If You're Over 65, Don't Wear This Scent, Experts Warn

According to experts, this perfume could give off the wrong impression.

Fragrance is one of the most luxurious forms of self-expression. With one spritz, you can create whatever aura you'd like. For the office, you might choose a light and breezy floral that smells like your skin but better. And for a night at your local cocktail bar, you might choose a sultrier scent with bold notes like jasmine or amber. The only requirement is that you feel confident and comfortable. However, as you get older, you may want to edit your perfume wardrobe. Here, fragrance experts tell us which scent to avoid over 65, as well as the ones to stock up on to exude style and sophistication.

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After 65, avoid wearing a scent that is too sweet.

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As you create your fragrance wardrobe in your sixties, you may want to steer clear of anything that smells more like candy than perfume. "I would say women over 65 should avoid fragrances that are overly sweet," says Greta Fitz, CEO and founder of Ascention Wellness Fragrances. "Fragrances that are overly sweet tend to lean more adolescent."

This category also includes most scents that are marketed by celebrities. A perfume created by a pop star in their 20s or 30s—think Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, or Britney Spears—likely features a blend of sweet notes developed with a much younger clientele in mind.

It's worth noting that you needn't be wary of specific fragrance notes. However, if a perfume includes a mélange of confectionary ones—such as marshmallow, vanilla, and chocolate—you'll want to give it a sniff before buying to ensure it lives up to your standards.

Make sure the fragrance embraces how you feel.

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While you don't want your perfume to smell too young, you also don't want it to smell too old. "Something that smells antique leans more toward overtly mature, reminding us of a 'grandma's' fragrance," says Fitz. "Women today do not act or merely resemble what 65-year-old women of the past looked like. They are bold, confident, and embrace their age and femininity."

Think of Chanel No. 5 as the prime example. These fragrances include heady florals that linger for hours (No. 5, for example, includes a bouquet of rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley, and iris.) Again, you don't need to avoid heady florals completely, but you'll want to try them before you buy to ensure you achieve the desired effect.

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Invest in a modern, everyday perfume.

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The best part of editing your fragrance wardrobe in your sixties is investing in new perfumes. Fitz recommends anything with a woody, ambergris, or amber base, as well as modern takes on floral. As far as everyday scents go, we love classics such as Dior's J'adore Eau de Parfum, Chloe's Chloe Eau de Parfum, or Yves Saint Laurent's Libre Eau de Parfum. Fitz recommends Ascention Wellness Fragrance's Ascent to Love.

Ultimately, wear what you please.

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The goal of perfume is to make you feel good—no matter what anyone else thinks. To choose a perfume, we can't recommend the fragrance counter enough. Remember that perfumes might wear differently on different people, so what smells incredible on your best friend might seemingly fall flat on your own skin.

If a perfume strikes your fancy at the store, spritz it on and stroll around the mall for a few minutes. When you return, you'll get a better sense of how that fragrance wears on your skin over time. Then, you'll be able to make a decision you feel confident about—and welcome a new signature scent to your fragrance wardrobe.

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