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You're More Likely to Get Divorced if You Live Here, According to Data

The sign you see upon entering might as well read "Splitsville."

Couples divorce for all kinds of reasons, but some marital dealbreakers are more common than others. Studies show that those who choose to split from their partners most often cite a lack of commitment, problems with infidelity, or frequent arguments as the root cause for the discord. But whatever it is that makes a couple's differences truly irreconcilable, experts say that there's another factor at play: you may be more or less likely to divorce depending on where you live. In fact, women's health site Intimate Rose has analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau to figure out exactly which major cities tend to divorce at the highest rates—and their findings may surprise you. Read on to find out how your area ranks when it comes to divorce.

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Columbus, Ohio

city skyline and bridge in Columbus, Ohio

It seems the citizens of Columbus know the secret to long-lasting love: the city boasts a divorce rate of just 3.52 percent. Though the data shows that residents of this mid-sized city are among the least likely to get married—they had the lowest marriage rate among all of the considered cities—when they do, they commit for the long haul, rarely parting ways after saying "I do."

Dallas, Texas

city skyline of Dallas, Texas at dusk

The Lone Star State is known—at least in part—for its strong sense of family values, so perhaps it's no surprise that one of its major metropolitan areas had the second-lowest divorce rate of all the cities on the list. Residents of Dallas divorced at a rate of just 5.38 percent.

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San Jose, California

shops in the downtown area of San Jose, California

San Jose is nestled within Silicon Valley, an area widely known for harboring the nation's leading tech start-ups—and many married couples. However, Town & Country shared a rather bleak insight into the city's low 5.68 percent divorce rate. They claim that thanks to sudden, excessive wealth and a lack of prenup culture, "there are many unhappily married people who are afraid to get divorced because of what it would do to their net worth in the blink of an eye."

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California may be a notoriously difficult place to date, but judging from the city's relatively low divorce rate, it seems that fact only incentivizes long-term commitment. L.A. had the fourth-lowest rate of divorce at 6.16 percent.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

skyline of downtown charlotte north carolina

Charlotte is a business hub, as well as a beloved university town—just two of the reasons that the city is regularly ranked one of the best cities for growing families. Now couples will have even more reason to love it: the divorce rate—just 6.22 percent—is relatively low compared with its peers.

New York City, New York

New York City Skyline on the East River with Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

New York City has a reputation for being the city that never sleeps. Yet as it turns out, New York is not all about the nightlife—people are making lifelong connections there, too. According to the data, roughly one-third of New Yorkers have married while just 6.48 percent call it quits.

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, happiest cities, worst singles scenes, best cities to buy a mansion, flip a house, longest commutes, commute, rent, property, best job opportunities, worst drinking water

One of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., Fort Worth seems like a safe enough bet for lovebirds. While 28 percent of citizens are married, the divorce rate is still relatively low at 6.7 percent.

San Francisco, California


San Francisco, known as a hub for hippies during the Summer of Love, is still a place where couples thrive. The marriage rate is high at over 34 percent, and the divorce rate is moderately low, at 7.04 percent.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., divorce rates creep slightly higher, to the tune of 7.19 percent. And like many places—but perhaps especially because D.C. is a career-oriented city—it's seen an uptick in divorces during the pandemic. "Working at home has created added stress and tension and overall has made balancing marriage and work-life more challenging," D.C. divorce attorneys said in an interview with ABC. "Some have adapted and adjusted well and there are those who have not been able to fully integrate and process the new normal and thus overall there is more conflict among couples."

San Diego, California

The skyline of downtown San Diego, California

San Diego may look like paradise with its striking skyline and beautiful beaches, but the data shows that when it comes to the divorce rate, there may be some trouble in paradise after all. Those who tie the knot in "America's Finest City" have a 7.25 percent divorce rate—not astronomically high, but not exactly low, either.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

the landmark reproduction of Robert Indiana's Love sculpture located on John F. Kennedy Plaza in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Considering that Philadelphia was ranked the least happy city out of the bunch by the same data collectors, it may come as some surprise that the divorce rate isn't higher. Sitting squarely in the middle of the list, Philadelphians divorced at a rate of 7.39 percent.

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Chicago, Illinois

the downtown area and bean in Chicago, Illinois

A hub of romantic restaurants and world-class museums, it's no surprise that many couples come to Chicago to fall in love. Yet the divorce rate is on the high side, at 7.66 percent—a number that may give the city's singles pause.

Houston, Texas

houston texas skyline

Considering getting hitched in Houston? The data suggests it's a bit of a gamble. The Texas city has a 7.86 divorce rate, putting it in the top 10 major cities for the highest likelihood of divorce.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2019, Phoenix gained more new residents than any other U.S. city. But if it's year-round sunshine you're after, consider this slightly darker statistic: Phoenix residents tip the scales into a slightly higher bracket of divorce frequency, at a rate of 8.68 percent.

Indianapolis, Indiana

indianapolis indiana

Home to the world's largest children's museum, many families are flocking to Indianapolis to raise their broods. However, the divorce rate sits a bit high at 8.8 percent.

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Seattle, Washington

cityscape photo of Seattle, Washington
roman_slavik / iStock

If you're feeling sleepless in Seattle over a love lost, it turns out you're not alone. The West Coast city, often touted as a romantic getaway, was ranked fifth-highest for divorce out of the cities considered for the list. Seattle's divorce rate is 8.83 percent.

San Antonio, Texas

river walk in san antonio texas

With historic architecture and a romantic canal running through it, it's easy to fall in love in San Antonio, Texas. However, the data—which pegs the city at a 9.15 percent divorce rate—reveals that for many, the bigger challenge is staying that way.

Austin, Texas

city skyline of Austin, Texas at sunset

Austin, Texas has the highest marriage rate (40 percent) of all of the cities considered, but it also ranked high on the list of places in which you're most likely to divorce. Residents of Austin split at a rate of 9.62 percent, coming in third-highest on the list.

Denver, Colorado

city skyline of Denver, Colorado at night

Denver, Colorado is best known for its scenic views and bustling beer bar scene, but now the city has a less desirable distinction to add to the list. This lovely city had the second-highest divorce rates, clocking in at 11.08 percent.

Jacksonville, Florida

The skyline of Jacksonville, Florida at dusk.

And, finally, the major city in which you're most likely to get divorced: Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville topped the list with a divorce rate of 11.93 percent, meaning for many couples, the beach honeymoon is officially over.

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