Disney Has Given Its New Star Wars Attraction Its Own Language

Til the Spires!

California's Disneyland has finally opened its doors to the long-awaited Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park. And diehard fans can't wait to visit this whole new world. Galaxy's Edge is set on the remote outpost Batuu, a planet home to those who skirt the mainstream and a safe haven for those looking to avoid the First Order. Since the park aims to offer visitors the most immersive experience possible, as you might expect from Disney, there is some lingo you need in order to declare your allegiance to the Resistance and hang at Galaxy's Edge.

Everyone who works at Galaxy's Edge will communicate with visitors using Batuuese, the intergalactic lingo of the Black Spire Outpost village. And with these 11 words and phrases, you'll be speaking like a native in no time.

Bright Suns

That's Batuuese for "good morning."

Rising Moons

That's how you wish someone a good night.

Til the Spires

It's a fond farewell that, according to Brady MacDonald at The Orlando Sentinel, should be pronounced "with the panache of an Italian 'arrivederci.'"

May the Spires Keep You

That's a more formal way of saying goodbye.

Good Journey

This seems like the Batuuese version of "Bye, Felicia" AKA a way of saying goodbye to someone whose fate is relatively meaningless to you.


This is how to refer to your kids as they run around the park.

Youngling Transport

On Earth, these are strollers.


This is how you refer to bathrooms which, depending on how many kids you have—and how much blue milk you drink—you'll probably have to frequent.


This is Batuuese for "water fountain." It's a good one to learn because, to combat the heat in Batuu, hydration is key!

Data Pad

That's your smartphone. You'll need it to take photos of the $1 billion attraction. And also, to learn more Batuuese—there's a data pad app created for the land that includes a translation tool.

Only the Ancients Know

This is a very wise-sounding way of saying "I have absolutely no idea" and can (and should) be applied to other areas of your life.

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