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The 50 Best Gifts Under $50 for Your Husband

These thoughtful gifts are bound to make your favorite guy's holiday extra special.

You may have picky friends, parents who say they don't want anything, or kids in your family whose lists are so long you'd go bankrupt purchasing everything on them, but in terms of sheer difficulty, there's nobody tougher to buy for than your husband. However, that doesn't mean you should get him a gift card and call it a day. If you really want to wow your guy this year without spending a fortune, check out our roundup of the very best gifts for your husband under $50. From clothes to cooking tools to must-have games, there's something every type of guy is sure to love. And for more amazing presents for everyone on your list, check out The 50 Best Amazon Gifts Under $50.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This skull bow tie

black bow tie with white skills

Who says wearing a suit has to be boring? With this skull bow tie, he can add a little edge to his otherwise buttoned-up formalwear.

$35 at
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This molcajete set

mortar and pestle with guacamole in it
Crate & Barrel

The guacamole master in your life deserves the best tools to perfect his craft. That's just what he'll get with this molcajete set, perfect for crafting those masterful finishing touches on your favorite dishes.

$35 at Crate & Barrel
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This Mario Kart game for Switch

mario kart deluxe 8 for nintento switch

Try as game designers might, there are few gaming experiences as thrilling as zooming along a track—and throwing shells at your competitors—in a game of Mario Kart. Whether he's a Bowser guy or loves to win as Wario, he's bound to get a kick out of this nostalgic hit.

$45 at Amazon
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This pickle-making kit

pickle making set

The perfect pickle does exist—all it takes is a little know-how and the right tools. With this pickle-making kit, he'll be preparing the best dills and half-sours you've ever had right at home.

$40 at
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This fly-tying kit

wooden fly tying kit with blue interior

Got an avid fly fisher on your list? With this deluxe kit from Cabela's, he's got everything he needs to create meticulously tied flies for his next fishing trip.

$50 at Cabela's
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This Italian silk pocket square

blue patterned silk pocket square
Saks Off 5th

If your guy's trying to level up his look, there's no easier way to do so than with the addition of a pocket square. This Italian silk version is elegant, a bit whimsical, and, best of all, only $15.

$15 at Saks Off 5th
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These Baby Yoda pajama pants

black pajama pants patterned with baby yoda

There's not a single person in the world who doesn't find Baby Yoda adorable. Not one. If your guy is a Mandalorian fan (or just enthusiastic about aliens), he'll love lounging in these cozy Baby Yoda-print pants.

$18 at Target
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This six-piece rock salt set

six pieces of rock salt in clear container

What's a Salt Bae without his salt? With this six-piece set of rock salts, your favorite home chef can add the perfect pinch to his dishes every time.

$19 at
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This Le Creuset pizza pan

black perforated pizza pan with red handles
Le Creuset

You don't even have to venture out to get the best pizza in town once you give your sweetie this Le Creuset pizza pan. With perforations in the bottom, it promises to deliver a perfectly crispy crust every single time.

$36$25 at Le Creuset
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This 11-piece Magic Bullet blender set

magic bullet blender set

If your husband's a health nut, he'll love whipping up his favorite smoothies in this 11-piece Magic Bullet blender set. You can even put lids for drinking directly on the blending cup, meaning he'll have no extra dishes to wash when he's done.

$39 at Amazon
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This plaid leather card case

black leather card case
Banana Republic

Bulky wallets and skinny jeans simply don't mix. Fortunately, for the guy who likes a more streamlined look, this plaid leather card case is a perfect fit.

$40$19 at Banana Republic
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This hooked dog pillow

needlepoint pillow with yellow labrador in profile
L.L. Bean

Is your husband beyond obsessed with your dog? Then give him what he really wants this holiday season: an adorable hooked pillow that screams, "My dog and I have matching sweaters and I don't care who knows it."

$25 at L.L. Bean
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This Otterbox iPhone 12 case

black otterbox phone case

Instead of shelling out for a new screen when he drops his phone for the umpteenth time, get him something even more practical: this Otterbox case, which will take a beating so his device doesn't have to.

$40 at Otterbox
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This zip-up Sherpa jacket

young man in red hat and brown fuzzy jacket
Old Navy

It's getting cold out there, so help him bundle up in style with this on-trend Sherpa coat. It's warm enough to wear when it starts to get chilly out, but thin enough to wear under a puffer on those truly brutal winter days.

$50$40 at Old Navy
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This denim apron

denim apron
Toad & Co.

There are only so many times he can get pasta sauce or baker's chocolate on his favorite shirt and have it still be salvageable. Instead of buying him a new wardrobe, get the cook in your life this handsome denim apron, perfect for protecting his clothes from drips and spills.

