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This Viral Story of Two Elderly Strangers Who Fell In Love on a Flight Will Melt Your Heart

Love can happen anywhere at any age to anyone.

Last week, Twitter user @vvuxian, an airline ticket agent, shared an epic love story that's meant for the big screen. At first, it was just a regular day at work for the airline employee. But then, a woman, who appeared to be around 70, approached her and said that she was supposed to be meeting someone arriving on a flight from Spain. The plane had landed an hour ago, but the person she was meeting hadn't shown up, so she wanted to know whether or not she had been on it. 

Unfortunately, ticket counter employees are not allowed to give out that kind of information. "She just nods and says that she understands but looks really sad, so I ask her what happened," @vvuxian wrote.

Turns out, the woman had met someone on her flight from Canada and fallen in love with her while they sat next to one another on the 11-hour flight. They were separated by different connecting flights from Spain, but promised to reunite once they landed in their final destination. Now, here she was, waiting, and her potential soulmate was nowhere to be found.

The ticket agent was very moved by the woman's story, but she still couldn't give her the information she needed, so she offered to let her use her phone to call the woman instead.

"She says she has already tried calling her but she can't reach her," @vvuxian wrote. "She's ready to give up and she looks really sad, and I'm just as sad as her, but she leaves." But before she did, the ticket agent asked her to leave her number just in case someone turned up.

@Vvuxian was still thinking about the whole situation during her lunch break an hour later when she overheard another woman, also around the same age, approach the ticket counter to say she was looking for someone who had arrived on a flight from Spain.

"I basically drop my sandwich and go out front to the counter. I ask her, 'Have you by any chance just arrived from Spain? She said yes. I try not to lose it and hastily look through the papers at my computer," @vvuxian wrote.

She called the first woman and told her that someone was waiting for her at the counter.

"She sounds out of this world excited on the phone and I hand it over so they can talk to each other and the lady at the counter says, 'Hurry, dear, I miss you.'"

Minutes later, the first lady was running towards the second lady and they fell into a warm embrace.

"They thanked me about a thousand times for helping them unite and I'm honestly just happy this got a happy ending. They leave eventually, holding hands."

But five minutes later, they returned to give her the cutest little thank-you gift ever:

@Vvuxian's thread quickly went viral, making people everywhere cry tears of joy.

Love is real.

It can happen at any age.

And you never know when or where you'll find it.

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