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Doing This Together Led 20 Percent of Couples to Divorce in New Survey

You might assume that tackling this activity together would promote closeness, but research says otherwise.

There are countless milestones that can test your relationship: traveling together, combining finances, or getting a pet can all be make-or-break moments in many romances. However, a new survey reveals that there's one surprising activity that couples may embark on with optimism, but could spell doom for their relationship. Read on to discover what one survey found to be the final straw for nearly one-fifth of relationships.

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Tackling a home improvement project together could make you more likely to divorce.

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A new survey from HomeAdvisor polled 975 homeowners who'd embarked upon a home improvement project with their partner. The survey's authors discovered that 70 percent of the couples surveyed called taking on home improvement projects a "great relationship test."

Unfortunately, not every couple passed with flying colors: a whopping 17 percent of those surveyed separated or divorced over a contentious household project. What's more, 39 percent of those polled said they regretted trying to work on their home with their partner to begin with.

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Budget issues were the biggest source of arguments.

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Money issues can spell trouble for even the most committed couples—and that's definitely true of those tackling a home improvement project together.

When asked about the biggest challenges associated with tackling a home improvement project together, 80 percent of respondents said it was coming to a consensus on, or sticking to, a budget.

Having differences in taste was also a major point of contention.

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If you're thinking of undertaking a home improvement project with your spouse, you'd be wise to make sure that you both have a similar aesthetic goal in mind before so much as picking up a paintbrush.

According to HomeAdvisor's survey, 43 percent of couples said that clashing in terms of taste or style was the biggest challenge when tackling a home improvement project, while 40 percent said the same of agreeing on a vision.

The smallest details present the biggest issues.

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While you might assume that tackling a major project would be a more contentious undertaking than updating a smaller detail, that wasn't the case for those who took part in HomeAdvisor's survey.

Among respondents, 31 percent said they'd clashed with their partner over a major project, like knocking down a wall, but nearly half—48 percent—said that smaller aesthetic details, like picking paint or tile colors, had led to them butting heads.

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