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Top 5 Laziest Dog Breeds, According to a Dog Trainer

These dogs don't require much in the way of exercise and are happy laying around.

Many dogs love nothing more than running around and exerting all of their energy—think retrievers, labradors, or any doodle combination. On the other hand, some dogs are much more content with being couch potatoes. And according to Marc Windgassen, training director and co-founder of Dogpoint USA, there are five specific dog breeds known to be the laziest. Keep reading to learn more about them.

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Bassett Hound

A Basset Hound sleeping on a chair
Daniel Myjones / Shutterstock

In a TikTok video, Windgassen says one of the laziest dogs is the Basset Hound. Known for their short stature and long, droopy ears, these dogs are more likely to be flopping on the floor than going on a long walk.

"It seems to be allergic to movement and blends right into the environment," says Windgassen. He goes on to joke that the only way you'll remember you have one is when they start to do their signature howl.

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English Bulldog

english bulldog sleeping on a blanket
ArtBBNV / Shutterstock

"This breed does not move unless it's absolutely necessary," says Windgassen of the English Bulldog.

Weighing as much as 50 pounds, these dogs have no problem curling right into your lap and staying there for as long as they can. Thanks to their short snout—one of their telltale features—this breed has a hard time breathing, which is why they tend to stay put. Windgassen notes that they get winded just from getting off the couch and walking to their food bowls.

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Great Dane

Great Dane

The American Kennel Club (AKC) notes that Great Danes can stand up to 32 inches tall and even higher when they're on their hind legs. But don't let their size intimidate you; these dogs are very low-key.

Windgassen describes them as gentle giants who fall asleep right after a bout of activity. It's why they place third in the laziest breed ranking.

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English Mastiff

English Mastiff dog in green summer grass
Volodymyr Burdiak / Shutterstock

"Despite being a guardian breed, due to its 200+ pounds, this dog tends to be seemingly lazy," says Windgassen about the English Mastiff. Like Great Danes, Mastiffs are taller than many other breeds. That being said, they don't need a lot of exercise to thrive.

"Mastiffs are notorious for plopping down during walks when they are tired or overheated," notes the AKC. "Therefore, a rule of thumb is to not walk them farther than you can carry them back!"

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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Asleep on Dock
Pavel Shlykov/Shutterstock

Even though they're classified as working dogs, Windgassen says Saint Bernards need to be motivated to exercise and move around.

Interestingly, the AKC gives them a moderate rating for energy level, but they do say that "one long walk or half-hour play session per day should be enough to keep him healthy and happy."

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