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Airports Are Waging an Epic "Elf on the Shelf" Meme Battle and It's Hilarious

We see your "Snoop on a Swoop" and raise you a "Thor on a Condor!"

We all know about Elf on the Shelf, the American Christmas tradition inspired by the 2005 children's picture book by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. But, this week, the Twitter account of Vancouver Airport created their own rhyming challenge, starting with… Lil Wayne on a Plane!

NAV Canada, the country's air navigation services provider, threw in their own contender for the crown with… Austin Powers on a Tower!

Then Tampa International Airport chimed in with Snoop on a Swoop.

Or maybe a little Ye on BA?

Ottawa Airport saw that and raised them Bow Wow at YOW (Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport).

But then Billy Bishop Airport threw in Cardi B at YTZ (Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport).

And Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport gave us the gift that is Thor on a Condor.

But Vancouver brought it back home with Nicki Minaj on a Fuselage!

After that, things got a little ridiculous. Like Taylor Swift taking a lift.

Cher in the Air.

Harry Potter on an Otter.

Sorry, Atlanta Airport, but Backstreet hopping on an aisle seat is a real stretch.

And James Taylor on a Maintenance Trailer is just weird.

Still, who knew airports had such a great sense of humor? And for more airport fun, check out the insane amenities at the world's best airport (which includes an outdoor pool!).

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