20 Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

Your pup has never looked this doggone cute!

20 Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

You and your dog do everything together: You go to the park; you commiserate at the end of each long day; and you even snuggle up in the same bed at night. And on Halloween, you can take that bond with your beloved pup one step further by dressing up together—because honestly, the only thing cuter than a traditional couples costume is a group costume with someone who's furry and four-legged. So, what should your canine companion dress up as this year? Read on to discover the perfect dog Halloween costumes.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This Dinosaur Costume

dog in dinosaur costume, dog halloween costumes Amazon

From $10; buy now at Amazon

If your dog's already a connoisseur of all things bone-related, give him or her the chance to show it with this dinosaur costume, the perfect accompaniment to your own prehistoric attire. If you've got more than one pup, you can always go as the cast of Jurassic Bark.

This R2D2 Costume

dog in r2d2 costume, dog halloween costumes

$12; buy now at Target

Want to dress your dog up as something adorable this Halloween while repping your favorite fandom? Then this R2D2 costume is the droid you're looking for.

This Lobster Costume

dog in lobster costume, dog halloween costumes Chewy

$9$8; buy now at Chewy

Turn your dog into a crustacean sensation this Halloween with this adorable lobster costume. If you have a particularly skittish pup who might get scared by the evening's spooky sights and sounds, you can always don a chef's jacket and decorate their carrier like a pot for a clever (and safe) joint costume.

This Red Riding Hood Costume

dog in little red riding hood costume, dog halloween costumes Amazon

From $10; buy now at Amazon

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood costumes are, quite frankly, a snooze. What doesn't put us to sleep, though, is this adorable Little Red Riding Hood canine costume—the perfect accompaniment for your own lumberjack or Big Bad Wolf ensemble.

This UPS Delivery Driver Costume

dog dressed as ups driver, dog halloween costumes

$20$13; buy now at Chewy

Okay, so your pup can barely bring you a tennis ball back from the other side of the dog park before getting distracted, much less bring you the mail. However, if you want to inspire that sweet angel of yours to go forth and fetch, you can invest in this adorable UPS delivery driver costume.

This Hot Dog Costume

hot dog costume, dog halloween costumes Petco

$22; buy now at Petco

You've heard of pigs in blankets—now get a load of this good boy in a bun. Go as a side of fries and you'll be an irresistible combo!

This Beetlejuice Costume

beetlejuice costume, dog halloween costumes Amazon

From $17; buy now at Amazon

Let your dog channel their inner Lydia Deetz this Halloween by dressing them up in this incredible Beetlejuice costume. Unlike slip-on costumes, this particular get-up closes with Velcro, making it easy to get on and off your pup without a fuss.

This Ghostbuster Costume

dog in ghostbusters costume, dog halloween costumes Target

From $11; buy now at Target

Need a Stantz or a Spengler to make your Ghostbusters group costume complete? Instead of reaching out to your second-tier pals, enlist your pup with this scary good Ghostbuster costume, complete with its own Portable Containment Unit backpack.

This Darth Vader Costume

dog in darth vader costume, dog halloween costumes Target

$35$21; buy now at Petco

Darth Vader may be a villain in the Star Wars universe, but dress your pup up like him for Halloween and you're sure to get nothing but positive responses in return. And while this adorable suit won't give your pup's bark the gravitas of James Earl Jones' voice, it'll probably still get him or her some treats from appreciative fans of the film series.

This '50s Poodle Skirt Costume

dog in striped shirt and pink skirt, dog halloween costumes

From $18; buy now at Amazon

What's the perfect accompaniment for your greaser costume? This adorable puppy poodle skirt costume, of course! Just start practicing now if you want your pooch to hit those high notes on "Summer Nights" with you.

This Burglar Costume

dog in burglar costume, dog halloween costumes

$15; buy now at Target

We've all heard of cat burglars, but canine crooks are yet to make a name for themselves. This Halloween is prime time for your pup to finally level the playing field in the world of animal crime with this adorable bandit outfit.

This Sailor Costume

dog in sailor costume, dog halloween costumes Petco

$15$7; buy now at Petco

Your pup has always been your first mate, so why not commemorate his special role in your life with this sweet sailor outfit this Halloween? Ahoy!

This Ewok Costume

dog in ewok costume, dog halloween costumes

$15$13; buy now at Amazon

The only thing cuter than an Ewok? Your pup dressed as an Ewok in this sweet costume, which is as adorable is it is budget-friendly.

This Dorothy Costume

dog in dorothy costume, dog halloween costumes Target

$20; buy now at Target

Who says your dog has to be resigned to the role of Toto in your group Wizard of Oz costume? Instead, give him or her first billing with this sweet Dorothy costume, sure to win you first place in any costume contest.

This Sheriff Costume

dog cowboy costume, dog halloween costumes

$11; buy now at Amazon

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but one dedicated Sheriff has got a nose for justice. It's just a doggone shame your pup won't put up with wearing this outfit all year.

This Angel Costume

dog angel costume, dog halloween costumes

$12; buy now at Target

You know your dog's an angel—and it's time the world recognized their sweet spirit, too. With this ethereal outfit, you can make no bones about how you feel about your prized pooch.

This Taco Costume

dog in taco costume, dog halloween costumes Petco

$22; buy now at Petco

Commemorate your love for all things salsa-soaked and sour-cream-topped this Halloween by dressing your dog up in this adorable taco costume. A word to the wise, however: If you're eager to avoid cultural appropriation (and the ire of plenty of folks you encounter), it's best to avoid sombreros, ponchos, or stereotypical facial hair; a complementary hot sauce costume, on the other hand, wouldn't be out of place!

This Business Suit Costume

dog in business suit, dog halloween costumes Amazon

From $18; buy now at Amazon

As much as you'd like to think you're in control of your home, you know your pup is the one who's actually in charge. And with this cute little business suit costume, your furry friend will look like the power pup you know him or her to be.

This Princess Leia Costume

dog in princess leia costume, dog halloween costumes Target

$16; buy now at Target

You don't have to go to a galaxy far, far away to find an out-of-this-world costume for your pooch this Halloween. Case in point: this regal Princess Leia outfit, which comes complete with a braided bun headpiece.

This Cow Costume

dog in cow costume, dog halloween costumes

$16; buy now at Chewy

Moove over, cheesy Halloween costumes. This cow costume is an udderly adorable way to dress up your dog this year.

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