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The Major Signs You Have "Dating Fatigue"—And How to Bounce Back

Here are the best ways to reinvigorate your love life.

Nowadays, people have more dating options than ever before. But while, in many ways, it can be a good thing (yay choices!), all the left and right swiping, the endless dates, the texts that mysteriously drop off after the two-night stand, and just the general sense that you'll never find the time to wade through the enormous reservoir of singletons in order to find The One can leave you with some serious dating fatigue.

Luckily, Chanel Omari, ex-Bravo-lebrity turned celebrity radio host on iHeartRadio and WBLI 106.1, is here to help. Here, she outlines some of the symptoms of this modern dating disease, and her top tips to cure your romantic slump and help you get your groove back. So read on, and happy hunting. And for more great dating advice, here are 12 Things Women Should Stop Doing on Dates.

Signs you have dating fatigue or dating burnout:

bad date - signs of dating fatigue

1. You're bored.

"You find yourself going through the motions and have no real desire to engage with your date.  Her interests and hobbies? You could care less. She could be the first woman to climb Mt. Everest without an oxygen tank and you would be unfazed."

2. You've become cynical and jaded.

"Bad dating experiences have tainted your opinion of the entire female population. You now suspect that all people you date lie or bend the truth. You're inclined to make hasty assumptions and have caught yourself saying things like, 'All women are difficult and demanding.'" Or "all men are terrible."

3. You've become a lazy dater.

"Most of your dates are in Starbucks so as to eliminate the burden of finding a place. In some cases, you defer the task of selecting a place to your date."

4. You're vocal about your disappointment.

"You've been on and off a variety of dating sites and have yet to meet your match. Frustrated, the focal point of all your conversations is your dating woes. You spend time on dates rehashing dating horror stories of the date who downed three martinis in a half hour and the single mom who spent the entire date texting her babysitter."

5. You're resigned.

"You've abandoned all hope that you'll ever find that special someone. You're convinced that you're just some unlucky schmuck whose destiny it is to be alone forever." Now, on to the solutions…

How to avoid dating burnout:

people partying at the end of the night- how to avoid dating fatigue

1. Go to events/clubs to have fun, not meet boys.

"Stop putting expectations on whether the night is good or not if you met a guy. Go out with your friends, embrace your single life and just have fun."

2. Don't travel far for first dates.

"This has happened so many times to me and my friends. Don't travel far because then you don't have to put high expectations on the date. If you don't travel far, you won't be so disappointed if the date doesn't go as planned. "

3. Don't go on dates when you're tired.

"If you've had a long week and don't think you'll be fully invested in the date, don't do it. Don't be afraid to say, 'Hey, sorry, but I have to cancel. I'm just really exhausted and want to meet you when I'm awake.' That's much better for him that going on the date, being tired and awful, and wasting both you and his time."

4. Get off all dating apps for a little bit.

"Take a break. Apps are great, but also exhausting." Getting rejected repeatedly, or not getting any matches, can make someone super dejected. Being overwhelmed by attention and feeling like you're wasting your time going on what is essentially the same date over and over again can suck too.

5. Learn from/appreciate the experience.

"Whether good or bad, it happened. Appreciate it for being an experience in itself. You went out, you met someone new, it didn't work, but it was still a worth-while experience." And, like all experiences, it can be an opportunity to evaluate what you want/your entire approach to dating.

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