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Queen Camilla Refused to Enter "Haunted" Royal Residence After Ghost Encounter

"If my hair could stand on end, it would have done," the royal said.

Many believe the British royals live charmed lives, but apparently, they live spooky ones, too. There have been reports of several members of the royal family having experiences with apparitions from the beyond, including Queen Camilla. She said herself that she saw a ghost at one royal residence and didn't visit this particular location again for a few years until she felt that "whatever was there had disappeared." Read on to find out more about Camilla's ghost encounter, as well as those from other members of the royal family.

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Camilla was afraid of Dumfries House.

A photo of Dumfries House taken in 2012
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The residence at which Camilla said she saw a ghost was Dumfries House, which is in East Ayrshire, Scotland. According to the estate's website, it is located on 2,000 acres and was built in the 18th century. The home is known for its collection of furniture by 18th century British designer Thomas Chippendale.

Camilla said what she saw was "definitely a ghost."

Camilla at the Olivier Awards in 2019
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As reported by The Sun, in the 2018 ITV documentary The Real Camilla, the royal told the story of her spooky experience at Dumfries House.

"There was definitely a ghost—without a shadow of a doubt," she said. "I walked up the steps, got into the hall and I thought I can't go any further. I literally froze. If my hair could stand on end, it would have done. I remember thinking I don't want to come back and I didn't for a few years."

King Charles was having Dumfries House renovated, and Camilla said she was able to return once the renovation was complete. "Whatever was there had disappeared," she said (via Hello!). "The whole thing seemed to be smiling again."

A ghost expert weighed in on which spirit might be haunting the residence.

Princes Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in Berlin in 2019
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On a recent episode of Hello!'s A Right Royal Podcast, paranormal historian Richard Felix attributed the ghost presence at Dumfries House to the estate being renovated. "I speak to [a number of people who] ring me and say, 'We bought this house and everything was fine until we started doing some work on the house.' A prime example of that is Dumfries House."

Felix continued, "I'm not sure who [haunts it]—I think it might be the Marquess of Bute—they had the most fantastic collection of Chippendale in that house and the King bought it when he was Prince Charles, he had it renovated, and apparently Queen Camilla would not go in the place."

He added, "She went in there once and then said, 'Oh, I can't go in here, there's something here.' She would not go in, she said there was a spirit or entity in the house that wasn't happy! And again, King Charles was having it renovated so it's the same old story."

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Many other royals have reportedly seen ghosts.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth at Trooping the Colour 2019
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Fox News Digital reported on many other ghost sightings and supernatural occurrences attributed to royals.

"Both the late Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth II reported apparitions, witnessing paranormal activity there of their late ancestor Queen Elizabeth I," royal expert Hilary Fordwich said. This apparently occurred at England's Windsor Castle, which is now the burial site of QEII, along with many other royals from history, including Henry VIII.

Charles has also reportedly had encounters with ghosts including at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England and at Clarence House in London. Writer Christopher Andersen told Fox News Digital that the king has heard the ghost of his grandmother the Queen Mother walking around Clarence House. "Her ghost still walks the corridors of Clarence House, the home she occupied until her death," Andersen said. "Charles and Camilla moved in shortly afterward."

Younger members of the family supposedly live amongst ghosts, too.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in October 2023
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Speaking on A Right Royal Podcast, Felix said that Anmer Hall, which is the country home of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is also haunted.

"Funnily enough, when the Prince and Princess of Wales moved into Anmer Hall, there is a ghost in there of a Catholic priest who lived there and who was hanged, drawn and quartered for high treason and for some reason has returned to his home," Felix said. "They've heard his voice and they have seen the ghost of what they say is a priest wandering around Anmer Hall, and before the Wales' moved in, they were warned about the ghost."

William was not deterred, according to Felix. "The comment was, I presume it was from Prince William, he said, 'No old hall would be complete without a ghost, would it?'"

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