This $12 Accessory Will Keep Your Bathroom Organized Forever

Upgrading your bathroom is easier than you ever imagined with this inexpensive hack.

The hardest thing about being in a relationship isn't figuring out how to balance your career and making time for each other, divvying up the household labor, or even compromising on where to spend the holidays—it's having to use a shower cluttered with someone else's calcified soap and half-full bottles of body wash. "Should I leave my significant other so that my bathroom can always remain clutter-free?" you might ask yourself. Tempting as it might be, the answer is no—a solution to your bathroom blues that doesn't involve hiring lawyers and dividing up your possessions does exist. It's a pocket shower curtain.

If you don't yet own a shower curtain with pockets, buying one can change your whole life—seriously! With one of these bad boys tucked inside your usual shower curtain—or replacing your old one—you can keep all those stray bottles of shampoo and conditioner neatly stashed away, leaving you the kind of gloriously product-free tub or shower you've only seen in hotels.

But that doesn't mean all pocket shower curtains are created equal. This one is a true standout because its mesh pockets are gap-resistant, it hooks and grommets won't rust, and it can be hand-washed, meaning you and your squeaky-clean curtain can live happily ever after for years to come.

small shower curtain with pockets
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Of course, products this great tend to sell out quickly, so read on for four amazing alternatives to meet your bathroom organization needs.

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This tech-friendly shower curtain

clear shower curtain with pockets and ipads

Think watching TV in the shower is just a pipe dream? Think again! This tech-friendly shower curtain liner is perfect for bingeing your favorite show while you suds up.

$28 at Amazon
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This floral shower curtain liner

clear shower curtain with flowers

Want to brighten things up in your bathroom? This curtain comes with five colorful floral pockets, making it the perfect mix of form and function.

$17 at Amazon
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This machine-washable curtain

white shower curtain with pockets

Don't love the idea of having to hand-scrub your shower curtain? This machine-washable number makes it easy to keep your curtain clean with minimal effort. It even comes in 11 sizes!

$18 at Amazon
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This statement curtain

butterfly shower curtain

Want a shower curtain that's got both pockets and style? This butterfly motif curtain is ideal for livening up even the most boring bathroom and it's got plenty of space for products on the inside! And for more genius ways to polish up your powder room, check out these 20 Bathroom Accessories That Will Totally Reinvent Your Space.

$16 at Amazon
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