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See This Incredible Story of a Long-Lost Family Meeting for the First Time

You may need some tissues for this one.

Recently, social media user Albreanna posted a now-viral thread about how she went from having no family at all to being a daughter, granddaughter, sister, and aunt. Adopted at birth, Albreanna never knew who her biological family was. All she had to go on was that her father was African-American and her mother was Thai. Her adopted mother died when she was 17 and since then she's been on her own.

One day, she got a message from a man on, a website that helps people find their relatives via genealogical and historical records. He asked her if she was born in South Carolina in August. When she replied that she was, he revealed that he was her younger brother and had been looking for her for years. She also found out she had two older siblings.

She got to group-chat with all of them. They all have the same mother but different fathers because, as she put it, "mom was a rolling stone back in the day."

In a weird twist of fate, it turned out that the brother who found her only lived 30 minutes away from her in LA, so she immediately went over to meet him and her other siblings.

They immediately bonded. And the best part is that they already knew who her mom was and decided to fly her out and surprise her for July 4th. Understandably, Albreanna was excited but also nervous about this major moment, worried that her birth mother might reject her.

But when she arrived at the airport and they told her that they'd found Albreanna, she immediately burst into tears.

They, too, immediately bonded. "She is loud, wild and crazy, just like me!" Albreanna wrote. She also found out her mom got her name tattooed on her ankle the day after she gave her up and told her she never forgot her.

"I am complete," she wrote. "I'm a child who found ppl who look like me. Act like me. It's crazy that my mom and I share the same mannerism but never grew up around her."

It's a beautiful story.

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