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5 Surprising Household Uses for Aspirin, According to Experts

This medicine-cabinet staple can help with a host of problems, from cleaning to home improvement.

Aspirin is a small but mighty drug. Just one capsule can ease a headache, lower a fever, and reduce muscle pain to a considerable degree. And that's just what it tells you on the label. But, according to experts, aspirin can do so much more, like helping you clean around the house and remove pesky laundry stains. If you're interested in getting your money's worth out of the product, then look no further. Keep reading to learn from experts about the key household uses for aspirin. You're going to want to buy the jumbo bottle the next time you stock up.

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Remove rust stains.

rusty toilet

Those pesky brown stains can be a thing of the past with just a few capsules of aspirin, as it contains an acid that helps break down rust.

"Once you crush up the aspirin tablets, the powder is abrasive enough to then scrub the mark away completely," explains Toby Schulz, CEO and co-founder of Maid2Match.

To do so, Schulz says to crush two aspirin tablets (or more, if the stain is large). Then, dampen the surface you want to remove the rust from. Sprinkle the aspirin over the stain and wait 10 minutes. Finally, wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.

Create a household cleaner.

Spray cleaner

Aspirin's acidic and abrasive nature makes it a suitable cleaner for soap scum, grease, and grime.

"In the event that you run out of cleanser in the middle of your routine, you may make a temporary replacement by dissolving two aspirin pills in water," says Alicia Johnson, cleaning expert with Cleaning Green LLC.

However, "because it could be abrasive, you need to be careful around surfaces that are easily scratched," Johnson notes. You'll want to avoid places such as delicate countertops, glass stovetops, and ceramic bathtubs and sinks.

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Keep cut flowers fresh.

Woman putting out flowers

It turns out, humans aren't the only living things that can benefit from a bit of aspirin. Cut flowers and plants enjoy it, too.

According to Jen Stark, founder of Happy DIY Home, the acid in aspirin can stimulate plants' immune systems to help them ward off disease and increase growth.

"Crush up a few aspirins, dissolve them in warm water, and water your houseplants with it," Stark advises. You can also drop an aspirin in a vase with water and cut flowers to help them stay fresh for longer.

Remove stains from white clothing.

stained shirt, new uses for cleaning products

Made a mess of your whites and don't have stain remover on hand? Try an aspirin.

"To use for stain removal, crush a couple of aspirins and mix with water to create a paste," says Dorian Alves, founder and CEO of Silent Maids. "Leave the mixture on the stain of your clothing or other fabrics and let sit for a few minutes before placing it in your washing machine." The acid inside will create a bleaching agent and restore your items to look like new.

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Patch a hole in drywall.

Patching sheetrock home problems

Patching a hole in drywall is easy if you have a few aspirins on hand. "Crush a few aspirin pills and add enough water to create a paste-like substance for an easy fix," says Ana Andres, cleaning expert and co-founder of TidyChoice. You can then spread the paste onto the hole and smooth it out as if it were spackle. This works with large cracks in the wall, too. You'll get that security deposit back without question.

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