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5 New Things You Should Watch on Netflix This Weekend

These are the best movies and TV shows that just landed on the service.

You did it. You made it to the weekend. But before you can truly kick back and enjoy your days off, there's one more task to complete: You have to decide what you're going to watch. Fortunately for subscribers, Netflix is constantly dropping new content—both movies and TV shows—for you to discover. For our picks of new (and new-ish) things to watch on Netflix this weekend, read on, and for its biggest hit of the year as of right now, check out The Biggest Show on Netflix in 2021 So Far.

Things Heard & Seen

Amanda Seyfried "Things Seen & Heard"
Anna Kooris/Netflix

Recent Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee (for another Netflix movie, Mank) Amanda Seyfried stars alongside British actor James Norton in this psychological horror flick. The two play Catherine and George, a couple who escape New York City for the country, where the isolation and the bad vibes Catherine starts to get from their farmhouse call into question both her sanity and their relationship. For more scary movies on the service, check out The 18 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now.

Pet Stars

Still from Pet Stars

If your Instagram feed is also populated by cute pets who have high follower counts, then we don't have to tell you that being an "animal influencer" is a thing…a potentially lucrative thing. The reality series Pet Stars centers on a talent management company that only works with clients who meow, bark, slither, and hop. Check this one out if you're looking to turn your furry best friend into a big name—or if you need something totally mindless and adorable to zone out in front of. For more shows you can knock out in a few days, check out 16 Netflix Shows You Can Watch From Start to Finish This Weekend.

The Innocent

Mario Casas in The Innocent
Quim Vives/Netflix

To get wrapped up in a mystery, press play on The Innocent, a Spanish-language limited series adapted from the Harlan Corben novel. (It's part of the author's big deal with Netflix that will see lots more of his writing turned into series and films.) The less you know going into the show, the better, but we'll tell you that the action kicks off with a bar brawl and an accidental death that upends the life of a man named Mateo (Mario Casas). For recommendations on another service, here are 18 TV Shows You Can Watch on HBO Max From Start to Finish This Weekend.

Headspace Guide to Sleep

Headspace Guide to Sleep

This one's less for entertainment and more for wellness and self-care. Headspace Guide to Sleep is a creation of the popular meditation app, which also has a lot of tools, music, and stories to help users drift off. Every episode of the Netflix show offers tips and debunks sleep myths and even ends with a guided wind-down, so it's a must-see for insomniacs. Put it on whenever you're ready to hit the hay. For gems to check out on Amazon, here are 15 Shows You Can Watch on Amazon Prime from Start to Finish This Weekend.

Shadow and Bone

Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes in Shadow and Bone
David Appleby/Netflix

Looking to lose yourself in another world for a while? Try out the long-awaited adaptation of the popular "Grishaverse" YA book series by Leigh Bardugo. It follows a young woman (Jessie Mei Li) who is plucked out of obscurity when she discovers a previously hidden power that may enable her to destroy a deadly dark shadow divide that slices through her country. There are tons of Easter eggs for readers, but the show is also accessible to new fans. And for more ideas, check out 17 Shows You Can Watch on Hulu From Start to Finish This Weekend.

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