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If You Have This TV Provider, Tomorrow You Could Lose 19 Popular Channels

While these two companies feud, you won't be able to watch any NBC channel.

Streaming has made it so that you can watch whatever you want whenever you want while ideally only paying for the things you enjoy watching. Some viewers opt to stream movies and TV shows via platforms like Netflix and HBO Max, while others still want to be able to tune into live TV channels for sports or the current season of their favorite show. If you're in the latter category, be warned: One of the most popular streaming providers just announced that subscribers may lose at least 19 popular channels due to a dispute with a major network. Read on to find out if your service will be affected tomorrow.

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If you have YouTube TV, you could lose 19 channels tomorrow.

YouTube TV

On Sept. 26, NBCUniversal announced that YouTube TV users could lose 14 major channels, according to a statement released to Deadline. However, it now looks like subscribers could lose lose 19 or more channels, per Review Geek. The loss of channels will come in the wake of an ongoing dispute between NBCUniversal and YouTube TV. Variety reports that NBCUinversal's current deal with the streaming platform is set to expire on Sept. 30.

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The channels include NBC, Bravo, USA, E!, and MSNBC.

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NBCUniversal created a website that outlines the changes YouTube TV subscribers will experience if the two companies don't reach an agreement soon. The site notes that YouTube TV subscribers would likely lose NBC, Bravo, CNBC, E!, the Golf Channel, MSNBC, Oxygen, Syfy, Telemundo, the Olympic Channel, Universal Kids, Universo, and the USA Network in the coming days. According to Review Geek, consumers would also stand to lose Cozi, CNBC World, NBC News Now, NBC 4k Content, NBCLX, and NECN.

Sports fans who rely on YouTube TV to watch their favorite teams compete are also in big trouble. NBCUniversal has a wide variety of sports channel that show Sunday Night Football, college football, and NHL games, as well as regional sports channels for the Bay Area, Boston, California, Philadelphia, and more. The loss of these channels comes at an inopportune time for viewers, as it's the beginning of football season.

YouTube TV said it will provide a discounted rate while the channels are missing.

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In a post on Sept. 26, YouTube TV's parent company Google said it would discount its monthly rate if negotiations with NBCUniversal continue past Sept. 30, resulting in a loss of channels. "If NBCU offers us equitable terms, we'll renew our agreement with them. However, if we are unable to reach a deal by Thursday, the NBCU lineup of channels will no longer be available on YouTube TV, and we will decrease our monthly price by $10, from $64.99 to $54.99 (while this content remains off our platform)," the company said.

Google noted that the discount would more than cover the $4.99 monthly cost of subscribing to NBCUniversal's own streaming platform, Peacock. The reduction in charges would allow consumers to put that money toward a Peacock subscription, though they would be missing out on many of the live TV options currently afforded by YouTube TV.

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The feud is still ongoing.

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Until both sides reach an agreement, YouTube TV subscribers will suffer the consequences. NBCUniversal has accused Google and YouTube TV of refusing to make a fair deal for its networks and streaming content. "NBCUniversal is seeking fair rates from Google for YouTube TV's continued carriage of the only portfolio offering entertainment, Hispanic, news, and sports networks," a spokesperson told Variety in a statement. "Unfortunately, Google is refusing to make a deal at these fair rates and is willing to withhold entertainment, news, and sports programming from their paying customers. NBCUniversal feels a responsibility to inform our fans that they are at risk of losing their favorite shows if Google continues with their demands."

On the other side, Google has accused NBCUniversal of forcing subscribers to pay twice for its channels and content. Although NBC feels they're not being fairly compensated, Google claims that the network is demanding it bundle Peacock as part of its subscription packages. Variety reported that according to Google, this would mean some customers would end up paying twice for the same content while also being forced to download the Peacock app to watch their shows separately from YouTube TV.

"Our ask is that NBCU treats YouTube TV like any other TV provider," Google wrote in its blog post. "In other words, for the duration of our agreement, YouTube TV seeks the same rates that services of a similar size get from NBCU so we can continue offering YouTube TV to members at a competitive and fair price." The company added that this is not the outcome it hoped for, and said that conversations are ongoing.

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