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Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman's Actor Daughter Knows Their Names Helped Her

But she knows if she doesn't have the chops, she'll "get kicked out of the kingdom."

Having famous parents can certainly get your foot in the door, but that alone won't make you a success—at least that's how Maya Hawke sees it. The daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman is an actor, who is best known for her role as Robin on Stranger Things. And while she knows that being the child of A-list parents helped her become an actor, she also knows that she won't be successful unless she can really deliver.

Read on to see what Hawke had to say about her famous parents and about working with them onscreen!

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Maya Hawke knows her parents' names helped her.

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke at the Armani Prive Haute Couture show in January 2019
Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Image

In a new interview with People, Hawke explained that her parents being who they are made it easier for her to become an actor, but in order to stick with it one thing has to be true: She has to be good at it.

"I'm very grateful for the fact that they made it so easy for me to do the thing that I love," the 22-year-old actor told People. "I think I'll get a couple chances on their name and then if I suck, I'll get kicked out of the kingdom. And that's what should happen. So I'm just going to try not to suck."

She's already worked with her dad.

Ethan Hawke and Maya Hawke at the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Hawke also talked to People about working with her father on an episode of the miniseries The Good Lord Bird. She said they had wanted to work together for a long time, but even when they aren't on screen together, there's still collaboration happening.

"We're always working together in one way or another," Hawke said. "Whether it's me calling him being like, 'How do I do this? I need help.' Or him helping me with audition tapes. There's a real network of communication there. I really see him as my teacher more than almost anything else."

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And she is about to work with her brother, too.

Maya Hawke as Robin on "Stranger Things"

Hawke is returning to Stranger Things for Season 4, and her younger brother, Levon Thurman-Hawke, has joined the cast, too. But it's unclear as of now who he'll be playing.

Now that Hawke will have been in projects with both her father and her brother, acting with her mom could be next. In a recent interview with W Magazine, Hawke said she thinks she will work with Thurman eventually. "Whether a friend or a parent, when you have that kind of intimacy with someone, turning to someone else feels like cheating," she said.

In addition to the excitement about Stranger Things' upcoming fourth season, Hawke also has a new movie that just came out. She stars with Andrew Garfield in Mainstream from writer/director Gia Coppola. The film is a dramedy about YouTube fame, but in the W Magazine interview, Hawke explained that in her view, it's "an allegory for self-editing yourself into someone others would like more, instead of just letting yourself be yourself."

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Being in the movie industry has always been Hawke's dream job.

Maya Hawke at the premiere of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in 2019
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Famous parents aside, Hawke told People that she loves being on stage and on set so much that she was sure to find a way to be there whether that meant being an actor or having another job entirely.

"I was always just doing school plays and acting camp over the summer. I guess it clicked for me that I wanted to do it professionally was when I realized that there were no school plays for adults. The happiest place in the world for me was on set or on stage," Hawke said. "I feel so lucky to get to participate. I love this business. I love movies. I love art. I love it so much. I would have done lights on Mainstream. I would have done catering."

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