The Hilarious Story Behind This Incredibly Happy Photo of Harrison Ford Will Make Your Day

This is what happens when you party with The Rolling Stones.

Harrison Ford may be a movie legend and an action hero both on and off screen, but he's always seemed fairly serious. In fact, part of the appeal of both Ford and some of his most iconic characters is how seriously they take themselves, often only showing emotion via that infamous crooked grin.

So when music publicist Eric Alper recently shared an old photo of Ford uproariously laughing with his Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill and Monty Python's Eric Idle, fans just had to know the backstory. 

It's nice to know that even as much as times have changed—and even though Fisher may no longer be with us—we can still share in their happy memories together. And for more great stories about these life-long friends, check out This Screenwriter's Behind-the-Scenes Mark Hamill Story That Will Brighten Your Day.

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