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I'm a Veterinarian and These Are 5 Dog Breeds That Will Never Leave Your Side

These "velcro dogs" are clingier than others.

Some dogs take the expression "man's best friend" to heart. If you're taking a nap, they'll snooze right there with you. If you're heading out to run an errand, they'll expect to tag along. Adam Christman, DVM, chief veterinary officer for dvm360, describes these as "velcro dogs," and he says five dogs in particular are most likely to stick to you like glue. Keep reading to learn more about the clingiest dog breeds.

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Vizsla Dog

In a TikTok video, Christman says the Vizsla comes in at number five on his list.

"This dog craves affection and your companionship," he shares. "Social distancing and personal space does not exist when you own the Vizsla." He says this is especially true when you take them on walks.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), these dogs were historically hunters who worked closely with people, so "Vizslas form a tight bond with their owners and hate to be left alone."


pug in a blanket

"Despite their small size, these little guys are extra clingy," says Christman of Pugs.

"Their big bulging eyes [are] intentional cause they can keep a close eye on you," he jokes, adding that their noisy breathing is another way "you can know they're right next to you."

"A Pug wants to be with his family and will be unhappy if he is regularly left alone for long periods of time," agrees the AKC about this sensitive dog breed.

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Golden Retriever

A woman receiving a paw trick from her golden retriever in her kitchen
eva_blanco / Shutterstock

Christman gives the third spot to the Golden Retriever. "These friendly, super loyal dogs have high levels of emotional intelligence [and] have that unwavering need for loyalty and companionship," he says.

As the AKC notes, "A Golden wants nothing more than to please his human. Golden Retrievers are outgoing, loyal, and eager to do your bidding."


Young afro-american woman sitting with her pet Chihuahua and using laptop at home
filadendron / iStock

Another small breed that will be attached to your hip is the Chihuahua. "At number two, they take velcro to the next level," says Christman.

The AKC points out that they're often called "purse dogs," for how tiny they are and how much time they spend attached to their owners. "Chihuahuas are adaptable as long as they get lots of quality time in their preferred lap," they add.

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dachshund resting on owner's knees
Leka Sergeeva / Shutterstock

Known for their long bodies and short legs, these dogs will easily win you over. "Once you're stuck, you're stuck… There's just not enough adhesive to remove the love of the Dachshunds," Christman says about the clingiest dog breed.

"They love to give and receive affection and do best with positive, reward-based training," explains the AKC. "They are sensitive and will not react well to harsh commands or punishment." So, as long as you shower them with love and treats, they'll never leave your side.

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