$49 at Toad & Co.
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This set of flavored maple syrups

three maple syrups in brown box

Thinking of bringing him pancakes in bed on Christmas morning? Complement your confections with this trio of maple syrups, which come in a standard maple flavor, a bourbon barrel-flavored one, and one infused with vanilla.

$20 at Anthropologie
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This pandemic survival kit

pandemic survival kit in white box
Kenneth Cole

The bad news? The pandemic is far from over. Luckily, with this pandemic survival kit, he can wait out the winter safely.

$39 at Kenneth Cole
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This "I Miss Brunch" kit

three cocktail mixers
Hella Cocktail Co.

It's okay to mourn the little things the pandemic has taken from us—even if it's just a good cocktail. With this kit from Hella Cocktail Co., your dude can create his favorite drinks in the safest place possible: right at home.

$40$33 at Hella Cocktail Co.
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This Tile Bluetooth tracker

tile bluetooth tracker

If your husband's constantly misplacing everything from his phone to his keys, get him this Tile Bluetooth tracker set this holiday season. Considering this means you won't have to continually call his phone or search the couch for his other often-missing items, it's really a gift for both of you.

$50 at Amazon
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This hanging toiletry organizer

red monogrammed toiletry kit
Lands' End

Make sure your guy has everything he needs to keep his personal care gear in one place with this hanging toiletry organizer. While it's plenty handsome as it is, you can even get it customized with his initials for an extra-special gift.

$35 at Lands' End
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This green tea and vitamin C shave cream

black bottle of shaving cream
Urban Outfitters

Razor burn? What razor burn? With this green tea and vitamin C shave cream, your husband will not only get a closer shave, he'll have skin so smooth it's worth showing off.

$15 at Urban Outfitters
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This snow cone maker

green snow cone maker machine
Home Depot

Who said winter and chilly treats are mutually exclusive? Whether you reside in a warm climate or married a guy who thinks icy treats are year-round fare, this snow cone maker is sure to be a hit.

$40 at Home Depot
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This runner's armband

black new balance armband
Saks Off 5th

Help him kick off his New Year's resolutions by gifting him this runner's armband this holiday season. It'll help him keep his device where he can reach it while protecting it from sweat.

$25$15 at Saks Off 5th
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This ColdControl puffer vest

man in gray shirt and black puffer vest
Gap Factory

Have a fella who loves the great outdoors to shop for? Whether he's fishing, skiing, or just enjoying a brisk walk in nature, this slim-fitting ColdControl puffer will keep him nice and warm.

$50$20 at Gap Factory
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This set of colorful measuring beakers

colorful measuring cups
Sur La Table

Baking is more than an art—it's a science. If you want to help your dude perfect those snickerdoodles and souffles, this measuring cup set might just be the perfect gift.

$20 at Sur La Table
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This customizable log carrier

blue monogrammed log carrier
L.L. Bean

Who says lumberjacks can't be chic? With this customizable log carrier, your personal Paul Bunyan can carry that cord in comfort and style.

$30 at L.L. Bean
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This Spider-Man Miles Morales game for PlayStation 5

spider-man miles morales game

There's no such thing as being "too old" for Spider-Man. If you've got a PS5 fan (or Marvel enthusiast) at home, he's sure to flip when he finds this coveted game under the tree.

$49 at Amazon
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This Coach money clip

black coach money clip
Coach Outlet

Sometimes, it's the subtlest accessories that speak the loudest. Like, for instance, how this Coach money clip will be screaming "baller status" every time he breaks it out of his pocket.

$15 at Coach Outlet
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This RFID-blocking money belt

tan belt bag
Eagle Creek

You might not be taking vacations in 2020, but when you're ready to hit the road again, he'll definitely be grateful to have this RFID-blocking money belt along for the ride.

$27 at Eagle Creek
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This 12-piece Cuisinart knife set

colorful cuisinart knives

Whether he's slicing his recently-perfected sourdough or cutting apple slices for the kids' lunches, this knife set can make whipping up those culinary masterpieces a whole lot easier.

$20 at Amazon
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This iPad Mini sleeve

blue ipad sleeve with leather bottom

What do you get the guy who has every device known to man? An attractive case for the one he uses most, like this rugged Herschel Supply Co. sleeve for an iPad Mini.

$35 at Zappos
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These aviator sunglasses

black aviator sunglasses
Urban Outfitters

You don't need to spend big to get sunglasses with big style. These aviators look every bit as chic as a designer pair, but will set you back only $20.

