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20 Genius Products That'll Turn Your Home Into a Cat Playground

Your feline friends deserve purrfect presents, too.

While most pet owners can count on their furry pals for love and companionship, cat owners know that, the second they bring a feline friend home, the house instantly becomes their cat's castle. Any humans who call the premises home are now relegated to little more than humble servants. And while cats are notoriously fickle creatures, they're also notoriously easy to please. All you have to do is show them their new home is, indeed, a castle that is all theirs. Start by stocking the place with these purr-fect presents.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This self-heating pet bed

black cat on leopard print mat, cat playground

Sure, you love having your cat work as your designated foot warmer—until they mistake those tootsies for a mouse and decide to give them a savage chomp in them idle of the night, that is. If you want to keep your cat comfortable—and all ten piggies intact—scoop up this heated pet bed, a solution to chilly nights that'll benefit both of you.

$13 at Furhaven
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This redwood cat tree

cat tree with vines on it, cat playground

Who says pet furniture has to be unattractive? This redwood cat tree gives your feline friend plenty of opportunities to lounge and climb, but won't interfere with your existing décor.

$176$124 at Petco
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This window cat lounger

gray cat looking out window, cat playground

Indoor cats typically live longer than their outdoor counterparts, but that doesn't mean your cat will necessarily be grateful for you keeping them cooped up. If you want to keep your cat safe while giving them a taste of outdoor life, this cat window lounger is a perfect compromise.

$29 at 1800PetSupplies
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This treat-supplying toy

orange kitten with paw in green tube cat toy, cat playground

Want to keep your cat entertained while you're at work—or, at the very least, avoid having your pet wake you up all night with their pleading mews? Then add this treat-supplying toy to your cart—not only is it great for keeping your furry pal occupied, it means they're less likely to pounce every time they hear you open the cabinet for a snack.

$15 at Target
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This laptop cat scratching pad

orange cat sitting at cardboard laptop, cat playground
Uncommon Goods

Having a cat try to nap on your laptop while you're working from home is undeniably cute, but annoying nonetheless. If you want to give your cat a chance to share the joy of sending invoices and paying bills, there's this scratch pad laptop, the ideal accessory for business cats everywhere.

$35 at Uncommon Goods
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This cardboard Iron Throne

cardboard iron throne, cat playground

The battle for the Iron Throne is nowhere near over—until your cat takes their rightful place on this cardboard version, at least. Eat your heart out, Drogon!

$95 at Etsy
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This heated outdoor cat house

gray cat house with electrical cord coming out the back, cat playground

Who says that indoor cats are the only ones who can sleep in comfort and style? This outdoor cat house is not only heated, it's waterproof, making it the perfect place for those kitties who just can't be tamed to catch a cat nap.

$160$68 at 1800PetSupplies
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This sustainable wool cat cave

cat in green wool cat bed, cat playground
The Grommet

If your cat is obsessed with kneading and gnawing your wool blankets into smithereens, there's an elegant solution. This sustainable boiled wool cat cave will allow them to channel those scratchy impulses without shredding another pricey throw.

$60 at The Grommet
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This kitty castle

gray cat playing on purple cat castle, cat playground

Treat your cat like the king or queen you know them to be by gifting them this elegant cat castle. Your home awaits, Purr Majesty!

$180$100 at Petco
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This combined litter box and bed

gray and white cats sitting in and on litter box, cat playground

Even furniture for small cats can take up a surprising amount of space in your home. If you're looking to free up some square footage, this combined litter box and bed is the perfect space-saving solution.

$71$60 at 1800PetSupplies
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This stylish cat teepee

engraved wood pet teepee, cat playground

If traditional cat furniture doesn't tend to jibe with your artfully-curated interior aesthetic, there's still a way to keep your feline friend happy without sacrificing your style. This elegant cat teepee is practically a piece of art and will keep your cat from shedding and scratching up the human furniture that surrounds it.

$179 at Etsy
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These fish taco cat toys

two woven fish taco cat toys, cat playground

While sharing your favorite foods with your pet can be a risky proposition, you can always give your cat these adorable fish taco toys. Better yet, they're as budget-friendly as they are cute, at just three bucks for a two-pack.

$3 at Target
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This pet bed and scratcher

cat scratching cardboard scratcher, cat playground
Healthy Pets

Even if you have limited space in your apartment, there's always room for this corner pet bed and scratcher combo. Just pop it between your bed and the wall or use it to block off a radiator—it's so unobtrusive you'll hardly know it's there.

$199$152 at HealthyPets
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This set of cat hammocks

three cats on wooden wall shelves with hammocks, cat playground

Is your cat a climber? If you don't want them using your curtains as playhouse ladders, check out this set of cat hammocks, which gives them that zero-gravity feel without ruining your expensive drapes.

$180$157 at Petco
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This cat silhouette shelf

gray kitten next to cat silhouette shelf, cat playground

If you love cats so much you want to incorporate them into your everyday aesthetic but aren't quite the pet portrait type, worry not: You can have the best of both worlds. This cat silhouette shelf is an easy way to indicate your devotion to your feline companion without going fully feral.

$127 at 1800PetSupplies
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This corrugated cat scratcher tower

tabby cats inside cardboard cat house, cat playground

Let's face it: cat scratching posts are rarely attractive pieces of home décor. The exception to the rule, however, is this catnip-infused corrugated cat playground, which has multiple levels to rest on or tear up, depending on your cat's mood on any given day.

$56 at Furhaven
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This cat moccasin pet bed

black and white cat in oversized brown moccasin, cat playground
Uncommon Goods

Your cat may have grown too big to fit in your slipper like they did as a kitten, but you can have the next best thing: a full-grown cat napping comfortably in an oversized moccasin. You're welcome in advance for all the Instagram likes.

$100 at Uncommon Goods
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This cat teacup

black cat in blue woven teacup, cat playground

While your childhood cat may not have loved being dressed up for tea parties with your dolls, you can still get a hint of that same joy as an adult with this adorable cat teacup bed.

$77 at Etsy
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This cat tree

fake tree with cat shelves, cat playground

If you love incorporating green into your interior scheme but can't stand having your pets tear up those thoughtfully-potted plants, there's hope. This cat tree lets your pet enjoy lounging among the leaves without felling another fern.

$160 at Petco
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This outdoor cattery

cat in wooden outdoor cage, cat playground

Safety and fun can go hand in hand! Case in point: this outdoor cattery allows your furry pals to feel the wind through their fur without you having to worry about them meeting a less-than-friendly fellow animal while they explore the great outdoors. And if you're more of a dog person, stock up on The 30 Best Chew Toys for Puppies.

$400$243 at Petco
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