What Each Royal Family Member's Zodiac Sign Says About Them

Astrologers break down the personalities of royals from King Charles and Princess Catherine.

The talk surrounding King Charles III's recent coronation was arguably more about the family drama than it was about him becoming King of England. Would Meghan show up? Would Harry get to stand on the balcony? Would he talk to his brother William? For as long as the monarchy has existed, history tells us that it is rife with complicated family dynamics. And, as it turns out, astrology may play a part in both the good and the bad. To learn more about this, we consulted professional astrologers to get their takes on what each royal family member's zodiac sign says about them. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

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What the Royal Family Members' Zodiac Signs Mean

King Charles III: Scorpio

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If you've watched Netflix's The Crown, you may think of King Charles as timid and moody. His zodiac birth chart backs this up, though the full story is more complex.

Charles was born on November 14, which makes his sun sign Scorpio. "In general, people who have their sun in Scorpio like King Charles tend to deal with complex themes throughout their life including power and control dynamics, a desire for secrecy, devotion and deep emotional connection with trusted partners, and grappling with ways of safely expressing primitive urges and desires," explains Ryan Marquardt, Hollywood astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

However, as The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, explain, his rising sign (the zodiac sign that represents how others perceive you), is bold and regal Leo.

Plus, they explain, his moon sign (the zodiac sign that represents one's private, emotional side), is in the same zodiac sign as Queen Elizabeth's Sun sign of Taurus. Fittingly, the moon is also associated with the mother figure, and often reveals how we want to be taken care of and nourished.

For this reason, Marquardt predicts that King Charles will "lead with reverence for his mother [and] use the knowledge and experience she gave to him and honor her every step of the way."

Though he has no problem being in control, King Charles' south node (past life sign) is also in Scorpio, which means "he may find his new royal duties tedious with lessened privacy and more responsibility," The AstroTwins point out.

Queen Camilla: Cancer

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People certainly have mixed feelings about Queen Camilla. Born on July 17, her sun sign is Cancer, the most emotional and sensitive of all zodiac signs.

Interestingly, as Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach at Medium Chat, notes, Princess Diana was also a Cancer. "They're family focussed, stable, and incredibly nurturing," she says of this sign. "The togetherness and openness they bring to a relationship makes them ideal for a Scorpio [like Charles]."

Another key point of Camilla's birth chart is that her rising sign, like Charles, is Leo, which makes her a natural royal, The AstroTwins share.

"However, with secretive Pluto and stoic Saturn also in Leo and in her first house of visibility, she too may find it difficult to step further into the spotlight," they explain. And with Cancer as both her sun and moon sign, she'll likely miss her privacy, as well.

Despite these challenges, Queen Camilla will be "a strong, sensitive, and caring force behind the scenes for King Charles," predicts Marquardt, based on the fact that the majority of her Cancer energy is in her 12th house, "which is the most hidden and secluded part of the birth chart."

Therefore, Marquardt says Camilla will offer Charles all the nurturing and emotional support he requires—but all behind closed doors. "She's likely to remain a more enigmatic figure, which makes sense given her controversial entanglement with Charles throughout their lives," he adds.

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William, Prince of Wales: Cancer

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Like Queen Camilla, Prince William has a Cancer sun and moon sign, but "his Cancer energy is much more noticeable," says Marquardt. "He adores his own family and prioritizes their time together because he knows how strong a family bond can be, and how swiftly it can be taken away."

"However, his ascendant [rising sign] is in worldly Sagittarius, making him more open to traveling for global humanitarian efforts as a royal," The AstroTwins explain. "William's karmic south node (past life sign) is in Capricorn, the sign of the father and family lineage, a strong indicator that he is up for the duty of being his dad's successor."

And the fact that Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all in diplomatic and balanced Libra in his birth chart means that "he knows how to put on a good public face," The AstroTwins adds. "However, this combination, along with the strong Cancerian moods, could cause him to suppress his anger while on display and unbottle it behind closed doors."

Might this explain the alleged fight he had with Harry that was detailed in his brother's memoir Spare?

Catherine, Princess of Wales: Capricorn

Kate Middleton outside wearing a floral dress and smiling
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If you believe opposites attract, then Princess Catherine and Prince William are in it for the long haul. Born on January 9, Kate is a Capricorn, the sign opposite her husband's Cancer in the zodiac.

"Cancers are full of emotions hidden beneath a hard shell, whereas Capricorns are practical and can be cold," explains Bennet. "Capricorn finds opening up challenging, but Cancer's nurturing nature makes it easy."

But since they are both water signs, Kate and William value security and stability and have a tendency to appear serious in public but have a warm private life, Bennet adds.

Plus, they are "two of the most dutiful, family-oriented signs," The AstroTwins say. And Kate's ascendant in regal Leo "makes her a striking addition to the royal family lineup," they note.

Marquardt adds that "Capricorns are never shy about stepping into positions of leadership and showing off an ambitious nature. [They] have a work ethic that seems impossible to manage, yet they somehow pull it off."

One interesting thing Marquardt points out is that Kate was born on an eclipse, "which means she was destined to do something extraordinary."

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex: Virgo

Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry).
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If you're one of the many people who tend to toggle back and forth with how you feel about Prince Harry, then his birth chart may validate your feelings.

Born on September 15, Harry's sun sign is Virgo, the perfectionist of the zodiac. "Prince Harry has lived a life of altruism and practicality, two qualities that a great Virgo expresses," says Marquardt, pointing to his military service, dedication to humanitarian causes, and down-to-earth personality.

But given that Virgo is an earth sign, as are his rising sign (Capricorn) and moon sign (Taurus), the AstroTwins say that Harry might best be described as "stubborn, tenacious, or a little bit of both."

"He shares a Taurus moon and karmic south node in Scorpio with his father, King Charles, indicating that they've had many past lives together—as both comrades and rivals," they explain. "Scorpio is the sign that rules revenge, and it's possible that a deep wound transcending lifetimes is still unhealed, as Harry tries to settle the score."

Could this be part of the reason why Harry left the family as an official working royal? "Truthfully, the Scorpio south node person's job is to extricate themselves from privilege and unlock the 'golden handcuffs,'" The AstroTwins say. "Charles did not do this, but Harry did, breaking an ancestral pattern that will have a ripple effect for generations."

Guess we better keep watching…

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: Leo

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Cardiff, Wales in 2018
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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was born on August 4, making her an extroverted, larger-than-life Leo. In fact, Leo is ruled by the Sun itself.

Although Leo (the lion) is the sign of royalty, "her sensitive Cancer rising and delicate Libra moon made it tough for her to handle the politics and hazing of trying to join the 'firm,'" The AstroTwins explain.

"With her south node (past life sign) in humanitarian Aquarius, she was suited to the mission of being a change-making ambassador," they add. "However, the hierarchies and formalities of royal duty would go against the values of fairness and equality in her chart."

But even after leaving the royal family, "she continues to harness her natural generosity by staying involved with charity work and numerous nonprofit organizations, while also stepping into Leo's knack for leadership and entrepreneurship by conceiving multiple business ventures and high-profile professional projects," says Marquardt.

As for her relationship with Harry, Bennet calls it a difficult pairing. "Virgos seek perfection everywhere and are both critical and controlling. Whereas, Leo are leaders with a large ego and don't swallow criticism easily. Virgos are not romantic and Leos love being wooed, adored, and showered with affection."

Bennet adds that, for the relationship to work, Virgo (Harry, in this case), must allow Leo (Meghan) "to take the leading role." He did move to her home state and transition into the film industry, so perhaps this dynamic is well underway.

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