present you can practically create yourself? Whether it's for a significant other or a best friend, these tiny messages in a bottle will brighten up anyone's day.

$13 at Amazon
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This 100 movies scratch-off poster

100 movies bucket bucket
Uncommon Goods

If you have any movie lovers on your list, then they're sure to love this entertaining gift. This scratch-off poster is the perfect way to let them show off the movies they've already seen—and if any of the other ones on here become one of their favorites, kudos will go to you for that!

$15 at Uncommon Goods
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This Scattergories card came

Scattergories card game

While Scattergories has long been a popular game, these cards take the competition to the next level. In this game, each card has a letter and clue on it, which players use to guess a place or item—but they'll have to think fast in order to win.

$11 at Kohl's
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This Anker wireless phone charger

Black Wireless Phone Charger

Want to make the task of charging a phone even simpler for someone? All your giftee has to do is place their phone on this pad—they won't believe how quickly and easily their device will charge!

$16$14 at Walmart
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These blue light-blocking glasses

blue light glasses

Even though glasses may not sound like the most thoughtful gift, your loved ones are sure to thank you when they see just how useful this pair can be. Though they won't cancel your loved one's Zoom fatigue, these blue light-blocking glasses can make screen-related headaches a thing of the past.

$22$17 at Amazon
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This color-changing moon lamp

Blue moon lamp on stand

For anyone who loves colorful home décor, this moon lamp is a gorgeous addition to their desk or nightstand. The remote control it comes with makes it easy for users to pick which of the seven color options they want the lamp to be—even if they can't be persuaded to leave bed to do so.

$10 at Walmart
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These cozy slippers

three pairs of slippers

These slippers will make puttering around the house in PJs not only comfy, but fun! They're super fuzzy, soft, and are sure to keep anyone's toes feeling cozy. Plus, they're the perfect complement to any holiday-themed pajamas!

$16 at Walmart
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These permanent paint markers

multicolored acrylic paint markers

A genius gift for burgeoning artists, these paint markers will help get any art project started. They're also one of the cleanest and easiest ways for young children—or even adults—to begin their painting career.

$15 at Amazon
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This 12-pack of beautifying face masks

12 Day Glow Face Mask Set

If you have any spa or skincare product connoisseurs on your list, then they'll love trying out this twelve-pack of face masks. Packed with beautifying ingredients, these masks are sure to keep their skin refreshed and glowing all winter long—no matter how freezing or dry it may be outside!

$10 at Walmart
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These extra-thick wool socks

multicolored wool socks

While socks may have been the last gift anyone wanted as a child, these wool socks are actually super comfortable. They also pair perfectly with boots, jeans, or just pajama shorts, depending on what the day has in store.

$18 at Amazon
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These plaid pajama pants

stripped pajama pants

Anyone who loves comfy loungewear will be overjoyed when they unwrap these cozy pajama pants. These comfy pants are perfect for wearing around the house during the winter—and they can be paired with any cozy t-shirt, sweatshirt, or slippers as part of a bigger gift.

$16$10 at Walmart
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This Sherpa throw blanket

black and white blanket tied with gray bow

Want to get someone special a gift that's both pretty and practical for the winter? Not only is this Sherpa blanket extremely soft, but its chic black-and-white style can complement décor in practically any room in your house!

$15 at Walmart
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This face mask refreshing spray

Face Mask Refreshing Spray
Uncommon Goods

Since wearing a face mask has become a big part of everyday life, why not help make it a more enjoyable task for someone? A few minutes before they put on their mask, they can give it a spritz with this spray to enjoy the aromatherapeutic properties of lavender and tea tree oil as they walk through the grocery store or ride the bus home.

$13 at Uncommon Goods
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This infusion water bottle

Hydracy Water Bottle

While a water bottle may seem like a boring gift, this Hydracy water bottle comes with a twist—and a task. This bottle makes staying hydrated fun for everyone—it not only has a spot to add their favorite fruit infusion, it also indicates how much water they should drink throughout one day. Anyone on your list will be thankful that you brought some flavor and fun to this essential part of their healthy living routine!

$20 at Amazon
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This plush avocado pillow

Avocado pillow

Once someone feels how soft this adorable avocado pillow is, they'll want one for every room of the house. Not only is this gift wonderful for sleeping, but it also adds some extra comfort to any chair, couch, or even car.

$17 at Amazon
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This stainless steel tumbler

multi-colored stainless steal tumblrs in front of a box

Have someone on your list who takes their drinks extra cold? From iced coffee to wine to lemonade, these stainless steel tumblers keep drinks nice and chilly for up to eight hours. Plus, they won't break when dropped on the floor!

$12$11 at Amazon
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This collection of Ferrero Rocher chocolates

collection of Ferro Rocher chocolates

This Ferrero Rocher collection pack is destined to be a hit for any chocolate lover on your list. These 24 mini chocolates, which come in three different flavors, are sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

$11 at Walmart
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