The Single Best Way to Fold Your Jeans

Denim stored right

Virtually everyone has a favorite pair of jeans: the one that's perfectly soft, highlights your best features, and effectively camouflages the parts you're less-than-eager to show off to the world. Unfortunately, unlike those cocktail dresses and suits that get prime hanger placement, jeans are often an afterthought when it comes to organizing clothes, meaning they spend an inordinate amount of time time draped over the back of a chair or crumpled on the closet floor. And the reason jeans get the short end of the organizational stick is clear: they're a tricky item to fold neatly.

Luckily, there is a method to the madness often associated with trying to whip that denim into shape. With just a few simple steps, you can keep those jeans neatly folded. Here's how. And for more great tips you can use around the house, see these 17 Ways You're Loading Your Dishwasher Like a Total Amateur.

Step 1
Start with a shape in mind

folding jeans

It pays to have a clear picture of how your jeans will look when they're folded. Before you start, imagine yourself making a rectangle with that pair of pants, suggests professional home organizer Karin Socci, owner of The Serene Home. "In KonMari, Marie Kondo folding, the idea is that each item is visible, so we fold all things into as close to a rectangle as possible."

Step 2
Fold the legs vertically

folding jeans

When you're ready to start folding, spread your jeans flat on a table or bed with the fly facing you. Then fold so that one leg is on top of the other with the jeans in a vertical orientation and tuck the fabric where the legs meet between them.

Step 3
Fold your pants at the knee

folding jeans

Make a crease with your hand at the midpoint in the leg of your jeans, or where your knee would naturally hit. Next, fold the pants upward at the knee so the hem of your jeans touches the waistband.

Step 4
Roll your jeans up

folding jeans

If you want to keep your jeans crease-free and save space, it's time to start rolling them. Do this "so the waist is at the top because often that is what you need to see in order to know which pair of jeans you want," says Socci.

Step 5
Put them away

folding jeans

Now all that's left to do is tuck your jeans neatly in a drawer! And for more ways to keep your whole house organized, check out these 27 Genius Tips That Will Keep Your Home in Perfect Order.

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