$20 at Urban Outfitters
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This organic cotton t-shirt

young man in long-sleeved gray t-shirt

Basics don't have to be boring. Case in point: this organic cotton t-shirt from Everlane not only comes in eight attractive hues, it's made from GOTS-certified cotton, which ensures that neither the earth nor the workers who make the garment are being exploited. It even comes with a 365-day replacement guarantee.

$22 at Everlane
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This Brew Bottle

silver brew bottle

Take out the middleman and help your favorite coffee connoisseur make their beverage of choice right at home with this Brew Bottle. Perfect for making pour-over coffee, cold brew, and loose leaf tea, it'll make those pricey trips to the local coffee shop a thing of the past.

$40 at Huckberry
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This play anywhere table tennis set

table tennis set with blue paddles
Bed Bath & Beyond

No ping pong table? No problem! With this play anywhere table tennis set, the world is his court.

$15 at Bed Bath & Beyond
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This Glo Lit teeth whitening kit

tooth whitening kit

The only thing better than having a naturally gorgeous smile? Making those pearly whites glisten with this three-day teeth-whitening kit that's safe for sensitive teeth.

$24$19 at Sephora
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This vegetable mandoline

vegetable slicer

Beet carpaccio? A breeze. Ribboned carrots? Not a problem. Homemade potato chips? Perfected. With this genius safety-oriented mandoline, he can turn any veggie into a perfectly sliced masterpiece without the risk of losing a fingertip along the way.

$50 at Amazon
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These New Balance slides

black new balance slides
New Balance

Face it: the floor in that gym shower is definitely nowhere near as clean as the tub at home. If you want to ensure his bare feet never have to touch it again, these New Balance slides are the perfect gift. Better yet, they're even cute enough to wear as regular sandals in the summer!

$22 at New Balance
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This Fjall Raven travel organizer

gray toiletry organizer

Does your husband have a "place for every thing and everything in its place" mentality? If so, he'll love this Fjall Raven travel organizer, which is ideal for keeping everything from his toiletries to his chargers in an easily-accessible spot.

$35 at Zappos
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This sweet and savory hot sauce duo

two bottles of hot sauce
Uncommon Goods

Have a hubby who thinks no meal is complete without hot sauce? Then he's sure to adore this sweet and savory hot sauce duo set, lovingly handmade by the 718 Heat Factory, a mom-and-pop company run by a New York City-based couple.

$14 at Uncommon Goods
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This herb keeper

herb keeper container
Sur la Table

Wilted herbs in the kitchen? Not on your watch! With this herb keeper from OXO, everything from tarragon to thyme will stay fresh for longer.

$15 and up at Sur la Table
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This personalized poker set

personalized poker set
Personalization Mall

The only thing more fun than that weekly poker game? When he shows up with this personalized poker set, naturally.

$40$30 at Personalization Mall
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This shiatsu back massager

black shiatsu back massager

If your guy has an aching set of shoulders from working on the couch for the better part of a year, he's not alone. Fortunately, this shiatsu massager can help relieve all those pandemic-related pains in an instant.

$37 at Amazon
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This tortilla press

red tortilla press

Does your husband live for taco Tuesday? If so, he'll love this tortilla press—taco 'bout a great gift!

$45 at Huckberry
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This UFO hoodie

black ufo hoodie

The truth is out there! If your dude loves all things extraterrestrial, he'll flip for this out of this world hoodie.

$49$34 at society6
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This quesadilla maker

red quesadilla maker
Home Depot

The only difference between the quesadillas you get at restaurants and the ones you make at home? The tools you're using to create them. If your guy's biggest monthly expense is Tex-Mex, this quesadilla maker is sure to be a hit.

$21 at Home Depot
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This tool box

blue metal tool box

Your husband will never misplace a nail or lose a tool again with this handy tool box. Not only does it have a roomy interior, it comes in four attractive colors.

$35 at Huckberry
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This spice grinder

green peppercorns in spice grinder
Sur la Table

Any gourmet knows there's a difference between the spices you buy at the store and the fresh ones you grind yourself. If your husband considers himself something of a foodie, he's sure to love using this spice grinder time and thyme again.

$44$24 at Sur la Table
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These monogrammable convertible gloves

blue mittens with embroidered P on wrist
Lands' End

Want to get your guy a gift as thoughtful as it is practical? With these monogrammable convertible gloves, your husband can keep those mitts warm and look like a million bucks doing it.

$40$20 at Lands' End
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This flannel patchwork scarf

blue and red flannel scarf

Want to get him a gift he'll love from a company you can feel good about buying from? This gorgeous patchwork scarf from Patagonia helps support the company's initiatives to combat climate change, with one percent of all sales going to climate-focused non-profits.

$45 at Patagonia
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