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The 12 Lottery Numbers Most Likely to Win Big, New Data Shows

These should be your must-use numbers when you buy your next ticket.

When you buy a lottery ticket, you probably have go-to numbers you regularly use, but perhaps you like to switch it up with random picks, too. The lottery is a game of chance, meaning any number combination could end up winning. But if you avoid certain numbers or only use your favorites, you might want to rethink your strategy. When playing the five big U.S. lotteries—Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Lotto America, and Lucky for Life—certain numbers are the most likely to win big, according to a new study conducted by Lottery Geeks.

"It's not surprising that so many people take their chances with participating in the lottery looking at the huge jackpots," a spokesperson from Lottery Geeks said in a statement provided to Best Life. "Lottery numbers are chosen using a random algorithm, which is used to make the numbers unpredictable. However, it is interesting to see such a big difference in frequencies of certain numbers."

According to Lottery Geeks' data, a handful numbers have appeared more frequently across the five lotteries, suggesting that they may be the "luckiest" of all. We've compiled a list ranking the top 10, but including two ties, there are 12 lucky numbers in all. Read on to find out which you should use the next time you're buying a lotto ticket.

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Starting things off is the number 32, which has been picked 204.8 times, on average, in the five lotteries. It's been pulled 332 times in Powerball, 240 times in Mega Millions, and 199 times in Lucky for Life.


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Next up is 38. If this is your lucky number, you might want to play it more often, as it's been picked an average of 205.2 times.

39 and 1


The numbers 1 and 39 are tied as the eighth-luckiest numbers. Both have been pulled an average of 205.8 times across the five lotteries.

However, it's worth noting that 39 has been picked more often in Powerball and Mega Millions—and it's Powerball's most common number, having been drawn 334 times.

The number 1 has been picked more often than 39 in Lotto America, Lucky for Life, and Cash4Life, the new study shows.

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15 and 31

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The number seven spot is also a tie between 15 and 31, which were both called 206.4 times on average across the lotteries.

As with with 39 and 1, these numbers are "luckier" in different lotteries. Illustrating this, 15 was picked more often in all four lotteries except for Mega Millions, where 31 was more popular.


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The sixth-luckiest number is 8, according to Lottery Geeks' study. It's tied for the most common Mega Millions number, having been pulled 266 times. (Number 17 has also been pulled 266 times, but that's a lower-rated "lucky" number that didn't make this list.)

Across all five lotteries, the number 8 has been picked an average of 206.6 times—so don't hold back if this is your go-to.


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Claiming the title as the fifth-luckiest lotto number is 22, with an average frequency of 207.6. It's appeared 324 times in Powerball, making it that lottery's sixth-most common number. In total for all five lotteries, it has come up in 1,038 draws.

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Next up is 35, which has an average frequency of 207.8. It's been picked a total of 1,039 times across the five lotteries, and in Powerball, it's the fourth-most common number, having been called 326 times.


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Sweet 16 claims the number three spot. It has an average frequency of 208, and has been called 1,040 times in all five lotteries.

But if you like to play Powerball, 35 could be a preferable choice. Per Lottery Geeks' data, 16 is the fifth-most common in Powerball, while 35 is fourth.


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The runner-up for the luckiest number is 28, which was picked with an average frequency of 208.6. In Powerball, it's been called 324 times, and across all five lotteries, it's been pulled 1,043 times.

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Topping the list of lottery numbers you should play to win money is 10, which has the highest average frequency of 211.

It's the third-most common number in Mega Millions, Lottery Geeks' data shows, having been drawn 261 times in total.

If you like to use certain dates, it might pay off.

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One tactic you might use when playing the lottery is trying numbers that represent a special date, whether that's a birthday, an anniversary, or another special occasion. And this appears to be a lucrative strategy: Eight of the top 12 luckiest numbers are under 31, meaning a special date "could potentially win you millions," a press release provided to Best Life reads.

"It is clear from the list that numbers below 31 appear more than others," the Lottery Geeks spokesperson said. "This is due to a large proportion of players using meaningful dates as their numbers, which means that if the numbers drawn are over 31, there are likely to be less winners."

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