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Apple Is No Longer Selling This Beloved Product

These items are being removed from an Apple store near you.

With their minimalist store design, clean white palette, and integrated operating system, Apple can give the impression of being monolithic. But other brands have often been available within their ecosystem, with the tech giant selling products from other manufacturers for Apple users who want to mix and match. However, there were some changes made to that arrangement this week with the abrupt removal of several other brands and key products from Apple stores—particularly, the revelation that Apple is no longer selling Bose headphones, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

The products have been taken off the shelves at Apple's bricks-and-mortar stores, and from this point on, visitors to Apple's Headphones and Speakers page online will only see Apple products, Nasdaq points out. (Headphones from Beats are still available as Apple bought the company in 2014.)

Bloomberg reports that the move is believed to be an act of housecleaning by Apple ahead of the company launching its own rumored expanded range of audio gear; as well as Bose, certain speakers and headphones from Logitech and Sonos was also nixed.

In a statement, Apple told Bloomberg it regularly makes changes to the products it sells based on new releases and customer needs, noting stores will continue to sell a curated group of third-party accessories. Bose confirmed Apple no longer sells its accessories and another third-party company was told by Apple that "they will no longer carry third-party speakers at retail from September onwards."

This is a pattern familiar to long-time Apple watchers. In 2014, the company stopped selling Fitbit activity-tracker products including the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit One ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch, which offered many similar functions.

Now, it seems a forthcoming launch is the nail in the coffin for Bose products as Apple is expected to announce its own own over-ear headphones, based on a patent published in July 2020.

If you're still swearing by Bose, you're going to have to shop elsewhere from now on—but Apple's new offerings, which are expected to be announced at their online Oct. 13 event, may just tempt you. Read on to find out more about what could be coming to Apple, and for another major product change, check out Petco Just Took This Controversial Product Off Its Shelves.

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Headphones that would automatically detect which ear you've placed them on

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These products would be able to rebalance the output of your music to match. And if you're in the market for a new speaker, check out This Is the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $30.

More color options

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Apple fan site 9to5Mac expects there to be at least two new color options for the over-the-ear version of AirPods, likely black and gray or white.

A new headband design

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Other leaks and rumors from the patent filing, according to 9to5Mac, suggest a design allowing the main headphone band to be worn either over the top of the head or around the back of the neck, a modular construction allowing individual elements of the headphones to be replaced.

Built-in swipe controls

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This could make it possible to control the volume and use audio playback functions, reports. And for more updates, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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