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Newly Crowned World's Oldest Living Man Has 2 Secrets for Living to 111

England's John Alfred Tinniswood now holds the title.

We're all very familiar with the Titanic at this point, especially after seeing the Oscar-winning film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. But John Alfred Tinniswood holds the unique distinction of being born the same year the iconic ship went down. Tinniswood has just been named the world's oldest living man—and when asked about his new title, he shared the two "secrets" he believes have helped him live to be 111.

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On April 5, Guinness World Records revealed that Tinniswood now holds the title for the world's oldest living man. This news comes just days after the organization announced the death of 114-year-old Juan Vicente Pérez, who had previously held the title.

Tinniswood was born in Liverpool, England, on Aug. 26, 1912, according to Guinness World Records. For reference, the Titanic sank on April 14, 1912.

Currently, the 111-year-old lives at a care home in the English seaside town of Southport. Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator Megan Bruce recently traveled to give Tinniswood his world record certificate and learn more about his long life at the care home, where staff lovingly refer to him as "a big chatterbox."

Despite living at the nurse-aided facility, Tinniswood is still able to perform most of his day-to-day tasks without help, according to Bruce. The 111-year-old gets out of bed with no assistance, keeps up with the news by listening to the radio, and manages his own finances.

Tinniswood was alive during both World Wars, working in an administrative role for the Army Pay Corps during World War II. As a result, Guinness World Records says that the 111-year-old is also now the world's oldest surviving male WWII veteran.

Still, these records don't have much of an effect on Tinniswood, who first became the UK's oldest living man in 2020.

"Doesn't make any difference to me," he told Bruce. "Not at all. I accept it for what it is."

So, how has Tinniswood managed to live so long and maintain his health at the same time? The 111-year-old said there were two secrets to his longevity: "pure luck" and moderation.

"You either live long or you live short, and you can't do much about it," he shared.

Tinniswood, who doesn't smoke and rarely drinks alcohol, credited moderation for helping him stay healthy during his long life.

"If you drink too much or you eat too much or you walk too much; if you do too much of anything, you're going to suffer eventually," he said.

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When it comes to diet, Tinniswood said there are not any rules he follows in particular, besides eating a portion of battered fish and chips every Friday.

"I eat what they give me and so does everybody else," he told Bruce. "I don't have a special diet."

Tinniswood now has four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, according to Guinness World Records. With that in mind, the 111-year-old shared some extra advice for younger generations, too.

"Always do the best you can, whether you're learning something or whether you're teaching someone," he said. "Give it all you've got. Otherwise it's not worth bothering with."

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