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Prince William Expects Even More Dirt on Prince Andrew Will Be Released, Insider Says

A source close to the royals also says that William is "dismayed" by Charles' treatment of Andrew.

As more information comes out about Prince Andrew's ties to late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, reportedly, not all members of the British royal family are on the same page about how to deal with him. A source told The Daily Beast that Prince William does not approve of his father, King Charles III, allowing his younger brother to participate in royal events and finds it baffling, given the circumstances. The insider said that  William is especially considered because he fears that even more troubling information about Andrew will be released.

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On Jan. 3, court documents from Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit against convicted Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell were unsealed and subsequently covered by the media. The documents include a claim from Johanna Sjoberg that Andrew grabbed her breast while they posed for a photo with Giuffre, Epstein, and Maxwell. Buckingham Palace previously denied this claim. As reported by The Daily Beast, newly released documents also include a claim that Andrew was secretly recorded having sex at Epstein's request. This claim was made by Sarah Ransome and denied by the prince.

A friend of William's told The Daily Beast that "of course" William's worry about Andrew still being included publicly as a member of the royal family is tied to worry that more negative details about him will surface. "Everyone knows there is a [expletive] load more stuff that could come out on Andrew," the friend said. "That's why William was so dismayed by the leniency shown to him at Christmas. He is utterly bemused by his father's strategy."

Andrew stepped down as a working royal in 2019 amid the Epstein controversy. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, stripped him of his military titles and patronages in 2022 when Giuffre filed a lawsuit claiming sexual abuse. They settled the case outside of court, and Andrew denied wrongdoing. Over this past Christmas, he took part in the family's traditional and highly publicized walk to church services in Sandringham, England.

Prince William, Prince Andrew, and Prince Charles at the funeral of Prince Philip in 2021
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William's friend told The Daily Beast that the Prince of Wales did not confront his father about his treatment of Andrew. "That's not how the family dynamic works," he said. "Charles is the king, so William has to go along with it. But he doesn't have to like it."

A former courtier also spoke to the publication, claiming that "William and his father agreed, in 2022, that Andrew should be kicked out of the royal family." They continued, "Having ripped off the plaster, you have to question his judgment in walking to church with Andrew at Christmas, especially when they knew the Epstein affair was all going to be raked up again a few days later."

This source shared that the next major event where Andrew might be involved is Garter Day, which is in June and recognizes knights who have been named by the monarch. "The annual Garter Day procession, where The King and the Knights process in grand velvet robes, glistening insignia and plumed hats, is one of the most traditional ceremonies in the Royal calendar," reads the royal family website.

"It was significant that Andrew was allowed to wear his Garter robes to the Coronation," the former courtier said. "That suggested he had the king's support. There are not any mechanisms for throwing people out of things like the Order of the Garter, but it would have been easy enough to order him not to wear the clothes." Reportedly, William said he wouldn't participate in the Order of the Garter in 2022 if Andrew was there, and Andrew did not end up participating that year or in 2023. A friend of Charles told The Daily Beast that they have "no idea" about plans for this year's Garter Day, but that Charles' stance on Andrew is "unaltered" and he is "no longer a working royal."

In addition to the Daily Beast report, the Mirror recently reported that William and Charles disagree how Andrew should be dealt with. "William was very clear [that in his view] Andrew can not be trusted," a source said. "There are investigations and revelations emerging in the cases brought by Epstein's victims. This will haunt Andrew and the family for ever. In William's view, [Andrew] should have no role with the family at all."

Meanwhile, a source said that "Charles' position has not changed in terms of allowing Andrew back into the family fold." They continued, "As King, he decided to order the rest of the family to fall in line and welcome him back and that was the end of the matter. [Charles] had discussed it with others, including Prince William, but his decision was final. Charles promised his late mother he would not abandon Andrew once she was gone and that remains the situation, unless of course he finds himself engaged in a criminal matter."

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