35 Geeky Math Jokes Everyone Will Find Hilarious

You can count on these quips for a good laugh.

35 Geeky Math Jokes Everyone Will Find Hilarious

The land of math is far removed from the land of jokes—unless you’re joking about how unbearable math is, of course! Sure, basic arithmetic is tolerable enough, but it’s all downhill from there. So, whether you’ve long put Geometry 101 behind you or are currently dreading an upcoming trig exam, try to find some humor in the situation. With these laugh-out-loud math jokes at your disposal, you can count on a good laugh—no matter what problem you’re facing.

math books on table in front of white board with math problems, math jokes

What did one math book say to the other?

Stop bothering me… I’ve got my own problems!

female student sitting on floor doing math problems, math jokes

Why did the student sit on the floor to do her multiplication problems?

The teacher told her not to use tables!

man dramatically running on the beach, math jokes

What do you call a number that can’t keep still?

A roamin’ numeral!

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people sitting at a bar in halloween costumes talking to bartender, math jokes

Are monsters good at math?

No… unless you Count Dracula!

Hand writing on a blackboard in a Math class with the PI symbol written on. Some books and school materials, math jokes

Why should you never talk to Pi?

Because she’ll go on and on and on and on and on and on and on….

pink wooden number eight laying on bed of grass, math jokes

What did zero say to eight?

Hey, nice belt!

two friends drinking at restaurant, math jokes

What do you call two dudes who bond over math?


pencil, compass and rulers on graph paper, math jokes

Why were the students worried when they saw the math teacher holding graph paper?

They knew she was plotting something!

sandwich brown bag lunch desk, math jokes

Why did the two 4’s skip lunch?

They already 8!

socks on a heater next to books and a cup of tea in a home in winter, math jokes

How do you get warm in a cold room?

Just stand in the corner. It’s always 90 degrees!

person packing suitcase with rolled clothes on bed, math jokes

Where do math teachers go on vacation?

To Times Square!

girl with a sad face expression looking at the camera, math jokes

Those parallel lines have so much in common…

It’s a shame they’ll never meet…

Billiard Ball number 7 seven, math jokes

How do you make seven an even number?

Just remove the “s!”

Stack of Coins with Ridges, math jokes

Why didn’t the quarter roll down the hill with the nickel?

Because it had more cents!

man playing red guitar, math jokes

What did Al Gore play on his guitar?

An algorithm!

female wearing white T-shirt, feeling guilty, confused, making helpless gesture with hands, having Oops expression on her face. Human emotions and feelings, math jokes

Why did the math professor divide sin by tan?

Just cos.

pi symbol on blackboard surrounded by school supplies, math jokes

What’s an opinion without 3.14?

It’s just an onion!

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Pouring beer from tap, math jokes

Why didn’t they serve beer at the math party?

Because you should never drink and derive.

close up of the hands of a couple arguing with woman pointing finger at man, math jokes

Why should you never get in an argument with an obtuse triangle?

Because they’re never right!

image of roman soldiers engraved in art, math jokes

Why did the Romans think algebra was so easy?

They knew X was always 10!

teacher standing in front of lockers at school, math jokes

What’s a math teacher’s favorite sum?


Baby Corn Plants growing in the sun, math jokes

Why do plants hate math?

Because it gives them square roots!

upset sad boy sitting by the window looking out of it, math jokes

Why was the student upset when his math teacher called him average?

It was a mean thing to say!

Beef cattle cows in field, math jokes

The farmer only counted 297 cows in the field…

But when he rounded them up, he had 300!

the head of an owl with yellow eyes, math jokes

What’s a nocturnal bird’s favorite type of math?


funniest college courses, math jokes

Why was the geometry lecture so long?

The professor kept going off on a tangent!

two little girls having fun in the pool, math jokes

Why did the right angle go swimming?

Because it was 90 degrees!

black circle coasters isolated on white background, math jokes

Why doesn’t anyone talk to circles?

There’s just no point.

man sitting and smiling in hammock at the beach, math jokes

What did the students call their algebra teacher after he spent all summer at the beach?

A tangent.

cropped shot of businessman hand working with sheets of statistics, math jokes

Did you hear the joke about the statistician?


people dancing at the club, math jokes

Why couldn’t 4 get into the club?

The bouncer thought he was 2 square!

Calculator and pencil on top of paper with numbers on it, math jokes

What did the calculator say to the student?

You can always count on me.

enjoy the fruits of great credit with a great score

Why couldn’t the angle get a loan?

His parents wouldn’t cosine.

three coworkers in an office working and discussing a project, math jokes

There are three types of people in the world…

Those who can count, and those who can’t!

scared little girl looking across the room while covering half of her face with covers, math jokes

(You know this one!) Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9!

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