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Amy Schumer Deletes Instagram About Hilaria Baldwin Heritage Controversy

The comedian made light of the yoga teacher's Spanish background scandal.

While many of us were enjoying a long holiday weekend, there was a major controversy brewing on social media. Hilaria Baldwin, yoga teacher and wife of Alec Baldwin, has been accused of faking her Spanish heritage, as well as her accent. Many people couldn't help but weigh in with shock or jokes, and that includes comedian Amy Schumer, who posted about Hilaria Baldwin's scandal in a since-deleted Instagram post. Read on to see what Schumer posted and for more on the rumors about Baldwin, check out Ireland Baldwin Just Defended Her Stepmom Amid Heritage Controversy.

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Schumer's Instagram post poked fun at the questions surrounding Baldwin's background.

Amy Schumer pokes fun at Hilaria Baldwin
Amy Schumer via Instagram via @commentsbycelebs

"I get it. I went to Spain a couple times and loved it too," Schumer wrote on Instagram, as seen on @commentsbycelebs. The caption was next to a photo of Schumer wearing a big straw hat and sunglasses. Schumer also added a cucumber emoji, referencing the original Twitter thread that started the Baldwin scandal, which includes clips of Baldwin speaking with a Spanish accent, including one where she forgets how to say cucumber in English. Schumer has since deleted her Instagram post, The Daily Mail reports.

Schumer and Baldwin had had quite the back-and-forth on Instagram not long before Schumer shared the post about Baldwin's background. Read on to find out what happened between the two of them, and for more celebrity Instagram highlights from this past year, here are The 50 Funniest Celebrity Instagram Posts of 2020.

On Dec. 20, Schumer jokingly pretended to be Baldwin on Instagram.

Hilaria Baldwin and baby
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

On Dec. 20, Baldwin posted a photo of herself in her underwear holding her baby, Edu. Schumer then posted the photo on her own account and captioned it, "Gene and I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Enjoy it with whatever family members are talking to you this year," referencing her own son, one-year-old Gene.

Soon, Baldwin addressed the post on her Instagram account, because it had resulted in some negativity and body shaming. She said she is fine with jokes and "loves making fun of [herself] and other people making fun of [her]," as reported by People, but it "seemed to spiral out of control … getting into a place of body-shaming." Schumer commented on Baldwin's account, "I'm sorry!" and deleted her post.

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And she did it again on Christmas Eve.

amy schumer posts photo pretending to be hilaria baldwin and kids
Amy Schumer / Instagram

To poke fun at the previous situation, on Dec. 24, Schumer posted another photo of Baldwin. This time, it was a photo showing her with Alec and their five kids, which Schumer joked was of herself and husband Chris Fischer. "Chris and I had such a beautiful day with the kids," she wrote.

This one seemed to go over with more positivity. Alec's daughter with Kim Basinger, 25-year-old Ireland Baldwin, even commented, "Why did I comment on this as if this were Hilaria's account!! 'Lol miss you guys!!'"

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Baldwin then made light of the situation with Schumer on her Instagram.

hilaria baldwin jokes alec baldwin is pregnant in amy schumer gag
Hilaria Baldwin / Instagram

Baldwin shared her own Instagram post to make light of the situation. On Dec. 25, she posted an edited photo that shows Schumer, Alec's head photoshopped onto a pregnant person's body, and Baldwin's head photoshopped onto a third person.

"Looking forward to much positivity in 2021-like Alec carrying our next child," Baldwin captioned the fake announcement. "Thank you @amyschumer for being a part of our pregnancy announcement and convincing me that after 5 children, I've done enough. Alec as a pregnant man is quite high maintenance, no surprise there. It's ok, Amy and I've got all your cravings covered, honey."

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Baldwin and Schumer seemed to have squashed any beef, but Baldwin is still under fire.

Hilaria Baldwin Instagram
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Aside from all the back-and-forth with Schumer, Baldwin has had a lot to answer for when it comes to the scandal involving her heritage. People have pointed out that Baldwin does not always speak with an accent, and that she has previously said she moved to the U.S. for college. A few people claiming to be former high school classmates of Baldwin have also said that she didn't have an accent when she was younger.

In a seven-minute video shared on Instagram on Dec. 27, Baldwin addressed where she was born, where she grew up, her name, and her accent. According to Mom Brain podcast host, she was born in Boston, grew up in both the U.S. and Spain, changed her name from Hilary to Hilaria because that is what her family called her, and said that her accent fluctuates depending on the situation or whether she's been speaking Spanish or English more. "Ethnically, I'm a mix of many, many, many things. Culturally, I'm a mix of the two cultures," she said. "It's really as simple as that."

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