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You Should Never Clean Your Toilet With This, Experts Warn

It's "not only unsanitary but unhealthy," one plumber says.

For many of us, the toilet is one of the most dreaded items in the house to clean. But with something that gets so dirty, it's important to make sure it's extra clean. For years, people have been relying on one common tool to tidy up the toilet, but experts say you shouldn't actually be using it. Read on to find out which cleaning method you need to ditch, and for more toilet hygiene, discover The One Thing You Should Never Do After You Flush, New Study Says.

Don't use a toilet brush to clean your toilet.

cleaning toilet with white toilet brush
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You can usually find a toilet brush sitting humbly next to most toilets in the U.S., ready to do its duty. However, experts say that this cleaning tool should be done away with. While taking inventory on household cleaning rules that need to be updated, cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie told The Guardian that she would never even let a toilet brush inside her home.

"Toilet brushes give me the heebie-jeebies," MacKenzie said. "I can't bear them. I just think they are vile." As she noted, "There is a fetid liquid bacteria soup at the bottom of every toilet-brush holder." And for more ways to stay germ-free, Never Eat Leftovers That've Been in the Fridge This Long, Experts Warn

Toilet brushes are unsanitary.

gloved hands cleaning toilet with toilet brush

Believe it or not, toilet brushes can be hazardous to your health. "Please keep in mind that it not only has bacteria from the toilet water, but also it can trap fecal matter or toilet paper which is not only unsanitary but unhealthy," says expert plumber Gary Johnson.

David Cusick, CSO and executive editor of House Method, further elaborates that leaving a used toilet brush sitting out "is unhygienic because bacteria will harbor and grow and cause illnesses, such as urinary tract infection, diarrhea, and respiratory issues." And for more toilet trouble, If Your Urine Is This Color, Call Your Doctor.

Use rubber gloves to clean your toilet instead.

gloved hands cleaning toilet
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While it may sound a little off-putting, experts suggest putting on a thick pair of rubber gloves and cleaning the toilet by hand. MacKenzie told The Guardian that she "would much rather get a pair of thick rubber gloves on and use my fingernail under the thick rubber gloves to get any bits."

Cusick also suggests opting for the glove method. "An alternative to a toilet brush is a pair of thick rubber gloves that you can use to clean the toilet," he says. "You may also use toilet paper to remove small bits from the toilet. This may require more elbow grease." And for more useful information delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

You can also use a toilet wand.

Toilet wand

If putting your hand in a toilet—even with a glove on—is too much for you, you can always purchase a toilet wand with a disposable tip. "These allow you to attach a long toilet paper product to a handle, using it to wash the bowl and sometimes even the seat and then throw it in the trash," Johnson says. And for more essential hygiene tips, This Is the Absolute Worst Time to Brush Your Teeth, Dentists Say.

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